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Online/Distance Learning BA History Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

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What is Bachelor Of Arts (BA) in History?

Bygone are the days but are you interested in knowing the origination the days from where we came and how things changed by the time. Knowing history is always interesting just like listening to your childhood stories. Listen to the stories of our ancestors. How they fought for the nation, how the development occurs in all the areas from early mid-ages to now.

Bachelor’s of Art in History ( History Hons) on distance mode is a 3-years undergraduate program.  It consists of 6 semesters in that 3-years program, which can be pursued just after completing intermediate. Bachelor’s of art in history( history hons)  is the study in which one will cover the whole syllabus of history from basics to advanced by doing the research of historical bodies, and then the analysis of the products.

Bachelor of Arts in History is the study of the evolution of human civilization from the pre-historic ages to the invasion of modernization. One will understand the human civilization extension from pre-historic times. BA in History Distance Education ( history hons)  is something in which you look into all the events that occurred in ancient times.

History means art in which you will learn from where all the big art formation made by ancient artists. The art of building structures and made it an infrastructure until the end of the world. In a bachelor’s of art in history distance education (history hons)  enlighten us with the reality of how things occur and changed by the time with a lot of inventions.

History is a never ending, and vast topic to study as everything will become the history one day and then it will definitely become the part of history to study. Whether it is about fiction, science, mythology, freedom fighter, politics, etc. It is one of the most popular, interesting, and vast topics to study. It includes all the manuscripts, infrastructure, monuments, wars, events, festivals, creatures, politics, nation, freedom, freedom fighter, etc.

We study the years of when and where the battle held. How we get the freedom and who are the freedom fighters who fought for us. Politics has changed drastically within the time what is the reason behind and who became the first president or prime minister. Bachelor of art in history distance education (history hons) is a kind of memories kept by our ancestors for us to study and then to learn of how it works, how can we change the world within the time span.

It a time travel in which we travel throughout the time to grab the knowledge of every microscopic thing that happened in the past. We get to know about societal change and the views of people changed by time. The diplomatic change, the cultural change of the people, and so on. Some of the types of history are mentioned below for your reference:-

There are six types of history that are:

  • Political history- Bachelor of arts in political history (history Hons) is about the study of politics of how politics has changed over time. The ruling parties changed and the rules to be followed by all political parties, and the public. The new rules included, and the acts such as taxes, tenure of the leader, minimum to maximum age and qualifications, and so on.
  • Diplomatic history- In diplomatic history (history Hons) we deal with the history of international relations between states. In this, we influenced the decisions of a foreign government and its people by questioning, dialogue, and measures. It is basically a relation between sovereign states.
  • Cultural history- It includes anthropology like cultural tradition and cultural interpretation.
  • Social history- Social history (history hons) is the history of the people.
  • Economic history- Economic History ( history hons) is the study which we study about economy-related changes from ancient time to know.
  • Intellectual history- Intellectual history ( history hons) is what in which you study abut the intellects people from the historian times and how they served for the change.

Is BA in History Distance Education a valid course?

BA in History (history hons)  is a valid course as one can pursue the course online, and study online by taking classes anytime they want.  One can also search for a deep knowledge of the particular topic online or can repeatedly watch the video till the time they understand it.

BA in history distance education is valid as it needs more theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. You have to read about historical places, people, and wars. For that, you have to go through several books and papers. History is more about reading. One can search a vastly detailed brief of the topic online.

What are The Benefits Of An Distance BA In History?

The key benefits of a distance bachelor’s degree ( history Hons)  in history as so many as it is more comfortable and I informative online:-

  • Studying online BA in History Distance Education can save a lot of your time as one can take classes anytime they want.
  • Online classes are best for working professionals as they don’t have to attend 8 hours class daily by leaving their job. Working professionals can pursue a BA in History Distance Education online without leaving their job.
  • The aspirants seeking government jobs and are preparing can opt for online classes so that they can prepare for competitive exams and BA in History Distance Education at the same time.
  • BA in History Distance Education also helps the student in their competitive exams as it also plays an important role in competitive exams syllabus.
  • Online classes are quite comfortable and flexible as one can pursue it without getting disturbed and its also less costly.  BA in History Distance Education is basically pocket-friendly.

