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Can I do M.Tech distance learning Courses from IITs? – Guide

Dec 9, 2023 18.2K Reads


The answer to the question is No. No, you can not pursue MTech through distance learning from IIT. IIT does not provide any distance courses. Also, Distance MTech is not a valid course declared by the Supreme Court of India. Instead of a distance MTech course, you can pursue a part-time MTech course from IIT.

Why can you not join Distance M.Tech from IIT?

The main reason behind one can not pursue MTech through distance learning from IIT is that the Supreme Court has declined to validate the MTech degree pursued through distance mode of learning. Also, according to the guidelines of the University Grant Commission, the MTech course through distance mode of learning is not a valid course.

The validation is not given to distance MTech because MTech is an engineering course and engineering is all about practical knowledge. All the specializations of MTech courses need physical equipment to learn the technology more deeply and learning this technology only from books is not possible.

So, keeping these things in mind UGC and AICTE have declared the MTech course invalid.  Instead of a distance MTech course, you can pursue a part-time MTech course from IIT.

What is Part-Time M.Tech?

Masters of technology is a program in which you study all the technical courses. MTech is a part-time and full-time course that can be followed. MTech Part-Time is a postgraduate program that permits you to graduate for 2 years with 4 six-month semesters.

If you are a technical graduate or are a BTech graduate and want to receive a master’s degree in the same period, MTech part-time is one of your ideal courses. The idea to design this course is adopted by ACTE to give face-to-face classes to candidates or workers who cannot attend regular classes.

For improved understanding of technical courses such as MTech, it is not possible to convey practical knowledge through online or distance education. The AICTE has started the MTech part-time coursing, which requires candidates to attend the classes exclusively on weekends by keeping in mind the importance of practical classes during MTech courses.

Part-Time M.Tech IIT

India Institute of Technology (IIT) provides Part-Time MTech in the name of MTech (High-Value Assistantship). Almost all IITs in India offer this course for working professionals. MTech (High-Value Assistantship) is a three years program.

The aspirants of MTech Part-Time in IIT are expected to complete their course in a minimum time duration of six semesters (maximum of ten semesters) so that they can complete the course by taking a lower load than full-time students in each semester.

Also, if you are a working professional and have the caliber of doing better in your company then your company can also sponsor you for the Part-Time MTech Course. Government authorities like DRDO, PSU’s, and ISRO also sponsor their workers so that they can achieve better in their careers.

The Part-Time MTech course is equivalent to the MTech course and imparts equal knowledge to the students. MTech part-time course offers numerous specialized courses in which one can do the expertise.

There are various fields in MTech part-time that can be enrolled by the candidates who are working professionals or the candidates that are unable to attend regular classes can do these specialized courses with the MTech part-time mode. The specialized courses in MTech part-time are as follows:

Distance M Tech Specializations

MTech Information Technology MTech in Computer Science MTech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
MTech in Mechanical Engineering MTech in Civil Engineering MTech in Mechanical Production Engineering
MTech in ECE Embedded System MTech in Robotics MTech in Mechanical Design Engineering
MTech in Biotechnology Engineering MTech in Cyber Security MTech in Communication Engineering
MTech in Biomedical Engineering MTech in Energy Engineering MTech in Bioinformatics Engineering
MTech in Structural Engineering MTech in Power Electronics MTech in Environmental Engineering
MTech in Constructional Engineering MTech in Process Engineering MTech in Transportation Engineering
MTech in Agriculture Informatics

Eligibility Criteria For IIT M.Tech Part-Time

There is no need to give an entrance examination to pursue MTech Part-Time in IIT. To get admission into the IIT MTech Part-Time course the aspirant must possess a BTech or BE degree from a recognized university.

Employees of only those organizations which are located within a 50 km radius of IITs are eligible to be considered for admission to part-time MTech programs. All candidates should have a minimum experience of one year to pursue an MTech Part-Time course.

Universities conduct entrance exams for the M Tech part-time admission or some will allow direct admission to the university. Also, the Part-time candidates are required to submit a “No Objection Certificate” on a proper letterhead from the appropriate authority in the organization clearly stating the following:

  • The candidate is permitted to pursue studies on a part-time basis.
  • That his/her official duties permit him/her to devote sufficient time for studies.
  • That he/she will not be transferred to any other place during the period of study.

Part-Time M.Tech Admission Process in IIT

Admission to the MTech Part-Time or Mtech (High-Value Assistantship) at IIT is carried out in the month of May/December. Further, just like Ph.D., admission to MTech Part-Time programs is also possible at any time in the year through DRC/CRC/PEC.

The candidates can be admitted to the institute at any time of the year, though the course registration in such cases will be possible only at the beginning of the subsequent semester. To get admission at IIT for the course the candidates must also fulfill the required academic qualifications /experience at the time of interview.

They must join the institute within 4 weeks after the issue of admission offer unless specifically permitted otherwise. Admissions are also dependent on the seats available in the specializations in which the candidate wants to get admitted.


In the end, I want to conclude that you can not pursue MTech through a distance mode of learning from IIT. IIT offers a part-time MTech course that is recognized by the UGC and AICTE. On the other hand distance, MTech is not a valid course so if you will get the degree from other universities it has no value in the job market.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The answer to the question is No. No, you can not pursue MTech through distance learning from IIT. IIT does not provide any distance courses. Also, Distance MTech is not a valid course declared by the Supreme Court of India.

Candidates who are doing a job related to the engineering field and have completed their bachelor’s degree in technology can apply for the MTech part-Time course from IIT.

The average salary of MTech Part-Time degree holders is going to be between Rs. 6-10 lakhs per annum after completion of the course.

No, if you are a working professional and want to pursue an MTech part-time course then it is not compulsory to give an entrance exam to get admission at IIT.

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