About the Course

Master of Business Administration Operations, abbreviated as MBA-Ops, is a postgraduate programme in operations management. It helps acquire professional skills to work as an operations management professional in all sectors, especially in logistics and supply chain. It is also one of the most sought after post-graduation courses in India.

Key Skills Learnt

  • Quantitative skills
  • Preference for a variety of jobs
  • Ability to initiate and execute Key projects
  • Basic understanding of the supply chain and a production environment
  • Capability to function with a Wide Array of individuals
  • Skill to coordinate with departments and people not under your control

Duration - 2 years | Fees - ₹40,000-90,000

Career Opportunity

Highlights of the course

  • Become Industry Ready

  • Get Managerial Roles

  • Learn To Lead Teams

  • Get Access To Online Course Materials

  • Study At Your Own Pace

  • Learn While You Earn

  • Flexible Years Of Completion

  • Acquire Skills For Corporate World

  • Outperform Your Colleagues

  • Lifetime Counseling

Universities Offering This Course

Introducing College Vidya Advantage

  • Get Face-to-Face Career Assessment

  • Combines your Distance Learning with Skills

  • Hassle-Free College Admission Assistance

  • Gain Access to Lifetime Career Support

  • Invitation to the Career Development Workshops

  • Lifetime Placement Support Cell Access

  • Placement Support Cell

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the positions that you can take up with top corporates are supply chain manager, logistics manager, project manager, inventory control manager, operations manager and so on.
The average salary offered to MBA graduates varies with the industry and approximately lies between INR 4-12 Lacs per annum.
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