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Online/Distance Learning BA Anthropology Course, Admission, Subjects, Colleges, Salary and Career options

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What is BA in Anthropology Distance Learning/Correspondence?

Even though a BA in Anthropology may be a course of humanities, but numerous of the graduates of BA Anthropology are the studies of science background. BA in Anthropology is related to the study and research about humans or the social science of man. Anthropology is the field of study that covers human evolutions and the improvement of humans, socio-culturally.

It covers different angles of human evolution and advancement and the improvement of social orders over the ages. This course has capabilities or primary viewpoints in four primary categories. Sociocultural, Linguist, Biological, and archaeology are the key center on which the entire BA in Anthropology spins.

In three a year of this undergrad course, students are exposed to the microscopic examination of human society and its evolution. BA in Anthropology makes a difference within the investigation of the display of social issues such as birth control, labor unrest, juvenile crimes, domestic violence, etc.

The information collected through Anthropological studies with these social issues scientifically. The students of science, especially biology are now showing major interest in BA in Anthropology as has Physical anthropology, and Physical Anthropology is studied by biology students in 10+2. By gaining the knowledge of human evolution and therefore the societal changes, you’ll provide solutions to human conflicts that are prevalent nowadays.

Thus, BA in Anthropology has an irreplaceable place in society and the field of study of Anthropology is very wide. For students who have an interest in studying human evolution, societal structures, development of class divide society, settlements, rituals, and beliefs of the ancient civilizations can go for the course.

The study of humans in the historic and prehistoric era, their cultures, and customs are a major focus of the study in this undergraduate degree. We will decode every smallest detail about BA in Anthropology in this blog. So, give a read to the whole blog to get every information about the course.

What is the Benefit of a Distance Anthropology Bachelor’s Degree?

The BA in Anthropology in distance education has varied and various benefits over the regular BA Anthropology in distance education. BA in Anthropology in Distance Education provides a spread of flexibility that’s restrained by the regular BA in Anthropology in Distance Education.

The BA in Anthropology in Distance education has an equivalent value as of the regular BA Anthropology one has the ample opportunity for them to pursue a job whereas you’re learning at the same time. You’ll get employment experience and at the time you have got the degree in your hand you will have the job experience and degree both.

The degree can work to help your promotion. Also, if you have got the dream to crack Indian Civil Services, you have got the time to dedicate it to your studies instead of wasting the traveling. The flexibility of the BA Anthropology in distance education is that one will access education anyplace and anytime that produces learning easier with lesser limitations.

There are other different various advantages of BA Anthropology in distance education like lesser fees, longer time to complete the course, learning at your own pace, and accessibility of the study material and lectures at your disposal. Though there is no difference in terms of value and course syllabus still there are some differences between Regular BA in Anthropology in Regular mode and BA Anthropology in Distance learning.

Some main differences between a regular BA over BA in Anthropology in distance learning you have to attend colleges and classes whereas in distance learning you’ve got the online classes on your devices. Another difference is the lesser fees in distance BA in Anthropology than regular is different modes of assignment submission, examination modes, and also the flexibility of categories within the Distance BA in Anthropology.

One of the hidden differences that nobody states is that you simply will earn whereas you learn. This helps you to grow in your career academically also career-wise. So, at the tip of the degree, you’d have gained a degree at the side of the work expertise. A deadly combination of experience and degree will take your career to the stars.

Is BA in Anthropology Distance Education UGC-DEB approved?

BA in distance education holds its full validity and is affirmed by UGC-DEB endorsed course. The technical courses of B.Tech, M.Tech, etc. which need the labs are invalid are not approved by the regulatory bodies. But BA Anthropology in Distance Education is primarily a theory-based course, so it is affiliated by the University Grants Commission and Distance Education Board.

The colleges which are within the UGC-DEB approval list can give the BA Anthropology in distance education and it holds the same recognition as the BA regular mode.

Eligibility For Distance BA in Anthropology

BA in Anthropology is one the subjects of Arts, the trends have shown that it is now interestingly pursued by the students of science too. To be eligible for the course of BA in Anthropology there is a minimal requirement for the students.

A student just has to be 10+2 pass out from any recognized board to go for BA in Anthropology in distance mode. He can have a background in science, commerce, or humanities. Just passing 10+2 from a recognized board will do it for getting enrolled in the BA in Anthropology in distance mode.

Duration of Distance BA in Anthropology

The term regular BA in Anthropology is 3 years. But BA in Anthropology distance education has a plentiful of time to complete the three-year course.

Considering the work schedules and daily lifestyle of BA Anthropology distance education can be completed between 3 years and 5 years. The BA Anthropology syllabus and BA Anthropology subjects of the BA distance mode is as same as the regular mode.

Fees of Distance BA in Anthropology

The fee of BA in Anthropology is less when compared with the regular mode of BA in Anthropology. This lesser fee has various reasons such as education over the internet, absence of physical presence, and wider reach than the classroom.

The BA in Anthropology ranges between 4000-25000 in regular mode. The fee for BA in Anthropology program can be submitted semester-wise or year wise depending upon the university’s policy.

Distance Learning BA in Anthropology Course Details

As we have got the gist about the course and which field of social science it deals with. BA in Anthropology is the total understanding of the evolution of humans on a societal basis. So, BA in Anthropology covers every aspect of societal development and growth. There are major four domains in the BA in Anthropology.

