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online msc business analytics

Updated at : June 3, 2024DOWNLOAD E-BOOK

Online M.Sc In Business Analytics

The Online MSc Business Analytics is a two-year postgraduate course that students can pursue after completing their bachelor’s degree. It is a PG degree in increasing demand in today’s age of capitalization and rapid technological advancements. Students learn to use a flexible online learning tool to improve data visualization, machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics. This program gives students the tools to make data-driven choices and run a successful business in today's tough market by focusing on useful skills and industry-related topics.

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Online M.Sc in Business Analytics Program Overview

In the age of high efficiency and competition, commercial organizations increasingly seek ways to maximize their profits. This requires dealing with large amounts of data and analyzing them strategically to make scientific conclusions and gain meaningful insights. In such a situation, business analytics is growing in demand exponentially. 

The program's curriculum is carefully designed to teach students everything they need to know about data analytics and how it can be used in business. Students learn about different areas of business analytics, such as data mining, predictive modeling, machine learning, and data visualization, by combining what they know about the subject with how to use it in real life. The course is made to adapt to the changing needs of the business world, with a focus on new data analytics trends and tools.

Graduates of the program have a deep knowledge of business analytics ideas and methods. They are then ready to work as data analysts, business intelligence specialists, or data scientists in various fields. Students in the Online M.Sc in Business Analytics program can become successful in the fast-growing field of data analytics by focusing on useful skills and topics that are important to the business world and open ways to learn.

Why choose an Online M.Sc in Business Analytics?

One of the best things about the Online M.Sc in Business Analytics program is its flexibility. Students can still study while juggling work and other obligations. Through an easy-to-use online learning tool, students can access high-quality course materials, lectures, and interactive chats led by experienced faculty members and experts in the field. The online MSc Business Analytics course is the same as the regular on-campus program, except that students can complete it without needing relocation and at their convenience. In India, it is offered as a two-year postgraduate course that can be pursued after one has completed their graduation degree, usually from any stream/discipline.

The program also includes case studies and projects from the real world, which give students real-life experience using analytical methods to answer difficult business problems. This hands-on experience helps students understand academic ideas better and prepares them for the problems they will face in their future jobs.

Who should pursue an Online M.Sc in Business Analytics?

  • Working professionals who want to improve their skills and move up in their jobs in data analytics while keeping their current jobs.
  • People with a background in business, math, statistics, computer science, or a similar area want to specialise in data analytics and look for work in this growing field quickly.
  • People who are new graduates or job changers who want to use data-driven insights to make business decisions and generate new ideas in various fields.

Who should pursue an Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

When Should I Pursue an Online M.Sc in Business Analytics?

Getting work experience or finishing an undergraduate degree in a similar area is the best time to get an online MSc in business analytics. If you want to specialise in Business Analytics and have a good background in business, math, statistics, or computer science, this program is perfect for you. Working professionals who want to improve their skills and move up in their jobs in the field of data analytics can also benefit from this program while keeping their current jobs. The program is meant to help people at different stages of their careers by giving them the information and skills they need to do well in business analytics, which is changing quickly.

Key Highlights of Online M.Sc in Business Analytics In India

Some of the key highlights of M Sc in Business Analytics as offered in India are listed below: 

  • The Online M.Sc. in Business Analytics has full coursework covering many areas, such as data mining, prediction modelling, machine learning, and data visualisation.
  • An easy-to-use online platform lets students access course materials, classes, and homework at their own pace and ease, which is great for students with busy lives.
  • The program includes case studies and projects from the real world, which help students learn how to use critical methods to solve difficult business problems.
  • Students learn from faculty members with extensive experience and experts who bring their knowledge and ideas from the real world into the classroom.
  • Through hands-on projects and trials, students learn to use industry-standard data analytics tools and technologies.
  • The program encourages students to work together to learn. This allows them to talk to their classmates, teachers, and workers in the field, which helps them grow their career networks.
  • Graduates receive career support services, such as help with making resumes, preparing for interviews, and finding jobs to help them get good jobs in business analytics.
  • Students can tailor their studies to their hobbies and job goals by selecting specialisations like healthcare, marketing, or financial analytics.
  • Students learn about business analytics from various angles when they are part of a group of students worldwide. This helps them be successful in an international workforce.
  • Leaders in the field and accredited schools recognise the Online M.Sc. in Business Analytics. Graduates have the information and skills they need to succeed in business analytics.

