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Best Career Options After 12th Science [Guidance 2023]

Jan 30, 2023 16.3K Reads

What to do after 12? It’s a common question that arises in every young mind after their 12th examination board. Today’s generation is much confused about what profession they need to follow? From where to start their preparations and many related questions. The confusion prevails when you are concerned about their respective careers. Choosing the right path as per your interest can build your career into a more productive way, where you can enjoy your profession without any hassle or pressure.

So, don’t need to worry, we are here for you, to bust all your queries related to the science profession and will guide you through to find a suitable career for you. Here in this blog, you’ll get to know the science career option after completion of your 12th board. Before jumping into the career options of science students, firstly understand what the science stream is up to? Scroll down to know about the science career options. 

What is Science Stream?

The science stream is often preferred by the students who are aspiring to pursue the professional medical or non-medical field. Science is a combination of subjects that teaches you the scientific study of related streams such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Maybe you would be wondering why these subjects are included in the stream of science?

These subjects encompass the elements of scientific theories and practical concepts of the technical mind with an analytic approach. A student who has to opt science stream in their 12th board they are able to make one their career to the medical and non-medical field that includes medical science, engineering, or biochemistry, genetics, Pharmaceuticals, Forensic Science, or other interdisciplinary career options. 

What are the qualities a science student has?

As you know this science has lucrative career options such as medical, IT, engineering, pharmacy, research, data-scientist, or many more. Career options for science students are vast in range. This science stream usually attracts student who has these below-mentioned abilities: 

  • Having a technical shape of mind
  • Creative and innovative
  • Tries to do experiments
  • Interested to catch practical as well as theoretical knowledge
  • Highly interested in medical or non-medical fields

Now, let us see what are the career options available for science students in their respective science streams in detail of the plethora of the field.

Subjects included in Science Stream

To pursue science stream a student needs to study these subjects such as: 

  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics 
  • Mathematics 
  • English 

Now you must be familiar with the subjects you will study in the science field. Let us explore the career options available in the science stream.

Career Options After 12th PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

If a student is highly interested in Biology and in the field of medical/medicines, then they have vast career options available in the medical field to discover. To make their career in the medical field students need to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) in their 10+2 boards. For some of the career options, students need to clear NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test). Here is a list of career opportunities in Medical degree programs after 12th boards in science streams. 

Career Options in Medical Field with NEET Entrance Exam

  • MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: MBBS is one of the highest and popular courses in India and abroad. It is preferred to be the preferred course among science students after the completion of the 12th board. Students who want to become Doctors or Surgeons can pursue this career after 10+2.

Duration: 5.5 – 6 years
Fees: INR 6 lakhs – 60 lakhs
Entrance: UGC NEET

  • BHMS- Bachelor’s of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery: The study of Homeopathic Medicines is related to the cure the human body with natural substances, like plants, herbs, and minerals. This is the second most career after MBBS preferred by the students. This course helps students to cure patients with natural substances.

Duration: 5.5 – 6 years
Fees: INR 4 lakhs- 10 lakhs

  • BDS- Bachelor of Dental Sciences: Students who are keen on studying orthology or prosthodontist can pursue this course in the science stream. This course teaches the study of dental organs, to become a dentist or dental surgeon.

Duration: 4.5 – 5 years
Fees: INR 5 lakhs – 20 lakhs
Entrance: NEET 

  • B.Pharm- Bachelor’s of Pharmacy: Students who are keen on making their career in the pharmaceutical field or start to make their own pharmacies can pursue the course to study the chemicals, and medical salts.

Duration: 4.5 – 5 years
Fees: INR 5 lakhs – 15 lakhs

  • BMLT- Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology: This course teaches the student to work at the backend to make medicines or medical instruments in hospitals, medical centers, or laboratories.

Duration: 3 – 4 years
Fees: INR 50 thousand – 5 lakhs

Career Options in Medical Field without NEET Entrance Exam

  • BSc Nursing : This profession is to serve and take care of patients. The course offers students to know and assist under doctors in the departments of ICU, ER, CCU, OT, etc. You can become a nurse without clearing the NEET entrance.

Duration: 4 years
Fees: INR 50 thousand – 2 lakhs

  • BSc Biotechnology: It’s a three-year undergraduate course that teaches molecular and applied biochemistry studies.

