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Distance B.Tech VS Distance BE: Which Is Better B.Tech or BE?

Dec 9, 2023 12K Reads

Distance B.Tech Vs Distance BE: What to Pursue?

To clear up the misunderstanding, one must realize that both B.E. and B.Tech degrees have roughly the same meaning. These degrees have the same meaning but with some variations. In terms of research, the main difference between B.tech and B.E. is that B.Tech focuses more on practical implementation, while B.E. focuses more on theoretical information that is applied to practical problems.

Before proceeding further there is one thing to clarify that B.Tech and B.E. are courses that are not available via distance learning mode. Students who are passionate about engineering are required to clear the exams to take admission in these courses in any college.

Students who are willing to pursue B.Tech or B.E. degrees after their 12th will get the benefit of having different options of subjects as both the degrees offer you specializations in different subjects.

In this blog, you will read about the comparison between B. Tech and Bachelor of Engineering so that you can decide which course will be a better choice for you.

Key Differences Between Distance B.Tech Vs Distance BE

Course B.Tech B.E.
About the Course It is skill orientated. B.Tech course focuses on core subjects of the branches from the very first year. It is data orientated. The curriculum is based more on theory. B.E. students have to study subjects of other branches also. This makes people think that B.E. has more scope since the student must have knowledge of other branches as well.
Duration 4 years with eight semesters. 4 years i.e. eight semesters in total, two per year.
Eligibility 10+2 with both Physics and Chemistry among the science subjects with at least 50% marks. You need to clear particular exams like JEE Mains, GUJCET, etc. for getting into certain colleges. 10+2 with both Physics and Chemistry among the science subjects passed with a minimum of 50% marks. For particular colleges, you may have to crack specific entrance exams.
Subjects Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Economics & Management, Thermodynamics, Digital electronics, etc. English, Engineering Mathematics I, Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Chemistry, Computer Systems and Programming, Basic Materials and Construction, Engineering Geology, etc.
Available Specializations Computer Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biotechnology, Textile Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Production Engineering, etc. Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Marine Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc.
Popular Colleges Indian Institute of Technology Madras, BITS Pilani, Lingaya’s University, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management (Gurgaon), etc. Indian Institute of Technology Madras, BITS Pilani, Lingaya’s University, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management (Gurgaon), etc.

Which Course is better, Distance B.Tech Vs BE?

Both B.Tech and BE degrees are almost the same degrees but the difference lies in the syllabus and skills these courses are developing amongst students. Students who are willing to develop skills related to hardware are advised to take a Bachelor of Technology. However, the choice of anyone course depends upon the interests of students.

Students can select between these fields based on their interests, abilities, and future plans. There are plenty of colleges that offer both B. Tech and BE degree courses. However, some colleges only offer B.E. degrees, while others only offer B.Tech degrees.

As a result, a student can choose a particular degree based on his or her college preferences. It is hard to say which course is better because both the courses are almost similar and have their separate significance as well.

Subjects  of Distance B.Tech Vs Distance BE

BTech deals more with fundamentals and advanced study in a particular area, while BE stops at fundamental education. The difference is more in the way of delivering the subjects.” Dean academics of IIT Madras said this while a conversation with The Indian Express. Most of the students consider B. Tech superior over BE but this is not the case.

As commented by Anil Shasrabuddhe who is the chairperson of AICTE that in our country both degrees are treated equally whereas, in foreign countries B. Tech is treated as a vocational degree and much lower than BE. Still, there is no clear evidence to prove which is better as they both serve different subjects to serve different purposes.

Nevertheless, we can say that B.Tech or BE degrees obtained from a reputed university or college will earn you enough goodwill in the industry.

Subjects of B.Tech (Working Professionals): Soil Mechanics and Engineering Geology, Disaster Preparedness and Planning, Strength of Materials, Environmental Engineering, Soil Mechanics and Engineering Geology Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Applied Thermodynamics, Strength of Material, and many more.

Subjects of Bachelor in Engineering (B.E.): English, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Computer Systems and Programming, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and many more.

However, top-ranked universities like IIT-Madras or IIT-Delhi change their curriculum rapidly according to the demands of the industry.

Job Opportunities in Distance B.Tech Vs Distance BE

Both B.Tech and B.E. offer similar job profiles, students can either go for higher studies or work in the industry. An engineering student can choose between a job and higher education, such as M.Tech or M.E. with the GATE test, or M.Tech without a GATE ranking.

Job Profiles that a Student will Get after B.Tech/BE 

Computer Science Engineer Electronics & Communication Engineer
Computer Science Engineer Electronics Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Lecturer/Professor
Mining Engineer Software Developer
Ceramic Engineer Aeronautical Engineer
Civil Engineer Product Manager
Production Engineer Construction Engineer
Electrical Engineer Marine Engineer
Robotics Engineer Aerospace Engineer
Automobile Engineer Telecommunication Engineer
Chemical Engineer


This blog provided you all the details related to Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Engineering based on certain parameters. The comparison between both these degrees can help you in deciding what course will help you in a better way to achieve your goals.

However, the difference between both B. Tech and B.E. is minute but considering them the same would be a mistake. It won’t be correct to consider one degree superior over the other because this is a subjective decision and depends on your interests and future goals.

From the research purpose or practical aspect, B.Tech would be considered better or from a theory perspective, BE would be considered better.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bachelor of  Engineering focuses more on continuing higher studies such as ME and Bachelor Of Technology is more focussed on industry-based training of Engineers.

No, both B.Tech and BE degrees in online mode are not available in India and they are invalid courses.

No, the B.Tech course through distance mode of learning is an invalid course declared by the Supreme court and the University Grant Commission.

Although there are a plethora of colleges in the Engineering domain. But some colleges are top-ranked because they update their curriculum to suit the needs of the industry. Some of the top colleges are the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, BITS Pilani, etc.

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