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Online M.Sc in Business Analytics Course Subjects/Syllabus

The course provides in-depth knowledge of business statistics, database management, financial management, data visualisation, machine learning, project management, large data analytics, etc. The common syllabus offered in MSc in Business Analytics is listed below: 

Subjects of Semester I

Subjects of Semester II

  • Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis
  • Business Statistics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Programming with R & Python
  • Database Management
  • Business Econometrics
  • Financial Management
  • Applied Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Data Visualisation
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • Mini Project

Subjects of Semester III

Subjects of Semester IV

  • Time Series Analysis
  • Machine Learning Methods
  • Deep Learning and Text Mining
  • Project Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Elective (Marketing):
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Digital and Web Analytics
  • Elective (Finance):
    • Financial Assets Valuation
    • Financial Analytics
  • Capstone Project

The course is designed to balance theoretical knowledge with practical, applicable skills useful in professional fields. 

Top Specialisations of Online M.Sc

MSc Online In Mathematics

MSc Online In Information Technology

MSc Online In Applied Finance

Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

MSc Online In Computer Science

Online M.Sc In Statistics

MSc Online In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Other Types of M.Sc Available

MSc Online

MSc Distance Learning

Online M.Sc in Business Analytics Eligibility & Duration

Since this is a postgraduate course, one can pursue this course only after completion of their graduation. The eligibility criteria for an MSc course Business Analytics in India are: 

  • Having completed their bachelor’s degree at a recognised university,
  • Students can have any stream/discipline background in their bachelor's, while some universities may require the candidate to have statistics as one of the subjects in graduation.    
  • The aggregate marks percentage required at the bachelor’s level may vary between 40% and 50% for different universities.
  • Having work experience in the related field is preferable but optional. 

Duration of the Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

This postgraduate-level course is usually two years long and is pursued in four semesters. Some universities offer two extra years to pass all the exams if needed. Students can finish the program at their own pace with a flexible online learning style that lets them make changes based on their plans and obligations. Also, some programs may offer advanced or part-time choices, letting students make study schedules that work for them while ensuring they get a thorough and challenging education in business analytics.

Skills Required for Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

  • The applicant must be able to use statistical and mathematical tools well
  • Applicants need a strong background in math, including calculus and linear algebra; - Experience with computer tools like SQL, Python, or R
  • They must have the ability to understand and share data ideas clearly
  • They must know business principles and how to make decisions - Skills with data display tools and techniques
  • Applicants must know methods and techniques for machine learning

Is any Entrance Exam Required for an Online M.Sc in Business Analytics?

Usually, you don’t need any entrance exam for an online M.Sc. However, some of the exams conducted for a regular M.Sc are

Common University Entrance Test (CUET) PG

National Entrance Screening Test (NEST)

IIT Joint Admission Test (IIT JAM)

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) GS

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT)

GITAM Science Admission Test (GSAT)

Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) Entrance Exam

Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Common Entrance Test (IGKV CET)

PGCET (Postgraduate Common Entrance Test) 

Note: Some universities offering online M.Sc programs may also require a good score in the abovementioned exams. So, check your university's eligibility requirements carefully.

Recommended Books

Below is a list of the popular books in the Online M.Sc in Business Analytics curriculum. 



