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NMIMS Distance BBA In Business Analytics (Fees, Salary, More)

Apr 22, 2023 10.7K Reads

NOTE: The UGC has stopped NMIMS from conducting distance learning courses due to violations of standards. The prohibition will be in effect for one year, until February 2024. Click here for detailed news.

NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education (NMIMS GASCE) provides a course in business analytics in the form of BBA-Business Analytics as a full-time degree course at UG level. The course is provided in a distance blended format. 

The course has been discussed in comprehensive detail below. Find out to find more facts and a short review of the course. 

About BBA (Business Analytics) from NMIMS Distance

NMIMS GASCE has introduced its graduate level degree course in business analytics in the form of BBA in Business Analytics. Being the Distance branch of the renowned NMIMS University, NGASCE offers this course to students in the Distance Learning (ODL) mode, i.e. in a blended online study format. This course is of a duration of 36 months, i.e. 3 years. It is a credible course as the university is accredited by bodies like the UGC, NAAC, NIRF and many more. So the degree obtained from the university is completely reliable and valid for professional ventures in the future. 

The course is designed to provide in-depth education about the field of business analytics and its applications to the students at the onset of higher education itself, i.e. at the undergraduate level. Striking the right balance between an academic balance and professional orientation, the course offers multimodal learning materials as well as a number of placement services to the students. 

So, if you are searching for the perfect online degree in business analytics and the BBA (Business Analytics) course from NMIMS GASCE is one of your alternatives, then read this blog to find all relevant details about the course and the university. 

Overview of BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE

Find an overview of the BBA (Business Analytics) course as offered by NMIMS GASCE below:

BBA (Business Analytics) Course at NMIMS GASCE
Course Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics 

(BBA in Business Analytics)

Level of Course  Graduation
Duration 3 Years
Approvals and Accreditations
  • University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)– Rated A+
  • National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)- ranked in Top 100 Universities of India 
Mode of Course Delivery  Distance Learning (ODL)
No. of Semesters 6
Course Structure 35 Subject Areas with a Project in Sem VI
Eligibility Candidate should fulfill ANY ONE of the following 3 criteria:
  • Having Completed 10+2 level Education with a minimum Aggregate Score of 50% from a Recognized Board
  • Having Completed 10+2 Level of Education with a Minimum Aggregate of 45% with 2 Years of Professional Experience 
  • Having Completed Grade 10 Education with a Diploma of 3 Years with Minimum Aggregate of 55%
Fee Structure
  • INR 1,46,200 for Single Payment of Full Fee
  • INR 1,61,000 for Annual Fee Payment
  • INR 1,71,200 for Semester-Wise Payment of Fee 
Learning Support 
  • Online Learning Support 
  • LMS 
  • Digital Library
Placement Support  Available with Additional Fee Payments

So, with the all-round focus of the university on educational and student support, along with the best-in-class teaching-learning framework, students can benefit a lot from the BBA (Business Analytics) if they want to develop a good career in the field. The accreditations and approvals of the university means that the degree obtained after course completion is completely credible.  

Why Choose BBA (Business Analytics) from NMIMS GASCE?

A large number of colleges and universities offer a BBA course to students in the distance mode, but there are fewer institutions that offer the specialization in Business Analytics. Business analytics is a rapidly expanding domain with a huge career scope in the near future. 

If you are wondering, ‘what makes the BBA Business Analytics course at NMIMS online special’ or if you are confused as to whether you should choose the university for your higher education, then following are some of the reasons that make this degree worth pursuing:

Degree from a Well-Reputed & Credible Institute 

While choosing an online or distance university for any course, it is important to ensure that the university is indeed a credible source to deliver online/distance education. NMIMS GASCE, the online-distance branch of NMIMS university, is a very well-reputed and recognized name for higher education.

Added to that is the assurance of the major accreditations and approvals that the university has received over the years, including recognition from statutory bodies such as UGC, NAAC, NIRF etc. NMIMS GASCE is an ‘A+’ university as rated by NAAC and is among the top 100 universities of India based on the NIRF ranking. So, the degree obtained after the completion of the course is a valid credential and will be recognized in national and international spheres.

Growing Career Scope of Business Analytics

Business analytics is one of the subjects that are in high demand with the growing business world. Intelligent use of statistics and business information for greater insights and business development has become the norm in companies and the corporate world. So, pursuing the business analytics course at the graduation level from NMIMS GASCE can be a good start to one’s career as well for further education at the master’s level. 

