Cricket is in the air with IPL 2024!
With the start of the Indian Premier League 2024, cricketers and their pricing have become a part of every conversation!
Is the series worth the hype?
Well, the most expensive player, Mitchell Starc from Australia, was sold for 24.5 Crore to Kolkata Knight Riders creating a history in IPL and making it worth discussing.
90 percent of cricket fans are from India!
As per a research report, with over 1 Billion cricket fans globally, 90% of them belong to India making the IPL season a lot more interesting.
Do you know the name of the highest-paid Indian player in IPL 2024?
Here is a list of the top 5 Indian players that have been sold at some whooping costs.
#1. KL Rahul
He was secured by Lucknow Super Giants at Rs. 17 Crores!
#2. Ravindra Jadeja
He was retained by Chennai Super Kings at Rs. 16 Crores!
#3. Rishabh Pant
He was kept by Delhi Capitals at Rs. 16 Crores!
#4. Rohit Sharma
Mumbai Indians kept him at Rs. 16 Crores!
#5. Ishaan Kishan
Mumbai Indians took him at Rs. 15.25 Crores!
Finding anything strange about this list?
Are you also astonished to look at the names of young players in this list?
Wish to see your name in that list someday?
Well, if you have a passion for cricket, do give it a chance! With new faces taking over the Indian Cricket Team you might get lucky!
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