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Distance/Correspondence B.Tech Electrical Engineering Courses, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options 2024

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What is B Tech Electrical Engineering Distance Education?

BTech or Bachelor of Technology in electrical engineering is 4 years undergraduate course of engineering specialized in the electrical field. BTech electrical engineering focuses on the various applications of electricity. The course also includes the study of electronics and electromagnetics.

The course will train the students on how to use the electric elements to invent major electric equipment. The BTech in Technology can be pursued through distance learning education mode. Distance BTech course in electrical engineering is an invalid course as per UGC/ AICTE guidelines.

During distance learning, electrical engineering students can learn online without attending classroom education. Electrical industries are growing rapidly and also upgrading gradually. Electrical engineers are always in demand for inventing the latest technology electrical equipment for the future.

The distance BTech electrical engineering course will provide every detailed knowledge about the electric field. The course will generate a great career opportunity for students who want to be an engineer in the electrical industry.

The student can become a senior electrical manager, mechanical engineer, etc after completing the distance BTech in electrical engineering. After achieving the bachelor’s electrical engineering degree the student can become a professional engineer and can start working in an electrical firm.

Electrical engineers work in a broad range of industries. The students also will learn many other skills during the course that will help them to upgrade their careers. The students will get communication skills as well as project management skills during the distance BTech course in electrical engineering.

These skills are mandatory for working efficiently in any firm and if the student has these skills along with educational knowledge they can easily get a job in any electrical firm.

Distance BTech Electrical Engineering Course (Valid?)

The distance learning BTech Electrical Engineering course concerns both theoretical as well as practical knowledge during the course. Practical knowledge is mandatory to become a professional engineer and it becomes difficult to provide practical knowledge to every student through online or distance learning education.

All India Council for Technology Education (AICTE) is the statutory department that advises technical education all over India. The Supreme court and AICTE declared the distance BTech Electrical Course invalid as per the AICTE guidelines. Electrical engineering requires lab training which is not possible during distance learning.

Part-Time Distance BTech Electrical Engineering Degree

Part-Time distance BTech Electrical degree is an accomplishment of an electrical engineering course through conducting part-time classes. The part-time course is beneficial for diploma holders. During the diploma course, the student has gone through the basic knowledge of electrical engineering.

They can get a job in the electrical industry based on basic knowledge. Through a part-time distance BTech, Electrical Engineering course students can pursue higher studies without affecting their current job. They can enhance their career and apply for higher posts after completing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering through a part-time course.

Students intended to become an engineer but do not have time to take regular classes because of some circumstances can also pursue part-time distance BTech in electrical engineering courses. The classes for Part-time electrical engineering courses are held on weekdays.

So the students have the option to join a job or enroll in some activities related to their career during their graduation period through part-time distance BTech in electrical engineering.

BE Electrical Engineering

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in Electrical engineering and BTech in Electrical Engineering are different degrees. Some universities provide a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering, and some provide a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering. BE focuses on theoretical knowledge while BTech focuses on practical knowledge.

Students who want to pursue ME or MBA. after a bachelor’s degree will mostly attain the BE courses. The syllabus and curriculum of both courses are also different to some extent. BE in electrical engineering is highly valid and also recognized by the AICTE and also has a high value in the job market.

Distance BTech Electrical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for distance BTech Electrical Engineering course is the student required to have 10+2 certification with Physics, Chemistry, Maths subjects from a recognized board.

The diploma holders with completion of 10th certificate from a recognized board are also eligible to take admission in distance B.Tech Electrical Engineering course. Some universities follow the marks criteria for admission for a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Online BTech Electrical Engineering Course

Online BTech Electrical Engineering Course is invalid as per the UGC or AICTE guidelines but due to Covid Pandemic, the universities start taking online classes for BTech electrical engineering.

It becomes a compulsion to take online classes as the lockdown period affected the learning pattern of students negatively. Universities are now planning to start online batches for courses or AICTE is also researching how to give practical knowledge to the students without attending the regular classes.

After some time the degree from online BTech in an electrical engineering course may become valid and get approval by the AICTE and supreme court till then the online degree is invalid and worthless.

Top Entrance Exams for Distance BTech Electrical Engineering

Bachelors of Technology BTech is a top-rated course among the students who want to become engineers. It is a high demand course and also has many competitions. The most popular and valid entrance exams for engineering in any branch are IIT, JEE Mains, NITS, etc.

There have also been some state entrance exams for joining engineering UPTU, MHT, KET, etc. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) offers many Undergraduate as well as postgraduate engineering programs to the students who have passed one of these entrance exams. Students can apply for these entrance exams after completing the 10+2 certifications.

Distance BTech Electrical Engineering Syllabus/Subject

The curriculum of the course distance BTech Electrical Engineering course is the same as the regular electrical engineering course. The major subjects of distance electric engineering are Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics/Introduction to Thermodynamics, Engineering Drawing, Computer Programming, Mathematical Statistics, and Numerical Methods, Electric Circuits, Digital Systems, Transmission Lines and Radiating Systems, Microprocessors, Electromagnetic Theory, Analog Communication, Management Elective, Cultural Education, etc.

All the subjects are designed to give detailed knowledge about electrical engineering to the students.