Fee Affordability 

Courses in fields related to business analytics and data sciences are usually quite expensive, especially when pursued from regular offline colleges/universities. This can make the course hard to afford for many students. On the other hand, the BBA (Business Analytics) course at NMIMS GASCE is offered at a comparatively lower fee rate with easy options for installments. In addition, students can also avail the courses at lower fee rates when payments are made in a single installment.

The full course fee, inclusive of the admission processing fee (INR 1200) is INR 1,46,200 when paid in a single installment. However, students are also given the choice to pay the fee through annual or semester-wise installments. The university also provides a 20% fee concession to students belonging from an armed forces background. So, overall, the fee structure for the BBA (Business Analytics) course is quite reasonable with consideration of the learning support and other features offered to the students. 

Efficient Learning Support Features

The learning pedagogy and LMS is the major channel for educational exchanges in an online course. Keeping this in mind, NMIMS GASCE extends a well-formulated learning framework to students. Along with LMS features, students are provided access to a number of other facilities such as a digital library, e-books, digital academic planners and calendars and much more. Not only this, students also have a number of student support features at their disposal, which can be used for resolution of complaints and issues.  

Unique Placement Services

The placement support feature of NMIMS GASCE is unique from other online and distance universities. It provides students with three paid packages for different types of placement services from the university that they want to avail, a feature uniquely provided to students in online courses by NMIMS. These include facilities such as courses on professional skill development, career counselling, job interview practice, job search feature and so on. With such intensive career assistance facilities, students can benefit much from the BBA (Business Analytics) course at NMIMS GASCE. 

So considering all the factors, the BBA in Business Analytics can indeed be a good step towards one’s higher education and career growth. The learning support and student services are unique and well-structured, designed especially to meet the needs of the students pursuing online-distance education.  

Key Features of BBA (Business Analytics) from NMIMS GASCE

Key Features of BBA (Business Analytics) from NMIMS Online

The basic aspects of the BBA in Business Analytics course at NMIMS GASCE have been concise here for easy referral:

  • 3-Year course in Business Analytics Specialization
  • Full-Time Degree course
  • Online Distance Learning (ODL) Mode of Education 
  • LMS Support Offered
  • Placement Services Offered 
  • Course Fee Starting from INR 1,46,200 
  • Installment Facility for Fee Payment Available 

BBA (Business Analytics) Syllabus/Curriculum at NMIMS GASCE

As already stated earlier, the course is a degree programme of 3 years duration and there are 6 semesters for completion of course. 

The syllabus of the course has been designed to enable students to gain a detailed understanding about the field of business analytics, and there are 35 courses covered in the six semesters along with a detailed project in the last semester. 

The full course curriculum details are given here: 

Semester I

Essentials of Management  Business Communications 
Essentials of Financial Accounting  Microeconomics 
Essentials of IT Organizational Behaviour

Semester II

Business Statistics for Decision Making Macroeconomics 
Principles of Marketing  Cost and Management Accounting 
Operations Research Introduction to Analytics 

Semester III

Business and Allied Laws Digital Marketing 
Financial Management  Human Resource Management 
Data Visualization with Tableau Consumer Behaviour 

Semester IV 

Research Methodology  Sales Management 
Production and Total Quality Management  Introduction to Python
Multivariate Techniques Machine Learning-I

Semester V

Data Management  Analytics in Business Domains 
Machine Learning-II Customer Relationship Management 
Introduction to Big Data Technologies  Entrepreneurship Management 

Semester VI

Strategic Management  Project Management 
Operations and Supply Chain Management  Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 
Time Series Forecasting  Project Work

So, it can be seen that the course curriculum has been designed so as to not only touch upon the important areas of business analytics but also the basics and foundations of business administration that are of great general applicability in a large number of business and management situations. 

Eligibility Criteria for BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE

For pursuing the BBA (Business Analytics)course, there are no disciplinary restrictions. So students with any educational background can apply to the course. 

NMIMS GASCE provides ample flexibility to students wishing to apply for this course, and the eligibility criteria is also quite simple and requires elementary qualifications from students. 

The details of the eligibility criteria for NMIMS GASCE for the BBA degree in Business Analytics are given below. In order to be eligible for application, the candidate needs to meet any ONE of the given three criteria: 

  1. The candidate should have completed their higher secondary education, i.e. 10+2 level education with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks or grades from a Recognized Board. 
  2. The candidate should have completed higher secondary level (10+2) level education with a minimum aggregate of 45% marks ALONG WITH  minimum 2 years of professional experience.
  3. The candidate should have completed their senior school level education, i.e. Grade 10 or SSC education AND a 3-year diploma course (recognized by AICTE) with a minimum of 55% aggregate marks.

