Looking for Plan B of UPSC?
If you are disappointed with your UPSC results, here are some options you can explore!
State Civil Services
If you failed UPSC, you can appear for the state civil service exams which can help you become IAS and IPS at the state level.
Other Government Exams
Your knowledge of UPSC prep can be used for other govt. exams like PSC, SSC, RRB, RBI, CAPF, etc. that will land you at PSU jobs.
Policy Analyst
A strong knowledge of public and govt. policies you earned while UPSC prep can help you get hired at research institutions and consulting firms.
International Relations Specialist
Your interest in foreign policies and diplomacy can help you build your profession as an international relations specialist.
Use your power of knowledge to shape future minds! Your expertise in subjects can be well utilized as a teacher.
Media and Journalism
Your strong foundation in current affairs can help you make your way in the journalism sector.
Legal Consultant
Your background in law and legal matters can make you advise individuals, NGOs, and businesses on legal issues as a professional.
Data Analysis and Research
To cope with the latest trends, you can opt for a data analysis program and become a data researcher for govt. and private firms.
Social Entrepreneurship
Your UPSC prep journey makes you well-versed with the social issues and concerns. This will help you explore the social entrepreneurship realm.
You can still contribute to the development of the country by joining an NGO and serving the education, healthcare, and other sectors.
Interested in Specialized Courses?
Pursue a degree course in your interested domain and create a plan B for your career.
Heard of online courses?
Enroll in an online course and upgrade your knowledge along with other commitments. Visit College Vidya to explore a range of online courses.
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