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B.Sc – Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM) Online/Distance Education Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, and Career Options

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What is the Bachelors of Science(B.Sc) in PCM Distance Education?

B.Sc in PCM is a bachelor’s degree in science specialized in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Most of the students choose Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects in 12th standard to pursue engineering after completing 12th class. But the question arrives is that “What next if not engineering?”

Taking admission in engineering is not that easy for everyone. BSc in PCM is specially designed for those students who want to do work in the engineering field but don’t want to give any entrance exam for engineering courses.

BSc in PCM is the very best option for students who desire to acquire knowledge of science and technology. A Bachelor’s degree in science specialized in PCM can be done through regular classes and distance learning.

Distance learning in BSc is uniquely created according to the current scenario of education. Students opting for this course can do other activities that will help them to enhance their careers. There is no need to attend regular classes for this course.

BSc gives knowledge of the practical and systematical basis of the universe. In this course, students will get a vast understanding of the chemical, the function of chemical industries, and how to upgrade the quality of human lives.

This course will give awareness of the great work of scientists in the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics fields. The course aims to prepare the students for higher studies and jobs like scientists, mathematicians, architectures, etc without pursuing engineering.

The eligibility criteria for taking admission in distance learning BSc in PCM is different in different universities. Some universities mentioned in their terms and conditions that the student must have the Physics, chemistry, and mathematics subjects during the 12th standard and must attain 45% marks in PCM as a whole.

The admission for this course is an online basis admission and the payment for that can be done through debit card/credit card/net banking. If the student wants to pay the fees through offline mode there is an option of Demand Draft. They can make the DD and pay it from the bank in the favor of the university.

The BSc course in PCM from regular classes and distance learning is the same. The syllabus, semester vise subjects all the things are the same. The value of the degree is also the same.

In some industries a regular degree is preferable and in others, you don’t need to have a regular degree your skills are enough to get the job or make your career. You can improve your skills with the distance learning BSc course and get a degree in the hand without affecting your career.

After completing BSc students will able to use the fundamental principles and the power of science in the real world. They will start to see things scientifically and become more practical in their life.

Students can develop the skills that will lead to a successful and bright career. The aspirants will able to solve the tactic problems related to mathematics and science in the minutes. These problem-solving strategies and criteria will learn during the course.

Is BSC(PCM) Distance Education/ Correspondence UGC approved?

For answering this question first we should know that ‘What is UGC?’. UGC is Under Grant’s commission which regulates the policies for the universities. UGC makes the guidelines that every university has to follow and if they do not follow these guidelines they will get penalized for that.

BSc PCM by distance learning is completely approved by the UGC and it is also valuable. To get admission in the distance learning BSc in PCM course you need to check first that the university is approved by UGC or not and always take admission to the UGC approved universities.

BSC(PCM) Distance Education Subject List

The distance BSc in PCM course is mainly specialized in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects. You will deeply study these subjects during this course that will enhance your skills and knowledge of the practical and structural sides of science.

In physics, you will understand how nature behaves while in chemistry you will get the knowledge of reactions to make new substances. In mathematics, you will learn to solve mathematics problems.

Syllabus of BSC(PCM) Distance Education

Here is the semester wise list of the syllabus for BSc in PCM:- 

Distance BSC(PCM) Semester 1


S. No. Paper Code Paper Title
1 PH – 101 Physics-I  (Mechanics)
2 PH – 102 Physics Practical-I (Mechanics Practical)
1 CH – 101 Chemistry-I  (Atomic Structure, Bonding, General Organic Chemistry & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons)
2 CH – 102 Chemistry Practical-I (Atomic Structure, Bonding, General Organic Chemistry & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons)
1 MT – 101 Mathematics-I  (Differential Calculus)
Distance BSC(PCM) Semester-2
1 PH – 201 Physics-II  (Electricity and Magnetism)
2 PH – 202 Physics Practical-II (Electricity and Magnetism Practical)
1 CH – 201 Chemistry-II  (Chemical Energetics, Equilibria & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-I)
2 CH – 202 Chemistry Practical-II (Chemical Energetics, Equilibria & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-I)
1 MT – 201 Mathematics-II  (Differential Equation)
Distance BSC(PCM) Semester-3
1 PH-301 Physics-III (Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics)
2 PH-302 Physics Practical-III (Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics)
1 CH-301 Chemistry-III (Solutions, Phase Equilibrium, Conductance, Electrochemistry & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-II)
2 CH-302 Chemistry Practical-III (Solutions, Phase Equilibrium, Conductance, Electrochemistry & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-II)
1 MT-301 Mathematics-III (Analysis)
Distance BSC(PCM) Semester-4