Note: students belonging to ANY educational stream can apply to the BBA (Business Analytics) course if they meet the above eligibility criteria. 

So, a student can check if they satisfactorily fulfill either of the eligibility criteria and then apply to the course for admission.

Admission Process for BBA (Business Analytics) Course

Although an online-distance course, the student needs to visit their authorised enrollment partner who would assist them in the admission process. For the admission, students can either make fee payment using online payment modes or through a demand draft. 

Admission Procedure for BBA

The steps in the admission procedure of NMIMS GASCE have been listed below for your reference:

1. Registration 

The very first step for applying to BBA (Business Analytics) is to fill up the initial registration form which is available online on the official website of NMIMS GASCE. Along with this, the student also needs to make a payment of INR 1200 as the admission processing fee at this stage. 

2. Document Verification by Enrollment Partner

After the student has filled the registration form and paid the initial registration fee, the student needs to visit their assigned enrollment partner for document verification. For this, the student must carry their original documents which will be reviewed and uploaded onto the university system by the authorized enrollment partner. 

The documents that the student needs to carry before application include:

Documents Needed for Applying to BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE
Photo Identity Card Passport Size Photograph
Academic Documents (Class 10/ Class 12/ Diploma Mark Sheets/Certificate) Documents Showing Valid Work Experience 

3. Fee Payment 

After the documents of the student have been uploaded, the next step in the admission process is to make the fee payment. The students have the choice to pay the fee either as a single, full course fee or in the form of annual or semester-wise installment. Students who pay the full fee in a single installment get the benefit of a lower fee rate. The payment can be made through two modes:

  • Online Payment Methods
  • Demand Draft in favour of ‘SVKM’s NMIMS’ 

Students can avail educational loan facilities too for payment of course fee. 

4. Confirmation of Admission

After completing the above steps, the student must wait for the confirmation of admission by the university. When the admission of the applicant in the course is confirmed, the university shares a unique ‘student number’ with the applicant. Further, the access to study materials, website, and LMS of the university are available once the admission to the course has been confirmed by the university. 

With this, the admission procedure to the BBA (Business Analytics) course gets completed. 

Fee Structure and Fee Concessions for BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE

The basic fee structure for the course for BBA (Business Analytics) is within the range of INR 1,40,000 to INR 1,72,000 depending on the number of installments that the student chooses to pay the course in. 

Students at NMIMS GASCE need to make payments for three purposes, the details of which are given below. 

Types of Fee to be Paid for BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE
Fee Type Details 
Admission Processing Fee INR 1200
Examination Fee INR 600/Subject 
Tuition Fee Variable, depending on the Mode of Installment Chosen

The full course fee details for the course along with the details of mode of payment have been provided below:

Fee Details of BBA (Business Analytics) Course at NMIMS GASCE 
Mode of Payment  Total Amount  Details 
Single Installment  INR 1,46,200
  • INR 1,45,00O for the tuition fee
  • INR 1200 for the Admission Processing Fee
Annual Installments  INR 1,61,000
  • INR 47,000 for Year 1
  • INR 56,400 for Years 2 and 3
  • INR 1200 for Admission Processing Fee
Semester-Wise Payment  INR 1,71,200
  • INR 25,000 for Semesters I and II
  • INR 30,000 for Semesters III-VI
  • INR 1200 for Admission Processing Fee  

Students can avail facilities for fee payments such as educational loans without a credit card, or EMI facilities such as through using credit cards of banks such as HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank, Axis Bank, Citi Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

  • Note: Students from armed forces background can also avail an additional fee concession of 20% on their tuition fee.   

Examination and Evaluation for BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE

The main method of evaluation of the BBA (Business Analytics) course is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Assignments: Based on academic course content and practical application of learnt principles. Assignment is given a weightage of 30% for the evaluation of the student.
  2. Examinations: The Examinations for the BBA (Business Analytics) are conducted at the end of term every semester and consist of objective (MCQs) and descriptive questions. The term-end examinations are given a weightage of 70% for the evaluation of the student.
  3. Project: The last semester of the course also includes project work in the last semester which allows the students to gain a detailed understanding of their specialization as well as learn to apply or analyze the conceptual details in context of real-life situations. 