Duration: 3 years
Fees: INR 50 thousand – 2 lakhs 

  • B.Sc Food Technology: The course contains the study of food-related inception, nutrition, food analysis, food microbiology, and other related course studies of food.

Duration: 4 years
Fees: INR 50 thousand – 5 lakhs 

Career Options After 12th PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

Another second most popular profession pursued by the science students after compilation of their 12th boards. If a student is passionate to study about the buildings, bridges, electronics, software, petroleum, technology, etc. Then aspirants should opt for BTech or Bachelors of Engineering in specialized courses. Here is a sub-list of Engineering specializations that a student can opt to pursue to become an Engineer. 

  • Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering is a professional degree course that teaches the study of planning, designing, construction, maintaining, or etc.

Duration: 4 years
Fees: INR 50,000- 10,00,000
Top colleges for Civil Engineering:

  1. IIT Bombay – Indian Institute of Technology
  2. MIT Manipal – Manipal Institute of Technology.
  3. COEP Pune – College of Engineering. 
  4. SRM University Chennai – SRM Institute of Science and Technology. 
  5. DSCE Bangalore – Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering.
  • Computer Science and Engineering: Computer science and engineering comprise the study of designs and prototyping of computing hardware to software. The subjects merge electrical engineering with computer science.

Duration: 4 years
Fees: INR 50,000- 10,00,000
Top colleges for Computer Science and Engineering:

  1. IISB- Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  2. Indian Statistical Institute- Kolkata 
  3. Indian Institute of Technology- Kharagpur (IIT- Kharagpur)
  4. Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi (IIT-Delhi)
  • Electrical/ Electronic Engineering: The course study of Electrical or Electronic Engineering focuses on the applications of electrical powers such as power generation, supply, communications, computer systems, robotics systems, etc.

Duration: 4 years
Fees: INR 50,000- 10,00,000
Top colleges for Electronic/ Electrical Engineering:

  1. Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu 
  2. Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi (IIT-Delhi)
  3. Indian Institute of Technology- Bangalore (IIT-Bangalore)
  4. Indian Institute of Technology- Roorkee (IIT- Roorkee)
  • Lateral Entry Program for Working Professionals: B.Tech lateral entry is a course where a science student who has done a diploma in Bsc or other science-related streams can directly take admission in the second year or third semester of the Engineering course. The selection procedure varies from college to college as per their admission entrance test conducted by the respective university/college.

Lateral Entry B.Tech Specialisations:

  • Automobile Engineering Lateral Entry 
  • Aeronautical Engineering Lateral Entry 
  • Civil Engineering Lateral Entry 
  • Biotechnology Lateral Entry 
  • Computer Science and Engineering Lateral Entry 
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Lateral Entry 

The College that offers Lateral Entry Course

Lingayas University

Lingayas University is a deemed and private university that was established in the year 1998. The university offers management, finance, and science-related courses to working professionals. The below table gives a student an overview of the lateral entry courses: 

Courses  1. Computer Science & Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Electronics & Communication Engineering
4. Civil Engineering
5. Mechanical Automobile Engineering 
Duration # 3 years
Degree # Diploma in Engineering/ Technology or B.Sc
Eligibility # Students must have passed with a minimum 50% of marks or equivalent in Polytechnic Diploma (Engg./Tech) 

# Students should have passed with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent degree in with mathematics as a compulsory subject

Other Engineering Specializations:

Chemical Engineering Biotechnology Engineering Power Engineering
Marine Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Construction Engineering
Automobile Engineering Petroleum Engineering Transportation Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering Textile Engineering Engineering Management

 Honors Degree Courses in Science

The honors degree course is a three to a four-year undergraduate degree program, where a student studied about the selected specialization of science stream. Bachelors of Science in the selected science field is generally pursued by those students who want to go for higher studies after completing their Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree program.

By this course study, a student will be an expert in a major subject. Below mentioned are the Honors degree science specializations. To pursue these honors courses a student must have studied science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, and IT. Its requirement of subjects depends upon the selected specialization of science. 

