Want to become a Data Scientist?
Are you also looking to develop a career in one of the most promising fields of IT, data science?
Full-time commitments obstructing your way?
If you are not comfortable with the hectic schedule of regular college, enroll in an online data science program to live your dream career.
Is data science worth the hype?
After completing a data science course, you can easily earn between 6-20 LPA in India as a Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer, etc.
Top 5 Online Universities for Data Science
Check out this list of the top 5 affordable online universities in 2024 for data science that will help you land your dream job!
#1. TimesPro
Course: Post Graduate Advanced Certificate in Data Science || Fee: 1.19 Lakhs INR
#2. IIIT Bangalore
Course: Post Graduate Certificate in Data Science & AI (Executive) || Fee Range: 1.8 to 2 Lakhs INR.
#3. IIT Roorkee
Courses: Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Decision Making Using Data Science, Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Data Science & Machine Learning || Fee Range: 1.80-2.00 Lakhs INR.
#4. IIT Delhi
Course: Advanced Certification In Data Science And Decision Science || Fee: 2.05 Lakhs INR
#5. IIM Kozhikode
Course: Professional Certificate Programme In Applied Data Science And Machine Learning || Fee: 2.15 Lakhs INR.
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