So, the evaluation of the student is done based on the performance on all these three aspects. 

Students are additionally given the choice to choose the dates of their convenience within a set limit  to appear for their examinations. 

Owing to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the examinations of the course are conducted completely online by the university, in the online proctored mode. So students can appear for the examination from any location of their convenience. 

Learning Pedagogy and LMS for BBA (Business Analytics)

Learning support and pedagogy is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any educational course, but it becomes even more crucial for the online or distance courses because the LMS and learning support is the sole channel of communication between the faculty and the students. 

LMS Features at NMIMS Online

NMIMS GASCE offers an all-round learning facility to students with an efficient LMS software as well as other learning tools. The university has a learning application that can be accessed through mobile or computer devices. The learning tools enable students to learn at their own pace and based on their own convenience. The main features of the LMS and learning support offered by NMIMS for the BBA (Business Analytics) course are listed below:

LMS and Learning Support at BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE
Live Lectures  Recorded Lectures
Digital Library Academic Planner and Calendar
E-Books & Digital Learning Materials  Discussion Forums

So, there are a number of tools and facilities that a student is given access to upon enrollment to the course. 

Student Support Features at NMIMS GASCE

The student support services that the university offers to students enrolled in their BBA (Business Analytics) has been designed to enable them to seek easy resolution of queries and complaints.

Student Support at NMIMS online

There are mainly the following student support services that the university offers, the details for which have been provided below: 

Student Support Features Offered at NMIMS GASCE
Feature Details 
Post My Query
  • This tool can be used to raise academic queries and clarify them with the faculty within a short duration 
  • Students can also use this feature to post queries related to technical issues that get addressed by the technical support team of the university. 
Voice Support 
  • This is the toll-free number of the university. 
  • This number can be accessed from 9 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday for prompt query redressal
Online Support 
  • The university can also be contacted through chat and through email and the university addresses the issues raised within a short duration of 
Escalation Matrix
  • This is another unique feature offered by the university that allows students to take their queries to upper level authorities in case they aren’t addressed in a satisfactory manner by the student support staff

These are some of the basic student support facilities extended by the university to students. In addition to these features, students also have the additional placement assistance and support of the faculty to grow and develop themselves during the period of the course. 

So students can benefit a lot from this course in business analytics as the university ensures that there are efficient counsellors to address the issues and resolve student queries on a prompt basis.  

Placement Support Facilities for BBA (Business Analytics) 

Placement services, especially for a professional course such as BBA, is very important. More so in the case of an online-distance university because students have comparatively fewer opportunities to establish points-of-contact and develop a professional network. 

Placement services offered by Nmims GASCE

In order to overcome this potential limitation that may affect students’ career, NMIMS GASCE offers comprehensive placement and professional assistance tools to students. 

This is done in the form of providing students with detailed knowledge of professional skills and domains through courses, practice job interviews along with feedback, career counselling, job search facilities etc. 

These services are provided through 3 paid packages that a student can opt for based on their affordability and budget. Further details are given below:

Placement Services for BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE
Plan  Cost  Services Offered 
Career Development  INR 6999
  • Career Forum: Interactive Webinars with Industry Professionals 
  • Learning Portal: Digital courses and Modules on Professional and Soft Skills 
  • Career Counselling 
  • 2 Mock Job Interviews
Career Assistance INR 8999
  • Career Forum 
  • Learning Portal
  • Job Search Support 
Career Assistance and Development  INR 12,999
  • Career Forum 
  • Learning portal
  • 2 Mock Job Interviews 
  • Career Counselling 
  • Job Search Support 

It is understandable that with such an all-round placement service and special attention being given to their professional training, students get placed in large and renowned MNCs and corporate houses. 

Placement Partners of NMIMS GASCE

Some of the top hiring partners who NMIMS GASCE has collaborated with include: 

Placement Partners of NMIMS GASCE 
Vivo Tata
Optima  Bajaj Electricals Ltd. 
SAS Vaya
RBS Indiamart
Brimstone Creatives Trans Asia Group
ShopEx Lodestar 
HSBC Bank Aviva

 So a student enrolling in the BBA (Business Analytics) has a good chance to get placed at a well-reputed organization with a good package after completing their course. 

