Gemini: Google’s Next Big Step!
On December 6, Google launched its new project, Gemini, an AI model trained to behave in human-like ways.
Is Gemini Unfolding Technology Potential?
The versions of Gemini, “Nano” and “Pro” are already incorporated into Google Bard, making it more intuitive, and its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. On the phone, it will summarise recordings and provide automatic replies on messaging services, starting with Wha
Gemini’s Biggest Advances Are Yet to Come!
The ultra model of Gemini will be launched in 2024 which will be used to launch “Bard Advanced.”
Will Gemini be Fit for All?
At first it will only work in English but as per Google reporters the technology will eventually diversify into other languages.
Will Gemini Improve Human Life?
The problem-solving skills of this AI are notable, especially in math and physics. Thus, it has emerged as an advancement that may lead to scientific breakthroughs that improve human lives.
Why is There a Triggered Debate?
This technology is capable of eclipsing human intelligence, resulting in the loss of millions of jobs. Moreover, its destructive side of amplifying misinformation or triggering the deployment of nuclear weapons is way more dangerous.
Is Gemini a Threat to OpenAI?
With Gemini coming out, OpenAI is going to face some tough times. It outperformed GPT-4 on MCQ exams, grade-school math, and other benchmarks.
Are Hallucinations Addressed in Gemini?
As per Google DeepMind vice president of product, Eli Collins, “We made a ton of progress in what’s called factuality with Gemini. So Gemini is our best model in that regard. But it’s still, I would say, an unsolved research problem.”
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