College Vidya (one of the most trusted Ed-Tech Brands) recently came up with an interesting campaign.
They mentioned that despite living in a world that is now filled with Options
We unfortunately still have a very restricted view of everything around us.
And give too much weightage to others' suggestions which are based on an individual's experience.
They mimicked this by wearing a 'Dabba' on their heads in some of the busiest markets in Delhi.
They tried to mention that Dabbas can be seen everywhere...
We just deny their existence and at times even ignore them.
The saddest part is that we at times make some of the 'Irreversible Decisions' by being in a 'Dabba'
One of these Irreversible Decisions is 'Planning for your Career and Academics'!
This campaign was admired by many as it provoked and instigated everyone to rethink...
Whether we like it or not, the majority of us have come across a Dabba Situation!
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