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Success Story of Dr Saya through Online Doctorate Programs

Apr 23, 2024 1K Reads

Saya is a successful business professional with experience of 13 years in the industry. She completed her MBA(Master of Business Administration) at Learners University College and is now pursuing a Doctor in Business Administration online.

She is the owner of her own company, specialised in shipping, consulting and investments. Here in this blog, Saya will tell us about her experience of going from an MBA to a DBA journey. 

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What inspired you to start a DBA(Doctorate in Business Administration)?

I completed my DBA in International Business Management and now I am handling my own company dealing with multiple activities such as shipping, investment consultancies and some other things.

Success Story: Saya's Journey from MBA to DBA at Learners University College

I got inspired to pursue a doctorate program online, and I wanted to be able to make hard decisions in multiple tasks and business problems also research studies will help me to enhance my knowledge and skills.

During my research years, I came across many new things that I had no idea earlier about and that excited me and motivated me to study in even more depth. Learning new things can help me in making some rough decisions that are essential in the business world. 

How much time do you spend on DBA? 

I always came across this question how much time do I have to invest per day to complete my DBA? But the question should be how naturally you can get involved in this research work. Because if you are naturally learning and being patient with the process, learning will be fun and easy to handle.

For example, my topic is reducing costs on logistics and shipping. I already had an experience of 13 years and it would be easy for me. 

What are bits of advice and suggestions from your end to the aspiring DBA students?

While I was pursuing my DBA program I realised that I came across many new topics and things that I didn’t know earlier. I also got a different perspective to think about the problem’s solution.

So if you want to pursue a DBA choose the topic that you are into or you have early knowledge about it. I am happy to opt for Learner University and so thankful to Dr. Sherin, my guide and head, who helped me immensely in my DBA journey.

The environment of learning is so flexible and so nice and comfortable that I feel it to be my second family. 

DBA can be pursued in online mode and there are many specialisations that you can opt from. Choose the specialisation that aligns with your future aspirations and career goals.

Like Dr Saya, you can also pursue a DBA from a top university and expand your knowledge barriers. After completion of the DBA program, you can also add Dr. with your name. Click here to get the Top Online DBA university for you.

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