"Data Science for Business"

Foster Provost & Tom Fawcett

"Python for Data Analysis"

Wes McKinney

"Introduction to Statistical Learning"

Gareth James, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, & Robert Tibshirani

"Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight"

John W. Foreman

"The Art of Data Science"

Roger D. Peng & Elizabeth Matsui

"Machine Learning Yearning"

Andrew Ng

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Program Fees for Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

Starting at ₹ 6,776/month

Program Fee: ₹2,80,000 - ₹2,80,000

Low Cost EMI Available


Government universities need to offer an Online MSc Business Analytics course. In the case of private universities, the tuition fee ranges between INR 2,00,000 and 3,00,000. Additional charges, such as examination, admission, and application fees, are generally added to the tuition fee.  With College Vidya Compare, you may compare the academic fees of most institutions that offer your program of study. 

Online M.Sc in Business Analytics Admission Procedure

Most universities offering an online MSc Business Analytics course usually have an online admission procedure. Some common steps that students need to follow for applying to this course are listed below:

  • The admission process usually begins with the student registering/signing in with the university's official website or admission gateway. This includes registration by providing basic personal details and verifying their contact details (mobile phone number, email ID, etc.). 
  • Following initial registration, candidates fill in the main admission form/application form.
  • They need to submit the necessary documents needed for verification at this point. 
  • The candidate also pays the initial application fee to the university's official portal.
  • After completing all these steps, the candidate can submit their application, and they will receive confirmation (about the successful application submission).

After these steps, the university usually reviews the application and then approves it to confirm the candidate’s admission to the course. 

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Education Loan/EMI Facilities for Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

Getting an education loan for an online M.Sc. in Business Analytics has many benefits. For starters, it gives you financial freedom by letting you pay for program fees and other costs without worrying about money immediately. Going to college also improves your job chances and ability to make money, so it's a good investment in your future. With an education credit, you don't have to worry about upfront costs, so you can focus on your studies and get the most out of your education. 

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Is Online M.Sc in Business Analytics Worth it?

The worth of the online MSc in Business Analytics depends on many things, like your job goals, your situation, and the program's reputation. However, there are many strong reasons why getting this degree can be very helpful. There is a greater need for people who are skilled in business analytics. This is because all fields realise the importance of making data-based decisions. Getting an M.Sc. in Business Analytics will give you the expert information and skills you need to do well in this field, changing quickly and giving you many job options.

Online classes are also flexible, so you can study at your own pace while caring for other things, like work and family. This allows you to further your education without stopping your job growth. Also, many reputable colleges now have online M.Sc. programs that are just as good as their on-campus versions regarding accreditation and course content. In other words, you can get a good degree from a well-known school without moving or going to classes in person.

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Job Opportunity after Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

There is a wide scope of job opportunities after you complete Online MSc Business Analytics since this is one of the highest in-demand qualifications in professions related to STEM and data science. Some of the job prospects, along with average salaries in India, are listed below:

Job Prospect

Average Salary in INR

Machine Learning 

7,50,000 PA

Data Analysis

4,30,000 PA

Chief Data Officer

25,34,655 PA

Project Management

14,30,000 PA

Data Scientist

11,00,000 PA


5,00,000 PA

Top Recruiters for Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

Top employers actively seek out graduates of online M.Sc. in Business Analytics because they are experts at making data-based decisions. Companies at the top in many fields, like technology, banking, healthcare, and e-commerce, respect the skills and ideas these graduates bring. In today's competitive job market, there are many possibilities for people who work in business analytics, from big companies to new, innovative businesses.

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Let's clear up some doubts about Online M.Sc in Business Analytics

Yes, a degree in MSc. Business Analytics is highly valued and growing in demand in India and one can explore a large number of job alternatives after completing this course, e.g. data scientist, data analytics, machine learning etc.

Yes, most universities that offer this course require the student to have a statistical background, but there are no major restrictions for any academic stream.

An interested student needs to ensure that the university they are pursuing the course from is well-accredited and recognized by bodies such as UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC, NIRF. Online degrees from recognized universities are valid and recognized across India and abroad.

In India, Manipal Online University and BITS Pilani offer this course in the online mode.

If you are looking to establish a career in data management, analysis, data science or in large business management, business analytics is a good career alternative for you as there is a wide scope of career development after this course.

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