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Online/Distance BA Archaeology Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

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What Is Distance Learning Bachelor of Arts (BA) In Archaeology?

Everyone said that there is no gain in digging up the past. Those people must not have known about the course of BA in Archaeology. BA in Archaeology is one of the most interesting BA courses available in distance mode. The course is about proving the theoretical history that is taught in history. Without Archaeology, historians would have struggled about predicting history and give theories about ancient and medieval history.

Also, those who study BA in Archaeology help the scientist who is studying evolutions and doing anthropological research. The students of BA in Archaeology who want to make a career in the same field, help the whole of mankind understand how mankind has evolved and came this long. From the Stone age where humans were just hunters and gatherers to the civilizations of Indus Valley and Rome. Nothing wouldn’t have been discovered if this field of study wasn’t there.

BA in Archaeology has helped us know and understand society’s evolution through times. The societal structure, the town architecture, society function, art and culture, worship and rituals, wars, etc. are presented by the Archaeologists. BA in Archaeology is the course in which you will understand history through material evidence such as manuscripts, scripture, tools, potteries, buildings, graves, artifacts, etc.

BA in Archaeology helps in analyzing and researching this material evidences we come to know about the socio-cultural insights that were present in that of society. The study of these artifacts in BA in Archaeology findings helps us to get a clear picture of the ethics, principles, religion, and rituals of the society that were practiced at that time. These findings have a greater impact on our modern-day society.

These findings and knowledge gained through a BA in Archaeology help us to find the root cause of various social evils that are present in our prevalent society. BA in Archaeology helps the thinkers and reformers find the solutions to eliminate social ills such as female oppression, female feticide, dowry, etc. BA in Archaeology is the course that synthesizes the knowledge of ancient history complemented by archaeological findings and discoveries.

BA in Archaeology gives deep insights and findings of our past and helps us to understand the flaws that led to the downfall of civilizations. BA in Archaeology in distance mode is taught through faculty lectures, one-to-one faculty discussions, student debates, and lab practicals that are held at the university on weekends. BA in Archeology presents large employment not only in India but also abroad.

The above portion of my writing must have intrigued you about BA in the Archaeology course. This blog will tell you every detail about the course starting from the eligibility, BA In Archaeology syllabus, to the career prospects. So, let’s dig up deep (pun intended) in this course and excavate (this too pun intended) about the course of BA in Archaeology. Happy Reading ????

Is BA In Archaeology Education UGC/DEB Approved?

BA in Archaeology is a duly approved course by UGC-DEB. BA in Archaeology is not a technical course, thus it holds validity according to the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Board of India.

The only courses which are not valid by the UGC and DEB are the technical courses. So, if you are interested in going for the BA in Archaeology just make sure that the university you are opting for is approved by the UGC-DEB. You can visit the official website of UGC-DEB to confirm the university for BA in Archaeology.

What Is the Benefit Of BA In Archaeology Distance Education

The syllabus and the value of BA in Archaeology are the same as the regular mode. Both have the same recognition in the market and equally when applied in the government job application. Despite these equal features BA in Archaeology Distance Education has some of the major benefits over the regular mode. Here listing the top advantages:

  • Learn and Earn Simultaneously: After you get admission in correspondence mode, you can continue your progressing career and obtain a BA in Archaeology degree at a similar time. This may assist you to gain working experience in your industry whereas you gain a degree of Bachelor of Art in Archaeology.
  • Learn at your own Pace: As the distance mode of education is pursued by the working professionals or the students cannot manage to give time to admit in the in regular course, they’re given ample time to finish through the BA in Archaeology
  •  Cost-Effective: The tuition fees of the BA in Archaeology in distance mode are far cheaper than the regular mode. Except for the fees, overhead expenses like traveling, lodging, and boarding additionally shrink to zero.
  • Other advantages include the class timings, e-learning system, and updated curriculum according to the industry.

BA In Archaeology Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of BA in Archaeology in Distance Education don’t demand much. A student needs to be simply 10+2 passed from a recognized board. The stream through that he has passed the intermediate is any stream. He must be 10+2 pass out from Science, Commerce or Humanities.

BA In Archaeology Duration

Another advantage of BA in Archeology in distance mode over the Regular mode that it facilitates learning at its own pace. The Regular mode of BA in archeology solely offers you 3 years to finish the course. However, the BA in Archaeology course in distance mode is completed between 3 years and 5 years.

