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Top 10 DBA Specializations - How to Choose A Doctorate?

Apr 23, 2024 1.3K Reads

DBA, Doctorate in Business Administration is the highest academic degree that is highly opted for by working professionals. It helps them understand the practical skills that are highly required in the market along with the professional degree. DBA can help you get an extra edge in the competitive market to get better jobs and career opportunities. Are You Looking For? | Online Doctorate Degrees!


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Also, with the help of DBA, you can get global job opportunities. Many students opt DBA over a PhD, as DBA gives them the flexibility to manage their work as well as their studies simultaneously and can be pursued in online or on-campus mode. Also Available | Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Online!

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Choosing the right specialization can be challenging as there are several DBA specializations.  If you have decided to pursue a DBA, or Doctorate in Business Administration, the next step is choosing the specialisation that best fits your career goals. So in this blog, we will tell you about the top DBA specializations and some factors that can help you to make an informed decision. Enroll Today | Doctorate In Business Administration Online!

How to choose the right DBA specialisation?

1.) Explore all specialisations: It is always important to search the right field for you by exploring all the options available. The students can check specialisations, career prospects, and the eligibility criteria to enter the field. Such factors can help you make the right decision. 

2.)  Job Market and Salary: The job market is highly competitive in such scenarios, the most essential factor that one should keep in mind is the percentage of competition in the market and what are the skills that are most in demand. And what is the average salary for the opted specialisation? Job and money are the crucial parameters that influence the decision of the choosing specialisation.

3.) Future Career Goals: Your future goals are most essential while selecting a DBA specialisation, suppose you are aspiring to get into the corporate world, at the Senior HR level, then a DBA in Human Resource specialisation is best for you. Similarly DBA in marketing for working executives from marketing backgrounds, a DBA in Emerging Technologies for for Individuals in IT gigs and many more.

4.) Faculty and Mentor Advice: You can always ask your teachers and mentors for the right guidance and advice. They can help you with their expertise and experience. You seek help from the college teachers or your mentors from the workplace. 

5.) Identify your passion: Your passion drives your choices. Before making the final decision it is crucial to consider your passion before making a final decision. As the field and specialisation you select, today will become your career field for the next many years. So after considering these factors, make an informed decision. 

6.) Education Background: The decision made by you should also be aligned with your educational background. This helps in improving your grip over the concepts and topics you will study in the DBA syllabus. Also, you can choose the specialisation that suits your current work field. 

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What are the DBA top specialisations that you can opt for?

There are various specialisations of DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) including marketing, leadership, accounting, and many others offered under the program. The students are advised to opt for the best fit specialisation as per their preference and future prospects to lead better careers ahead. Every specialisation of the program has its own benefits and completely depends upon the choices of a student. The majorly offered various specialisation of the DBA program are mentioned in detail below with their specifications and eligibility criteria. 

1) DBA in Supply Chain Management

DBA In Supply chain Management offers in-depth knowledge and skills about the complex supply chain and the difficulties associated with it. Handling the whole production flow of services and goods is called Supply chain management. It gives knowledge about everything from raw materials to the delivery of the furnished goods to the customer. It includes the planning, manufacturing and sourcing, delivering, and returning service management.

Supply Chain Management is a field that is highly opted by working executives. After completion of a DBA in Supply Chain Management, the students get to understand various things like identifying potential loopholes and finding the solutions to them. The course is generally approved by certain organisations like ACBSP, and others that assure high-quality education, and stick to academic standards. Syllabus for the Supply Chain management includes strategic planning, advanced operations management, thesis writing, research methodology and many more.  You will read in-depth about both the theoretical as well as the practical elements related to supply chain management.  It is a three to five years long program. 

Eligibility Criteria for Supply Chain Management. 

  • The candidate must have a master’s degree in relevant fields like Supply chain management, Business administration, and logistics.
  • The candidate must have some specific work experience in the relevant field as well.

2) DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence 

DBA In Generative Artificial Intelligence is among the new emerging technologies. It is a future-based technology that can be proved a revolutionary step in the world. AI is the type of technology that can offer different types of content like text, imagery, audio & other data. The scope of Artificial Intelligence is bright and hence it is opted for by many working professionals, especially those from an IT background. DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence is a 3 to 5 years long program that includes the study of the basic tp advanced concepts of AI and its related topics and what are the loopholes and the other scopes of using the technology in the business and the market. The syllabus of the DBA in generative AI includes the study of traditional machine learning, the future of work, workforce and the workspace, dissertation topic defence, thesis development workshops, methods and processes in modern-day research, new age digital technology applications, quantitative and qualitative techniques in research and many more. This is also a globally recognised degree and can bring you abundant job opportunities. 

Eligibility for enrolling in DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence 

  • It is mandatory to have a master's degree from a recognised institute as a  minimum academic qualification.
  • It is also essential to have work experience of 7 to 10 years in the relevant field. 

3) DBA in Human Resource Management 

DBA in human resource management focuses on learning business principles in the workplace to strengthen the employee-employer relationship. DBA in Human Resource Management is a three-year long program and it provides in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of the human resource field. In the curriculum, you will be learning about research methodologies, along with the study of application-based topics. It can be offered in online/ hybrid as well as on-campus mode. This course is highly pursued by working executives with some relevant experience in the HR field, as this course is well suited to them. With the mode of offering all the technical support 24*7 to the live interactive with the industry experts, the program is highly opted by the working students. After completion of the DBA in Human Resource Management, students can get job opportunities in top MNCS. After the completion of the program, students get the Dr. as the prefix with their name. Some universities also help with placement and other job opportunities. 

Eligibility Criteria to enrol in DBA in Human Resource Management-

  • Candidate with a master's or bachelor's degree from a recognised institute. 
  • Also, it is essential to have minimum work experience in the related field. 

4) DBA in Emerging Technologies 

It is considered to be the highest academic degree in the business world and the people with this are highly required in the market. This course is highly opted by industry leaders who are looking to enhance their skills and expertise people in senior-level positions like CEOs and CXOs or other young self-made entrepreneurs, graduates with the desire to learn about emerging technologies and also people who are already working in this job field. This course is best suited for the leaders of tomorrow. The curriculum of the program guides the students about various trending topics like foundations of machine learning and AI, doctoral research methodologies and analysis, deep learning and its variants, applied innovation, generative AI by using some pre-trained model, responsible AI, and dissertation/thesis writing. The candidates get to learn about every aspect of emerging technologies and their impact on business and the market.  After completion of the program, they can work in various fields and industries. 

Eligibility Criteria to enrol in DBA in Emerging Technologies 

  • Must have a master's degree from a recognised institute in the relevant field. 
  •  The candidate must have relevant work experience to enrol in the program. 

5) DBA in Marketing 

Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing is also a high-demand course that is opted for by professionals. It is an in-depth study of the market and the trends associated with the business and marketing. The course is highly opted by people with advanced business knowledge, who already have some work experience in the marketing field and also have some skills like in-depth research, data collection and analysis. The students must have some prior knowledge of the market. This course offers the use of the theoretical marketing principles study and its application in the real-time ground. The students have to work on applied-based research that requires them to study various case studies and practical solutions to them. This is a three to five-year course that teaches about advanced business strategies, quantitative as well as qualitative research methods, marketing strategy, analytical skills, brand and marketing and many more. The course completion brings with it various opportunities to work in senior management, academics, executive leadership roles, consultancy and many more. 

Eligibility Criteria to enrol in DBA in Marketing  

  • The candidate must have a master's degree from a recognised institute in the relevant field. 
  • Relevant work experience in the marketing field is required to enrol in the program. 

6) DBA in Leadership

Doctor of Business Administration in Leadership is another specialisation that focuses on the advanced study of the study and research of business and marketing. It is specially made for individuals with prior experience in handling top managerial job roles. The curriculum includes leadership Theories and Models, Leadership Ethics, Transformational Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Context. The program is of a three-year or five-year duration that includes advanced business knowledge, various marketing specialisations, practical applications of the theoretical topics and the dissertation work. After completion of the course, you can work as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and many more. You can also work as an Organizational Development Consultant, Executive Coach, Entrepreneurial leader and many more. 