The whole three-year BA in Anthropology revolves around these major four topics. Let’s see through the main four topics around which all the syllabus is based on:

  • Physical Anthropology: This topic covers mainly the biological aspects of human evolution that consist of human physical features, adaptation across various ages, epidemics, and disease which have affected humankind on the whole. This topic gives the knowledge of biology and related terms of human evolution.
  • Archaeological Anthropology: The main area of study in Archaeology Anthropology is the excavations of various settlements and civilizations that were formed. Dating of diggings, analysis of the remains is some of the main features that are studied in this area of anthropology. The main aim is to recreate human society and culture to correlate with modern society and analyze its function, changes, and decline of the societies.
  • Socio-Cultural Anthropology: As the name suggests the Socio-Cultural Anthropology gives deep insights and studies about the society and cultures of the human settlements at that time. The development of the class system in the society and other divisions in the society is studied in this subtopic.
  • Linguistic Anthropology:  The language has evolved when compared to developments in human society. From sign languages to manuscripts, various languages have come through ages. As a society there were languages in Proto-Australoids, Dravidian, Tibeto-Burman, Indo-Aryan, etc. are seen.

Distance BA in Anthropology Subjects

As we have discussed above, the whole BA in Anthropology subject is focused on four main topics which are Physical Anthropology, Archaeological Anthropology, Socio-Cultural Anthropology, and Linguistic Anthropology. Hers is the list of some of the main subjects that you will study in BA in Anthropology:

  • Foundations of Anthropology I
  • Foundations of Anthropology II (Theory)
  • Physical Anthropology (Theory)
  • Archaeological Anthropology
  • Culture and Society
  • Primitive Economy and Religion

Syllabus of Distance BA in Anthropology

The whole syllabus is divided into three years. Subjects are taught in semester-wise pattern thus require six semesters to complete the whole syllabus of BA in Anthropology.

These subjects and syllabus are generally the same as every university. Here is the BA in Anthropology syllabus:-

Semester 1 Semester 2
Social and Cultural Anthropology Basic Courses
Social Research Method Anthropological Thoughts
Indian Society and Culture Survey Research Method Practical
Biological Anthropology Ethnographic Fieldwork
Archeological Anthropology Comparative Anatomy & Human Evolution
Semester 3 Semester 4
Biological Anthropology Practical I Anthropological Demography
Advanced Courses Applied Courses
Advanced Anthropological Theories Complex Societies and Urban Development
Social-Cultural Change Tribal and Rural Development
Medical Anthropology I Medical Anthropology II
Biological Anthropology Practical II Primitive Economy and Religion
Semester 5 Semester 6
Development Anthropology Foundations of Anthropology
Growth Development and Nutrition Practical in Physical Anthropology
Gerontology Physical Anthropology
Introduction to Molecular Anthropology Archaeological Anthropology
Advanced Archeology Culture and Society

Scope for Distance Learning BA in Anthropology

BA in Anthropology is the study of the evolution of man when seen on a societal basis. So, every field has jobs related to the BA in Anthropology. A graduate with Anthropology is exposed to a variety of fields. A graduate of anthropology can get jobs in sectors like education, research, business, conservation, NGO’s, community development, government jobs.

Considering the government jobs the prime recruiter of the distance BA in Anthropology is the Anthropological Survey of India. The recruitment of the graduates of BA in Anthropology is appointed both on center and state levels. The job description of employees of the Anthropological Society of India is to conduct anthropological surveys across India to do research and findings.

Apart from the government sector, students also can make careers in the private sector. The graduates of BA in Anthropology in research work, curators in museums, in art galleries, NGO’s archives, and libraries.

If BA in Anthropology graduates finds the right resources, they can join reputed firms like UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, and the United Nations. These organizations always are in the process of hiring talented and dynamic graduates of students of BA in Anthropology.

Some of the Employment Areas of BA in Anthropology is listed below:

  • Anthropological Survey of India
  • Commission for Scheduled Castes
  • Art Galleries
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Commission for Scheduled Tribes
  • Documentary Film Companies
  • Conservation Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Human Resource Departments of Corporate Houses and Industries
  • Minority Commission
  • Other Backward Classes Commission

In this area, graduates of BA in Anthropology can have job profiles:-

  • Archaeologist
  • Culture Resource Manager
  • Archivist
  • Curator
  • Linguist
  • Research Scholar
  • Media House Social Worker
  • Tour Guide

Top Universities Providing Distance BA Anthropology

India has many universities which are providing distance learning courses in BA Anthropology. Some of the universities are listed here:-

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the BA Anthropology distance education/correspondence course is valid as it is not a practical course, it’s all theory-based course and theory-based courses are valid in distance education/correspondence courses.

BA Anthropology is a 3 years course that is subdivided into 6 semesters.

BA in Anthropology is a good career option for learners who have an interest in human evolutions and the improvement of humans, socio-culturally.

A Bachelor’s degree in anthropology has many options for jobs in the field of education, research, business, conservation, NGOs, community development, government jobs.

BA in Anthropology is the study of human evolutions and advancement and the improvement of social orders over the ages.

To be an anthropologist one should start undergraduate under the degree of bachelor’s in Anthropologist. This degree is enough to become Anthropologist.

The main subjects that cover in Anthropology are physical anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, archeological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

Yes, it is a very useful degree as if you become an anthropologist you have lots of paths where you can thrive in your career.

The salary criteria vary from company to company but if you have proper knowledge of the course you can earn about 50K-4L.

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