1 PH-401 Physics-IV  (Waves and Optics)
2 PH-402 Physics Practical-IV (Waves and Optics)
1 CH-401 Chemistry-IV (Transition Metal & Coordination Chemistry, States of Matter and Chemical Kinetics)
2 CH-402 Chemistry Practical-IV (Transition Metal & Coordination Chemistry, States of Matter and Chemical Kinetics)
1 MT – 401 Mathematics-IV (Algebra)
Distance BSC(PCM) Semester-5
1 PH-501 Physics-V  (Digital, Analog Circuit, and Instrumentation)
2 PH-502 Physics Practical-V (Digital, Analog Circuit, and Instrumentation)
1 CH-501 Chemistry-V (Organometallics, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Polynuclear Hydrocarbons, and UV, IR Spectroscopy)
2 CH-502 Chemistry Practical-V (Organometallics, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Polynuclear Hydrocarbons, and UV, IR Spectroscopy)
1 CH-501 Chemistry-V (Organometallics, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Polynuclear Hydrocarbons, and UV, IR Spectroscopy)
2 CH-502 Chemistry Practical-V (Organometallics, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Polynuclear Hydrocarbons, and UV, IR Spectroscopy)
Distance BSC(PCM) Semester-6
1 PH-601 Physics-VI (Quantum Mechanics)
2 PH-602 Physics Practical-VI (Quantum Mechanics)
1 CH-601 Chemistry-VI (Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy & Photochemistry)
2 CH-602 Chemistry Practical-VI (Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy & Photochemistry)
1 MT-601 Mathematics-VI (Numerical Methods)

Online Distance BSC(PCM) Course Fees

The fees of the distance BSc in PCM are different in different universities but the fees of distance learning is a bit low than the regular course. The lower fees will make this course a bit of pocket friendly.

Students who do not afford a big amount of fees but want to learn the BSc PCM can easily take the distance learning course to continue their studies. The approximate fees of the course is about 10,000-50,000.

Duration For BSC(PCM) Distance Education

The duration of the distance BSc PCM is 3 years that can be completed in 6 years. The 3 years pattern is subdivided into 6 semesters. Each semester contains 5 examinations.

Scholarship For BSC(PCM) Hons Distance Learning

There are lots of scholarship programs run by the government as well as private agencies to help the students in their higher studies. Some of them are interest-free loans or some of them are examination based prizes.

The name of the scholarships that you can opt for are mentioned below:-

  • Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-A)
  • Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme
  • Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programme (MTTS)
  • HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship Support (ECSS)
  • Dr. K S Krishnan Research Associateship (KSKRA)
  • Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)
  • AcSIR Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training Programme
  • Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child
  • IAS Bangalore notifies Summer Research Fellowship
  • Post-Graduate Merit Scholarship for University Rank Holders

Some banks are also providing student loans in which students can take loans for their academics from the bank and when they start earning they can pay back their loan. During a distance learning course, you can earn yourself by doing a job in any field and pay your own fees. Some colleges are providing installment facilities that will make it easier for students for paying the fees.

What are the benefits of BSC(PCM) through Distance Education?

There are many benefits of getting a bachelor’s degree in science specialized in PCM through distance learning.

Some of them are mentioned here:-

1. On-field Experience- Some of the universities want some years of experience before taking admission for a master’s degree. Through distance learning, you can get that experience side by side with your studies. This will save your 2-3 years for pursuing a master’s degree.

2. Cost-effective- Distance learning course is a cost-effective course as the fees of the regular basis course is higher than the distance learning course. In a limited budget, the students can secure their bachelor’s degree.

3. Time-saving- The BSc in PCM will save your time as you do not need to attend classes on a regular basis. You can do other activities that will enhance your career. You can even join a job together with your studies.

4. Dual Courses- As per the new guidelines now the student can get two degrees together. If you want to secure another degree with the distance BSc PCM according to your interest at the same time, you have the option to get that degree together.

5. Exam Preparation- If you are looking to prepare for an exam whether it is for a government job or any entrance exam for higher studies you can prepare for that exam along with your studies. If that exam is a priority in the point of your career you can focus on the preparation of the exam and attain the degree of bachelorette of science in PCM.

Scope of BSC(PCM) Course Distance Education

There are plenty of career opportunities for the BSc in PCM degree holders. They can get a job in various fields according to their knowledge. They can apply in the Educational Institutes, Research Institutes, Laboratories, Petrochemical Industries, and many more science-related fields. The students can go to the teaching professions, MNCs, and marketing as well.

Some of the job posts for BSc in PCM holders are listed here:-

  •  Agriculture Industry
  • Research Scientists
  • Forensic Crime Research
  •  Biotechnology Firms
  •  Chemical Industry
  •  Educational Institutes
  •  Environmental Management and Conservation
  •  Aquarium
  • Statistician
  • Researcher & Accountant
  • Oil Industry
  • Treasury Management Specialist
  • IAS, IPS & PCS Officers
  • Teacher & Professor

List Of BSC(PCM) Distance Education University

Many universities are providing a BSc in the PCM distance education course. The top distance learning universities are classified here:-

Apart from these universities some of the central government, state government, and private universities are providing distance learning education in BSc in PCM. Just make sure to check if the university is AICTE approved or not before taking the admission.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the BSc PCM course from distance education is valid.

The fee structures are different in different universities. The estimated amount of fee to attain the distance learning BSc in PCM course is 10000-50000.

BSc PCM is the degree of the bachelorette in science specialized in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

If you are interested in the subjects physics, chemistry, and mathematics and wants to attain a deep knowledge of these subjects then yes the BSc in PCM is a great course for you.

The main subjects that you will study during the course are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Yes, you can do BSc from a distance as it is valid and recognized by the UGC.

Yes, you have the option of choosing two courses. You can do BSc agriculture with PCM one on a regular basis and other from distance learning.

There is no such rule that you need to clear BSc or BA or BCom for the preparation of IAS. To become IAS you need to clear the UPSC exam.

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