Eligibility Criteria for Distance BA in History

  • The eligibility criteria for BA in History (history Hons) is very simple as one needs to be highly interested in history-related knowledge.
  • Students who have successfully passed their Intermediate examinations (10+2) with 50% from a recognized education board can pursue the course distance BA in History.
  • 10+2 pass out with any of the stream can pursue the program BA in History.
  • Candidates with art as a subject in intermediate can also pursue the BA in History course.

Distance BA in History Course Details

BA History (history Hons) syllabus is divided into 6 semesters in 3-years. Each year has 2 semesters, and the BA history syllabus is all about historical events that happened from an early age. The 1st year BA history syllabus, Then the 2nd year BA history syllabus, and then the 3rd year BA history syllabus is mentioned consecutively semester bys.

Semester I Semester II
Paper I – History of India-I Paper IV – History of India-II
Paper-II- Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World Paper V – Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World
Paper III – Concurrent – Qualifying Language Paper VI – Concurrent – Credit Language
Semester III Semester IV
Paper VII – History of India-III (c. 750-1206) Paper XI- History of India-IV (c. 1206-1550)
Paper VIII – Rise of Modern West-I Paper XII- Rise of Modern West-II
Paper IX (a) I: History of United States of America (C. 1776 – 1945) Paper XIII (a) II: History of the United States of America (C. 1776 – 1945)
Paper IX (b) I: History of the USSR (c. 1917- 1964) Paper XIII (b) II: History of the USSR (c. 1917 – 1964s)
Paper IX (c) I: History of Africa (c. 1500 – 1960s) Paper XIII (c) II: History of Latin America (c. 1500 – 1960s)
Paper IX (d) I: History of Southeast Asia – The 19th Century Paper XIII (d) II: History of Southeast Asia – The 20th Century
Paper X – Concurrent – Interdisciplinary Paper XIV – Concurrent – Discipline Centered I
Semester V Semester VI
Paper XV- History of Modern Europe I (c. 1780-1939) Paper XIX – History of India-VII (c. 1605-1750)
Paper XVI –History of India-V (c. 1550-1605) Paper XX- History of India-VIII (c. 1857-1950)
Paper XVII – History of China & Japan – I (c. 1840-1949) Paper XXI- History of China & Japan – II (c. 1840-1949)
Paper XVIII – History of India-VI (c. 1750-1857) Paper XXII – History of Modern Europe –II (1780-1939)
Paper XXIII – Concurrent – Discipline Centered II.

Distance BA in History all Subjects

BA History subjects are divided as per the time span of ages. BA History subjects have been emphasized on the change in time from early ages to now the modernization. BA History subject is all about the historical change and emergence of political views, king and leaders by the time:-

History of India: Ancient to 600 CE Reconstructing Ancient Indian History; Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers; Harappan Civilization; Vedic Corpus and transition to Janapadas and Mahajanapadas; Mauryan and Post Mauryan era; Age of the Guptas; Aspects of Society; Religious Development;
History of India: 600 CE to 1500 CE The emergence of major Political centers – Kannauj, Bengal, Peninsular India Arab; Ghaznavi and Ghori’s Invasion of India; Agricultural Expansion; Urban Centers; Indian and Oceanic Trade; Sanskrit Literature Temple; Cave Architecture Polity; Institutional Structure Varna System;
History of India: 1500 CE to 1800 CE The Mughal Empire – Foundation and Consolidation of Mughal Empire; Ideology and State in Mughal India; Economy in Mughal India; Crisis of the Mughal Empire; Society, Religion and Culture in Mughal India;
History of India: 1800 CE to Modern India East India Company: Theory of Rent; Socio-Religious Movements in India; Rural Economy and Society; Early Resistance to Colonial Rule; Revolt of 1857; Colonial Intervention and Growth of Modern Education; Indian Nationalism; The Gandhian Era.
Ancient World History Paleolithic and Mesolithic Cultures; Bronze Age Civilization; Nomadic groups in Central and West Asia; Slave Society in Ancient Greece; Polis in Ancient Greece; Major centers of Ancient Mediterranean World – Mesopotamia, Egypt and Persia; Political History of Greece; Macedonian Expansion; Political, Sociological and Cultural History of Rome
Transformation of Europe Nature of Feudal Society; Crisis of Feudalism; Economic Crisis in the 14th century; Europe Fall of Constantinople; Development of National Monarchy; Economy in the 15th century; Economic expansion of Europe in the 16th century; Proto-Industrialization Renaissance; Renaissance Humanism Economy of the 17th century; Europe Scientific Revolution; English Civil War of the 17th century
European History Understanding the 18th century Europe; Social, Economic and Political background to French Revolution; French Revolution Napoleon Bonaparte – Rise and Fall; The Vienna Congress; Metternich and the Conservative Order Pattern of Insurrection in France and other Central European Countries; Emergence of nation-states in Central Europe; Unification of Italy and Germany; Russian Modernization.
World Politics The Versailles Settlement of 1919; The League of Nations; The reparation issue and its impact on international relations; The Great Depression and its international repercussions; Fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany; Diplomatic Background of the Second World War – Policy of Appeasement, the Munich Pact, Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact.
History of East Asia China; Pre-colonial China; Colonial penetration in China; Popular movements in China including Taiping Revolution Restoration, Reform and Revolution in China; Nationalism and Communism in China; Japan Pre-restoration Period; Meiji Restoration; Popular and Democratic Movements; Economic Modernization; Emergence of Japan as an Imperial Power
History of the United States of America Making of the Republic; Evolution of American Democracy; Early Capitalism; The Agrarian South AnteBellum Foreign Policy; Civil War Industrial America; U.S. Imperialism; Afro-American Movements; Women’s Movements; Religious, Cultural and Intellectual Trends
History of Africa Historiography of Africa; Commerce and Migration (1500-1900); Patterns of Colonization; Structures of Colonial Control; Economic Transformation; Emergence of new Religious and Cultural Identities; Popular Protests, Rebellion and National Liberation Movements
History of Latin America Conquest of America and its repercussions; Economic Transformations; Bolivar’s Vision and the Emergence of New States in the first half of the 19th century; Assertion of the U.S. hegemony in the Twentieth century