The 2 years extra are given keeping in mind the idea of the learn at your pace. Though the BA government curriculum and BA Political subjects of the BA government distance education are the same because of the regular mode however the time offer to induce the degree is extra.

Fees Of BA In Political Science

The advantage of BA in Archaeology in distance mode may also be seen after you compare the fees with the regular mode. In distance BA Archaeology, the fee of the entire program ranges between 4000-25000.

The BA Archaeology classes become a lot more economically viable as a result of the price of lodging, traveling, and alternative overhead expenses to zero. So, the fees and therefore the alternative expenses of BA in Archaeology class are a quite less regular BA in Archaeology.

Syllabus Of BA In Archaeology

The whole syllabus of BA in Archaeology is divided into 3 years. The Distance BA In Archeology gives the ample time of 5 years to students complete the course. The extra two years awarded to the students who pursue distance education is because the UGC considers the expectation due to their lifestyle.

The top subjects in BA in Archaeology include Early Iron Age, Greek and Roman Civilizations, Late Ancient History, etc. Here is the list of BA Archaeology subjects that in total make BA in Archaeology Syllabus. This BA archaeology syllabus is most in the same colleges with a little bit of difference in it:-

  First Year
  Paper I
  Introduction to Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
  Paper II
  Pre and Proto History of India
  Second Year
  Paper III
  Political and Cultural History of North India (From the Vedic Period to the Time of the Mauryas)
  Paper IV
  Political and Cultural History of North India (From the Times of the Sunga to the end of the Kushana Period)
  Third Year
  Paper V
  Political and Cultural History of North India of the Post-Kushana Period, Pre-Gupta Period and Gupta   Period
  Paper VI
  Political and Cultural History of North India of the Post-Gupta Period
  Paper VII
  Political and Cultural History of South India
  Paper VIII
  History of Sciences in Ancient India
  Paper IX
  Ancient Indian Epigraphy and Numismatics
  Paper X
  Indian Cultural Contacts with Outside World
  Religion and Art

BA In Archaeology Scholarship

The fee of the distance BA in Archaeology is quite affordable so that it can be pursued by the most common populous of India. Still, there are many universities that offer scholarships to students who pursue a BA in Archaeology. There are some eligibility criteria to get a scholarship from the university. Following is the stated criteria to get the scholarship:

  1. Children of any Police Personnel of any State or UT
  2. Children of any doctor are it private/government.
  3. Children of Paramedical staff
  4. Economics Weaker Section
  5. Children of Media person
  6. Children of Paramilitary personnel
  7. Children of sanitation workers/municipal committee or housekeeping staff.
  8. Economically weaker sections

Scope For BA In Archaeology/Career Overview

The scope of BA in Archaeology is quite varied and an interesting career after getting a degree of BA in Archaeology. The graduates of BA in Archaeology have gained careers in fields like archaeology, the heritage industry, museums, business, journalism, administrative services, computing, media, librarianship, teaching.

Profiles such as History analyzers, Historic Preservers, Evaluators, Historians, Curators, Journalists, Archive Managers are some of the prominent ones when one graduate with a BA in Archaeology.

These profiles pose some interesting job descriptions. The study, analyze, record, research, and interpret various aspects of history. They manage, maintain, and create documents on the basis of their findings.

One of the most interesting and dream jobs for the graduate of BA in Archaeology is the job of the archaeologist. Students who pass fresh work under experienced archaeologists and later on handle their own team in the excavation. They have an important job is to excavate the potential sites and unravel the history.

The job profile is very interesting as the archaeologist has to travel from places to places to new excavating sites. Government and private organizations fund these excavations, and the archaeologist conduct their digging work to find important discoveries about ancient society, arts, cultures, rituals, etc.

Best Universities Providing Distance Learning in BA Archaeology

Here is the list of some top Universities that are providing distance learning in BA Archaeology:-

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, BA distance education is a valid course. It is approved by UGC-DEB and AIU.

In the BA economy, you will study the Historical and Modern Polity, Indian Polity, International Relations, and Political Theories.

As per the norm of UGC, a Distance BA is equal to a regular BA if the university is AICTE, UGC-DEB approved.

You have to be a 10+2 pass out from a recognized board

There is no entrance examination to get enrolled in Distance BA. You just need to score minimum percentage in graduation to get enrolled in BA distance learning.

The mode of the examination depends on the various universities. Some universities offer online examination modes while some have offline examination centers.

One can complete the Distance BA within 3 to 5 years.

No, BA in Archaeology is not a hard degree. This is an interesting degree as you see the implementation in the real world.

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