Duration : 4 years
Level: Undergraduate
Eligibility: 10+2
Type: Honors Degree

Honors Specializations in B.Sc (Bachelors of Science)

B.Sc Applied Science Honours B.Sc Computer Science B.Sc Anatomy B.Sc (Hons) Forestry B.Sc Airlines Tourism and Hotel Management
B.Sc Clinical Nutrition B.Sc Hospitality and Tourism Studies B.Sc Zoology B.Sc Aeronautical Science B.Sc Advanced Zoology Biotechnology
B.Sc Cardiac Technology B.Sc Environmental Science B.Sc Applied Science (Hons) Food Technology B.Sc Multimedia Animation Graphics B.Sc Sport Science Outdoor Activities
B.Sc Computer Application Information B.Sc Anthropology B.Sc Cardiovascular Technology B.Sc (Hons) Forestry B.Sc Aviation 

Forensic Sciences

Forensic Science is an adventure and excellent option to establish a career in the science stream. The job of forensic science technicians aids to criminal investigations by collecting and examining the evidence. Most of the laboratory forensic sciences technicians work at the crime scene at unusual hours with their jurisdiction. The profession has diploma to degree courses in various facets of Chemistry, Biology, Psychology. A student can pursue a diploma in Forensic Medicine, BSc Forensic Science, Post Graduation Diploma in Victimology & Victim Assistance, MSc Cyber Forensics, etc. 

Here are Popular Job profiles in Forensic Science after completing the forensic degree course: 

Evidence Technician Crime Scene Investigator Forensic Engineer
Fingerprint analyst Forensic Scientist Forensic Psychologist
Forensic Science Technician Forensic Manager Forensic Pathologist
Forensic Specialist Forensic Investigator Teacher
Crime Reporter Forensic Accountant  


This is a field that is pursued after the compilation of 12th boards from the science stream. Architecture is one who architect, build, design, or plan out the structure with skills of construction. They are highly involved in every phase of a building from developing an idea to constructing them with the concept. If one should pursue this career, they can opt Bachelors of Architecture (B Arch.) program after compilation of their 10+2 from science stream with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths).

It is totally a 5-year undergraduate program. This field also involves professional specializations in historic preservation, solar design, designing theory, or other related fields. After completing B. Arch, a student can continue the studies in the same field of Post graduation degree and apply to a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) program.

Data Scientist

This is a demanded profession within and across India in the field of Science. The data scientist job is especially a profile of the analytical experts who are keen to adapt, learn, and perform professionally in collecting, interpreting in the larger amount of analyzing the data. To become a data scientist a student must complete a degree in Bachelor of Science in Data Science. It is a 3-year undergraduate degree program. 

Eligibility: 10+2 with science from any recognized board
Course: BBA Data Science and Analytics
Course fee: INR 50 thousand – 2 lakhs 

College  Fees Degree  Approvals 
NMIMS  25000 / semester BBA  UGC, NAAC A+ 
Jain University  25000 / semester  BBA  UGC-DEB, NIRF, NAAC A+
UPES  30000 / semester  BBA UGC-DEB, NAAC A, NIRF

Other Science related fields

Apart from the above-mentioned streams, there are more other sectors that offer immense career prospects for the science fields. Here are a few options where science students can build their career professionally. 

B.Sc in Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology B.Sc in Zoology and Animal Biotechnology Psychology Food Technology
B.Sc in Zoology Food Technology Biochemistry  
Mathematics Teacher Computer Science


Isn’t it all helpful? All the science-based careers are highly professional and interesting to build a career into a science stream. Science is a vast area to build several employment possibilities and career routes after 12th boards. Students can also go for higher studies in science streams for Masters, Ph.D., or other related professional degree courses as per their science stream and interest. Hope this blog has cleared all your doubts related to what career you need to follow after the 12th board in the science stream. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A science student can get a vast range of career options after completing their 12th boards from the science stream are; MBBS, Engineering, BSc, B.Tech, BPharm, etc. 

Generally, a student has the ability to build their career in any field of science, but some which are the highest paying career profiles in science are; Commercial Pilots, Nuclear Engineers, MBBS/BDS degree, Psychologists, etc. 

Science has a vast range of career options in terms of medical or non-medical streams. Students can learn new things related to science, experiments, chemistry, and so forth.

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