Duration of Distance BA In History

  • The duration of the whole program of BA in History (history Hons) is of 3-years.
  • BA in History (History Hons) in those 3-years is divided into 6 semesters.
  • Distance BA in History (history Hons) can be completed in 3 to 5 years.

Fees of Distance BA History

The fee structure of BA in History (history Hons) is varied from Rs 18000 to 1 lakh for the complete course. The fee structure of BA in History (history Hons) depends on each university. Each university has different fee structures and admission criteria.

Scholarship of Distance BA In History

The scholarship criteria depend on various categories and also it is based on the merit list:-

  • Children of any Police Personnel of any State or UT
  • Children of any doctor are it private/government
  • Children of Paramedical staff
  • Children of Media person
  • Children of Paramilitary personnel
  • Children of sanitation workers/municipal committee or housekeeping staff.

Scope for Distance BA History & Career Overview

The scope for BA History honors is very vast as one can have many career options and a great scope. One can have a lot of career options:-

  • Teacher
  • Public Services
  • Executive/Associate
  • Travel/Tourism
  • PSU
  • Historian
  • Social Worker
  • Archivist
  • Civil Services
  • Auctioneer

You can have your career after doing BA in History (History hons) in various big companies such as:-

  • Historical fiction
  • Museum
  • Public Relation
  • Restoration
  • Research
  • Radio
  • Survey
  • Journalism

These are some of the job opportunities for the aspirants who have completed their BA in History (history Hons).

Top Open Universities providing BA in History

There are many Universities in India that are offering distance learning in BA in History. It is difficult to find which university is best. Here is the list of top universities that are providing specialized distance learning courses. 

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Delhi University
  • Chandigarh University
  • Jaipur National University
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Osmania University
  • University of Mumbai
  • Tamil Nadu Open University

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, BA in history distance education/correspondence course is valid as it is more about theoretical knowledge than practical.

The subjects need to pursue a BA in history is that one can pursue the course from any stream they just need to be 10+2 passed from a recognized university.

BA in history is a 3-years program that includes 6 semesters.

BA in history is not a hard course for deserving aspirants.

The aspirants who are interested in historical events and wanted to make their career in research, archaeology, travel, and tourism, etc can pursue BA in history.

Yes, BA in history is a good course for the aspirants who love historical events.

BA in history is not tough for the deserving candidates as it’s for the aspirants interested in ancient knowledge.

In BA in history, one will have to study historical events and ancient knowledge.

You can do an MA in history or can have a career in various fields related to history.

Yes, one can do an MBA after BA history as higher education.

By completing a 3-year course one can get a BA in history. Completing all those 3-years syllabi within that 6 semesters, and all the assignments also by clearing semester examination.

BA in history is a good career for the aspirant’s interest in history.

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