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Online/Distance Learning BA Public Relations Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

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What Is BA In Public Relations Distance Education/Correspondence?

Communication is the key to every problem!

BA in public relations is an undergraduate program for the aspirants that have completed their 10+2 with minimum required grades. Bachelor’s in public relations is for deserving candidates who are interested in building a relationship between an organization and the public. Candidates like to deal with the public and are good at communicating with people.

Bachelor in public relations teaches you the practice of dealing with an organization, public, or media by the need.  It deals with the responsible audience to make a positive environment and trustworthy relationship between the answerable firm and audience whether it is direct or indirect through the means of communication such as media, speeches, newspaper, press, or appearing in public.

If you think you’re a good communicator and have the power of convincing people by using your ability then it is the right time to pursue bachelors in public relations. Bachelor’s in public relations enables you to understand people’s psychology and inculcates the habit of dealing with them by just communicating.

Like I said, communication is the key to every problem. Yes, it is as communicating has been the foremost chief step of dealing with any kind of situation. Whether someone is in a kind of a problem of dealing with a mental trauma a doctor or any individual can deal with them by only and only by communicating and calmly understanding the whole scenario.

By communicating one acknowledges the kind of circumstances you’re facing or dealing with. Bachelor in public relations helps you to frame the ideas and inbuilt the efficiency of dealing with all kinds of consultations. Bachelor of Public Relations allows you to do public speaking in accordance with their ability to listen and facilitating people. Amidst the problems and issues facing by the public one has to be there to recognize and resolve such queries.

To pursue ba in public relations you need to be a good communicator or have good communication skills. Without being judged or judging the people’s thoughts and being a person who talks to everyone with no hesitation can be a good public relation. Ba in public relations speakers task is to deliver its clients’ message to the responsible audience, be it good or bad.

If the work done by clients is good then it creates a good image otherwise a bad one. For that ba in public relations teaches you to get connected with media personnel or other means of delivering information to maximum numbers of audiences. So that one can organize press conferences, meetings with the people and can even opt for public speaking with the adhered audiences.

Is Distance BA In Public Relations UGC/DEB Approved?

Bachelor in Public Relation is a course by which one learns to communicate with the people and convey its problem to the responsible person or organization. By organizing several conferences, press conferences, or other meetings for the viewers. University Grant Commission is an organization that allows the university eligibility to provide particular courses and also works on the quality of education they are providing.

Wherein Distance education board (DEB), is the one that provides the duly course through distance learning. BA in public relations is a duly approved course by both UGC and DEB as the bachelor in public relations is the course which can also be done through distance mode with complete study materials both online and offline.

What are the Benefits of Distance Bachelor In Public Relations?

So here we will talk about the benefits of online bachelor in public relations. Bachelor in public relation has a plethora of advantages to pursue, as the course provides you relaxation from many of the physical and mental activities and also it suits one’s pocket.

Bachelor in public relation through distance learning enables you to learn things online and to communicate with the people virtually in that you can easily manage to convey your thoughts to numerous audiences at the same time. Either you can give a speech, make a video or can even conduct meetings with the targeted audiences.

Bachelor in public relations online can elaborate your horizon and helps in brainstorming as online one can have a lot of study materials and learning methods. With so many options and learning modes one can enhance its knowledge and skills.

Online bachelor in public relation also enables you to listen to many of the queries and work over it. With numerous numbers of queries one can get the idea of solving many of the issues and it will work as a practice for the future perspective.

Online bachelor in public relation degree provides you the flexibility of time and money. It saves a lot of time as it doesn’t require monotonous regular 10-5 classes which is mandatory to attend in regular courses.  Bachelor in public relations helps you in saving time that can be utilized in some other ways.

Online bachelor in public relation is also favorable for the aspirants that are not allowed to spend much on regular classes. As distance education is a way cheaper than regular courses. With the less money to spend one grabs all the advanced level of education and lifetime learning material.

A very important aspect of online bachelor in public relation courses is that it also provides you with revised study material which inculcates the latest modes of learning materials.

Distance BA In Public Relations All Subjects

There are several subjects including in the bachelors in public relations that are related to counseling, Media, business, and communication. Some of the subjects are as follows:-

                                Subjects including Bachelor in Public Relation
Theory and Practice of Public Relations Electronic Public Relations
Television and Radio Society and Representation
Marketing Environment

Public Relations Writing

Strategy and Corporate Environment

Political Economy of Public Communication

Communication Theory and Public Relations Applications Public Affairs and Lobbying
Research Methodology Print & Design

Syllabus of Distance BA in Public Relations

The complete syllabus that is required in the course bachelor in public relations and mentioned below for your reference. The complete course details have been written semester bys so that you can understand the whole syllabi and learning materials. All the topics are also cleared for you.

Counselling Development/FundRaising
Corporate Public Relations and Communications Employee/Member Relations
Community Relations Financial Relations
Government Affairs Introduction to Mass Communications and Public Relations
Issues Management Marketing Communications
Industry Relations Media Relations
Public Affairs Theory of Practicing & Advertising
Publicity Writing Skills for Media
Special Events Seminar

Eligibility of Distance BA in Public Relations

The eligibility criteria for a bachelor’s in public relations is quite simple and easy to understand as any bachelor’s degree can only be pursued after completing its intermediate successfully.