The semester wise syllabus for distance BTech in Electrical Engineering is given here:-

Semester I Semester II
Communicative English I Humanities Elective I
Calculus, Matrix Algebra Vector Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations
Physics/Chemistry Chemistry/Physics
Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering
Engineering Mechanics / Introduction to Thermodynamics Engineering Mechanics / Introduction to Thermodynamics
Computer Programming Object-Oriented Programming
Engineering Drawing I Engineering Drawing II
Workshop A / Workshop B Workshop B / Workshop A
Physics Lab / Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab. / Physics Lab
Cultural Education Cultural Education
Computer Programming Lab Object-Oriented Programming Lab.
Semester III Semester IV
Integral Transforms and Complex Analysis Mathematical Statistics and Numerical Methods
Digital Systems Electrical Machines I
Electric Circuits Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation
Mechanical Engineering Electromagnetic Theory
Humanities Elective I Humanities Elective II
Science Elective I Science Elective II
Electric Circuits Lab Measurements and Digital Circuits Lab
Simulation Lab and Electrical Workshop Electrical Machines Lab I
Semester V Semester VI
Introduction to Microcontrollers and Applications VLSI Design
Microprocessors Transmission Lines and Radiating Systems
Electronic Circuits II Digital Communication
Analog Communication Elective I
Control Engineering Environmental Studies
Electronic Circuits Lab II Digital Communication Lab
Microcontroller Lab Seminar
Semester VII Semester VIII
Power System Protection and Switchgear Elective IV
Environmental Studies Project
Electrical Drives and Control Management Elective
Elective II
Elective III
Power System Simulation Lab
Principles of Management
Power Electronics Lab

B.Tech Electrical Distance Education Fees

The fee structure of any course from different universities is different depending upon the facilities and faculty that the university will provide to the students during the course. The estimated fee structure for distance BTech Electrical Engineering Course is about 50,000 to 2,00,000 per year.

Final Year Project for Distance BTech Electrical Engineering

Students pursuing the Distance/ Online/ Correspondence BTech Electrical Engineering course required to submit a project in the last year of electrical engineering to get the degree.

The final year project marks will be added to the last semester examination. The viva is also taken during the submission of the project. The project is about the practical application of the subjects that the student has studied during the course. The topic of the projects on which students can work is listed here:-

  • Mater design for dual access solar converter
  • Micro Inverters
  • Solar power generator/ tracking
  • IoT
  • Motion control servo
  • Power heat controller using PLC SCADA
  • Induction braking failure
  • AC power controller with Mosfet
  • Single-phase to three-phase supply conversion using thermistor

Distance BTech Electrical Engineering Degrees

The students will be awarded the electrical engineering degree after completion of the distance BTech Electrical Engineering course. The students need to clear all internal exams, practicals, external exams of all semesters.

After the submission of the project and clearing all the exams, the electronic engineering degree was completed. A student is either awarded by the BTech (Bachelor of Technology) degree or BE (Bachelor of Engineering) depending on the university.

After the completion of the degree, the student becomes a certified engineer and ready to do fieldwork. Students can also apply for an MBA or MTech after completing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Distance BTech Electrical Engineer Career

Completing Distance BTech Electrical Engineer will open up many career opportunities. The students can also apply for government and private jobs. The course is the best career for beginners. The students can become Senior Electrical Manager, Professor, Mechanical Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Lecturer, etc after getting the distance BTech electrical engineer.

The students can sit for the IES exam after the course. Jobs are also open to different transmission and power generation companies. Some top recruiting companies are Siemens, Samsung, HCL, TCS, etc.

Distance BTech Electrical Engineer Salary

The salary package of a person depends on the skills and knowledge that the person gains during the completion of the course. The estimated salary package of a person after completion of the distance BTech electrical engineering course is about 3.5L – 8L per year. The degree holders can apply for high-level posts after completing the course and can get higher salary packages in the electrical industry.

Best University for Distance BTech Electrical

A list of top universities providing the Distance BTech Electrical Engineering course is here:-

IIT’s SRM University
NIT’s VIT, Vellore
Jamia Millia Islamia Lingayas University
BITS Pilani UPES University, Dehradun
Abdul Kalam Technical University (UPTU) SV University


The BTech course in electrical engineering is not valid through distance learning. AICTE and the Supreme court declared the course through distance learning invalid. College Vidya does not promote distance BTech. We are writing on this topic because most of the students search for distance BTech. To give them proper guidance about the distance BTech, College Vidya has taken this step.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The distance engineering courses are not valid as per the UGC/ AICTE guidelines. So doing distance engineering is worthless and the degree that you will get after completing the course is also not valid in the job market.

There are various fields for electrical engineers in the market. The scope in the computer hardware field is great for electrical engineers. They can go into the machine designing industries also.

The hard and easy concept depends upon the student. If the student finds the electrical engineering field interesting then the course will become very easy to understand for them.

There is a good scope in electrical engineering as electric firms are growing rapidly and new technologies are being invented gradually. The student can make a great career through an electrical engineering course.

The computer hardware firms and machine designing firms will provide the highest salary to electrical engineers as there have been daily changes in technology that occur in these two forms and they need more professional electrical engineers for inventing and maintaining these technologies.

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