Is there any skill requisite at IIM?
At IIMs, you will be taught by the best management faculties in India. However, there are certain sets of requisite skills and abilities that you must possess to do well in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews to join one.
Communication skills and soft skills
Possessing good communication skills is a mandate for business professionals. However, to become one at IIM you have to be efficient with discussions, interviews, and other such events.
Technical skills
Technical knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook Mail, Financial Software Tools (Bloomberg), Statistical Analysis and Tools, etc. provides an academic and professional edge to your abilities.
Leadership skills
Good leadership skills top the list of expectations from IIM Graduates. As a learner with team building and management skills, you will be able to complete your projects with full responsibility.
Organizational skills
These skills are needed to help you cope with the stressful schedule of classes, assignments, studies, and preparations. It will help you survive the academic domain and lead you toward professional excellence.
Corporate awareness skills
This category includes an efficient work ethic, punctuality, diligence, management, organization, and perseverance. So mold yourself to be worthy of a progressive career after graduating from IIM.
Refined Yourself For IIM?
After working on the mentioned skill sets you will have assured success on both academic and professional fronts.
Finding it Difficult to Learn These Skills?
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Don’t Want to Quit Your Job?
If you have financial constraints or any personal reasons that do not let you quit your job, you can enroll in an Online IIM Executive Course.
Which IIMs offer Online MBA?
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