Eligibility Criteria for DBA in Leadership 

  • The candidate must have a master’s degree in relevant fields. 
  • The candidate must have some specific work experience in the relevant field as well.

7) DBA in Healthcare Management

Doctorate in healthcare management is another field that deals with the core business foundation of healthcare management, various healthcare management specialisations like healthcare system and policy, healthcare economy & finance, healthcare leadership & governance, Healthcare Law and Ethics, Risk Management in Healthcare, Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare, and research methodologies, and dissertation. There are various job opportunities available like CEO, & COO of healthcare organisation, healthcare consultant, healthcare policy analyst, healthcare quality improvement manager, healthcare finance manager, entrepreneurs and many more. 

Eligibility Criteria for DBA in Leadership 

  • The candidate must have a master’s degree in business & management with around 5 years of experience in a managerial post. 
  • Candidate with a bachelor’s degree with 8 years of business experience.  

8) DBA in International Business

Doctorate in Business administration specialised in International Business highly focuses on applied research that helps working professionals to use the theories read in the doctoral program in their organisations. It is also a three to five-year study program that can be offered in part-time mode, online mode, hybrid mode, or on-campus mode. The curriculum helps in understanding various topics like business foundation core, Theories of Organizations, Advanced Management, Business Strategy and Innovation, Experiments and Survey Designs, Human Resource Management, and dissertations. The students have to complete some essential tasks like assignments, written dissertation proposals, and oral defence of the same, and some courses in international business. This is a fascinating course that is opted for by various people who are working. This allows them to either work with some organisation or start a new business. 

 Eligibility Criteria for DBA in International Business

  • The candidate must have a master’s degree in business & management 
  • Candidate with a bachelor’s degree with 8 years of business experience.

9) DBA in Accounting

Doctorate in Business Administration in accounting is a three-year program that highly focuses on offering in-depth knowledge about the topics that are core of the advanced business strategy, advanced financial accounting, accounting theory & research, managerial accounting and control, research-based methodologies, financial statement analysis, and dissertation work. The students after completion of the doctorate in business administration in accounting you can start working as COO, Controller, Audit Director, tax manager, risk management specialist, corporate treasurer, and many more. This course also helps in understanding the industry-relevant topics that help them to get better job opportunities. 

 Eligibility Criteria for DBA in International Business

  • The candidate must have a master’s degree in the accounting field.
  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree with some experience can also apply.

10) DBA in Project Management

Project managers are the experts who help take responsibility for the project board, the project is run daily. It requires marketing skills, team management skills, leadership skills, resource planning, and analysis the market trends. DBA in project management can help working executives to either continue with their recent work profile or get into some entrepreneurship role. The Project Management course includes Applied Doctoral Studies in Business, Project Risk Management, Strategic Knowledge Studies, Ethics in Business,  Statistics I, Multiple-Project Management, dissertation work and other specialisations related to project management. 

Eligibility Criteria for Project Management 

  • The candidate must have a master’s degree in a relevant field.
  • The candidate must have work experience in the project management field area. 

After discussing top specialisations you can choose any of these that can help you many more opportunities. Doctorate in Business Administration helps in understanding the practical aspects of the market. After completion of the course, students can start working in the top organisation or they can also start working on their own project or business idea.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are numerous DBA specialisations. Students must choose as per their interests and previous work background. The top specialisations are-

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Accounting
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Emerging Technologies 
  • Project Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • International Business

Both are equivalent in terms of level of study as both are doctorate programs and carry equal status and opportunities. The DBA is more about the applied-based study that is focused on finding solutions to business issues while the PhD is a research-based study that focuses on creating something new and innovative.

Yes, you can add Dr as a prefix with your name after completion of DBA.

To enrol in a DBA program, there are certain common eligibility criteria, like

  • The candidate must have a bachelor's or master's degree from a recognised institute.
  • Must have work experience in the related field of specialisation opted.

The salary range varies for each specialization, however, the starting salary for a DBA graduate can lie somewhere around INR 2.5 LPA to INR 20 LPA. And with expertise and skills, the salary can go beyond it

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