Bachelor in public relations is an undergraduate program for which we need 10+2 from the recognized board. Even some of the diploma holders can also pursue the course bachelor in public relations.

If you’re a good communicator then it is quite favorable for the aspirants who want to pursue bachelor’s in public relations. One has to score a minimum of 50% in its intermediate level to pursue bachelor’s in public relations. There are some of universities that even take entrance examinations for admission in a bachelor in public relations.

Duration of Distance Education BA Public Relations

The duration of the course bachelor in public relations is of 3 years that includes 6 semesters. Each year has 2 semesters with particular topics from basics to advanced level.

For each semester one has to complete the previous one by clearing all the semester examinations. We conduct both semester and yearly examinations in the time span of 3 years of the undergraduate program.

Distance Learning BA in Public Relations Fees

  • The fee structure of a bachelor’s in public relations varies from university to university.
  • There are some universities that allow you to get the degree with minimal charges.
  • The approximate fee structure of the course bachelor in public relations is Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per annum.

Distance BA in Public Relation Scholarship

The scholarship process of every university is somehow similar as each university provides scholarship particular categories of deserving candidates. The scholarship process for a bachelor’s in public relations depends on the merit list.

The complete academic record of a candidate leads to a scholarship process. A good academic record increases the chances of getting a scholarship. Meanwhile, it also offers to some of the categories such as:-

  • Scholarship to the children of any Police Personnel of any State.
  • The scholarship has also been provided to the children of the doctors be it private/government-employed.
  • Paramedical staffs are also getting the scholarship.
  • Also for some of the children of Media persons or media personalities.
  • Awarded to children of Paramilitary personnel.
  • The children of sanitation workers who work for cleanliness, and municipal committee or housekeeping staff.

Scope for Distance Learning BA in Public Relations

There is a vast scope of bachelor in public relation degree through distance learning modes as it provides you many of the career options and opens up doors. As we do BA in public relation on distance mode of learning it enables us to pursue two of the courses at the same time or we can even do the job as well as the course.

BA in public relations allows you to become a good communicator so that you can become introverted and talk to everyone. Bachelor in public relation distance learning also helps in connecting with the people or to the higher authorities.

It connects you with the media person and also one can make a career on the same. You can be different types of public relation personnel such as:-

  • Media relations- It allows you to connect with the media persons and different known channels to work with them.
  • Community relations- It enables one to do the campaigns and vents to do the socializing and creating an impact over the people.
  • Internal relations- In this a public relations officer connects with the employees of a particular organization.
  • Customer relations- In this the PR directly connects with the customer and tries to resolve its queries and work as per making things convenient for the people.
  • Marketing relations- the work of Public Relation is to look into the marketing team and its strategies to conduct the events, seminars, and campaigns for the purpose to hit the target audiences.
  • Investor relation- Here the PR has to work with the investors to get good results and investments.

Job Opportunities for Distance BA in Public Relations

There are numerous job opportunities after doing a bachelor’s in public relations as it works on both of your soft and hard skills. Bachelor’s in public relations helps you to inculcate communication skills and to work for the people.

Ba in public relations allows you to work with the media and do campaigns. It makes you enthusiastic and energetic, logical, and practical at the same time. Some of the job opportunities after doing a bachelor in public relation are as follows:-

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Copywriter
  • Fundraiser
  • Direct marketing spokesperson
  • Media buyer
  • Investor relations
  • Account executive
  • Public information officer

Some of the top companies providing job to the Bachelor in Public Relation degree holder are:

  • companies
  • BPO/KPO’s
  • News Channels like Zee News, Aaj Tak, Bharat, etc.
  • Hotels and logistic companies

Top Universities Providing Distance in BA Public Relation

The list of the top universities providing distance learning in BA Public Relations is given below:-

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bachelor in public relation distance/correspondence education. It has been accredited by UGC and DEB as a valid distance learning course.

After doing a bachelor in public relations one can have a vast career scope such as:

  • Marketing coordinator.
  • Copywriter.
  • Fundraiser.
  • Direct marketing spokesperson.
  • Media buyer.

Ba in public relations is a 3-year undergraduate program consisting of 6 semesters.

Bachelor’s in public relations has a good career scope as it allows you to deal directly with the people and communicate which brings out an impact on the public and authority.

After doing intermediate one can opt for a bachelor in public relations if he/she is interested in such a program and then can pursue higher education by doing masters in the relations is main.

Yes, BA in public relations correspondence is a valid course now.

Bachelor of arts in public Relations is an undergraduate three-year program that can only be pursued after doing 10+2 with minimum numbers of percentile.

Communications public relation degree is a course in which you learn about a lot of things and enhances your skills. It’s a degree which makes you study several topics such as public affairs, about society, public relations, communicating over television and radio, etc.

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