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Success Story of Dr Marko through Online Doctorate Programs

Apr 23, 2024 1.1K Reads

Dr Marko Selaković is a fresh graduate of SP Jain Global School of Management Doctor of Business Administration degree. He says that the program was very useful for him in terms of the enhancement of new skills.

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He has boosted and improved his skills in data mining digging, for academic research, renewed his knowledge of statistics, and developed a completely new battery of knowledge related to the research methodology, and how to work systematically to the research part.He adds that it is possible to achieve such development of skills if you have the right guide and management team, who supports you fully. 

SP Jain's DBA Alumni Experiences: Marko Selakovic

Also, the support of supervisors and co-supervisors is equally important in your thesis and research project. Also, the support of the teachers librarian and other staff is equally important. He is thankful for the support given to him by the staff and supervisor to help complete his thesis and hence DBA.

With their support, his online DBA journey became small and possible and as a concept proof, I can say that I have published over publications in different journals and international conferences that are based on my research in my DBA thesis. 

Talking about the job, the thesis and the overall experience of DBA at SPJ Global School of Management, helped me to make a smooth journey towards a research and teaching career. 

In addition to this Doctoral programs online helped me to enhance my management skills, and which resulted in me being involved more analytically in different details, aspects, problems and it aids me in finding the solution to everyday business and everyday operations.  

He gives the message to all the DBA prospective Scholars that they can consider pursuing a DBA as it could be very useful for their career and will help them boost their skills, it can help them move smoothly on their career pathway, and offer a unique and once in a lifetime experience,

The scholars of DBA should always ask the query from the expert guides and supervisors, investigate with a focus in depth related to your topic. It will help you to boost your skills better and help you to complete the DBA journey successfully. 

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