Career Prospects after Completing BBA (Business Analytics) from NMIMS GASCE

Business analytics is a field of business management which is expanding in its scope with each passing day, because intelligent use of statistics and business information to draw insights and use them for business development is the norm today. In such a situation, students graduating with the BBA (Business Analytics) degree from NMIMS GASCE have a good career scope. Some of the major job options that students can pursue after graduation along with the salaries offered in India are listed below:

Job Prospects and Average Salaries Offered in India
Job Prospect Average Salary in India Per Annum 
Assistant Business Analyst INR 8,50,000 
Assistant Project Manager INR 7,00,000 
Business Intelligence Associate INR 6,00,000
Assistant Manager in Marketing  INR 7,00,000
Assistant Manager in Finance INR 7,50,000
Assistant Manager in HR INR 5,00,000
Data Mining Manager  INR 10,00,000
Data Scientist INR 11,00,000
Machine Learning Engineer INR 7,50,000

So there is a wide career scope that students can explore after completing a course in BBA (Business Analytics).


NMIMS University was started in the year 1981 and it received the status of ‘Deemed-To-Be’ University in the year 2003. The Global Access School for Continuing Education (GASCE) is the division of the university started to provide distance and online education to students. The main vision of the university is to extend the educational excellence of the parent branch,  SVKM Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (SVKM NMIMS) to students irrespective of the constraints of time and location.

Why Choose BBA (Business Analytics) from NMIMS

NMIMS GASCE is a NAAC-rated ‘A+’ and is among the top 100 universities of India as ranked by NIRF. The university has established various services for effective education, such as student support tools, learning facilities including a unique LMS, digital library for all students, professional training and upskilling programmes etc. It is one of the well-reputed institutes for higher education in India.

Review: Distance BBA (Business Analytics) from NMIMS GASCE

  • Course Review: The business analytics course at NMIMS GASCE has been designed to cover the details and important areas of the subject in an in-depth manner. The curriculum evaluates the students not only based on academics but also on the basis of practical skills. There are a number of case studies, presentations and a comprehensive project in the last semester for application of course content to actual situations.  
  • Faculty Review: the faculty for the BBA (Business Analytics) course is well-qualified and a majority of the professors hold doctoral qualifications and MBA degrees, which makes them both highly qualified as well as industrially-acquainted. So the faculty can provide both academic and professional exposure to students.
  • University Review: NMIMS GASCE is a well-reputed and prestigious institute for providing higher education to students in the online-distance format. It is approved by the UGC, NAAC, NIRF and provides credible degree and diploma programmes. It has a noteworthy digital infrastructure in terms of the student support features, LMS and the placement services.  

Prospectus for BBA (Business Analytics) at NMIMS GASCE

The detailed brochure of the university can be accessed by visiting the  official website of the university at https://online.nmims.edu/programs/bachelor-in-business-administration-business-analytics 

Similar Online/Distance Universities Offering Online BBA Course

Some other well-accredited online/distance universities of India are listed below:

Similar Online/Distance Universities in India Offering BBA Course
University Approvals  BBA Specializations 
Chandigarh Online University UGC, NAAC A+
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Marketing Management 
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • BBA with ACCA (Chartered Accountancy) 
Amity Online University UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF, AICTE, AIU, ACU 
  • General BBA Course
Manipal Online UGC, AICTE, NIRF
  • General BBA Course
Manav Rachna Online University  UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF
  • Banking and Financial Markets
  • Retails and Sales Management 
  • Digital Marketing 
Hindustan Online-Centre for Open and Distance Education UGC-DEB, AICTE NBA, NAAC, NIRF
  • Logistics Management

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, NMIMS GASCE gives a course in BBA and BBA (Business Analytics) to students in the online-distance learning (ODL) mode. It is a three years degree course.

Yes, NMIMS GASCE offers a course, BBA in Business Analytics, in the online-distance learning mode.

Yes, NMIMS GASCE has accreditations from bodies such as UGC, NAAC (A+) and NIRF (ranked in top 100 universities) and so it is an accredited and recognized university. So the BBA (Business Analytics) degree obtained from the university is valid in India and abroad.

Yes, NMIMS GASCE is approved by UGC.

At the moment, there are no scholarship facilities for BBA (business analytics) courses although a fee concession of 20% on the tuition fee is offered by the university to students with an armed forces background.

The total course fee for the BBA Business Analytics course at NMIMS Online is INR 1,46,200 when paid in a single installment, INR 1,61,000 for annual mode of payment and INR 1,71,200 when paid in the semester mode.

Yes, NMIMS GASCE offers professional training and support in addition to placement support to students for the BBA (Business Analytics) course.

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