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Online/Distance Learning BA Economics Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

Dec 9, 2023 13.2K Reads

What are the BA Honours in Economics Distance Education?

Economic activities are the most common in our daily life. From buying your morning newspaper to big deals made between two countries, everything is covered under economics.

The knowledge of economics makes an individual the most practical man, as he will have the knowledge of money, money that is the most powerful in this world. BA Honours in Economics Distance Education. BA Economics Distance Learning is the course that gives a student the knowledge of the economy by going to regular college in their home.

UGC-DEB has certified that the BA Economics distance learning is a valid course and holds the same value as of the regular one. Thus, BA economics gives ample time to a student to pursue his degree along with the job which he would have the quit if pursue the regular mode of education.

BA in Economics gives the students’ knowledge of every little detail of the Economy. The whole curriculum of BA Economics and the BA Economics subject list revolves around major four basic BA Economic subjects.

These subjects are Economic Theories, Macro Economy, Micro Economy, and Indian Economy. These BA Economy subjects are the heart and soul of BA Economics. Let’s take you to the entire journey of the BA economics course starting from the fee, BA economics subject list to career scope. Please go through the entire blog and tell us in the comment section what else you want to know. College Vidya will counsel you; Happy Reading:

Is BA in Economics Distance Education UGC-DEB approved?

BA in Economics distance education holds its cent percent validity and is approved by UGC-DEB approved course. The technical course which requires the labs is invalid is not approved by the education governing bodies.

But BA Economics Distance Education is a theory-based course, so it is approved by the University Governing Council and Distance Education Board. The universities which are on the UGC-DEB approval list can provide the BA economics distance learning and it holds the same value as the BA regular mode.

What is the Benefit of Distance Learning BA in Economics?

The BA Economics distance learning has various and numerous advantages over the regular BA economics. BA Economics Distance Education provides a range of flexibility that is curbed by the regular BA Economics. The BA economics Distance education has the same value as the regular BA economics one has the ample possibility of them to pursue the employment option while you are learning.

You can get a job and at the time you have the degree in your hand you will have earned as well. The degree will work as the way to your promotion. Also, if you have the dream to join India Civil Services, you have the time to dedicate it in your studies rather than wasting in commuting.

The ability of the BA economics distance education is that one can access class anywhere and anytime which makes learning easier and less bounded. There are other various benefits of BA Economics distance education such as lesser fees, more time to complete the course, learning at your own pace, and accessibility of the study material and lectures at your own will.

Difference Between Regular BA in Economics and Distance BA in Economics

Though there is no difference in terms of value and syllabus there some differences in Regular BA in Economics and BA Economics Distance learning there are some visible differences. Some main differences are there such as in regular BA Economics distance learning you will have to go to college while in distance you have the online classes on your devices.

Another difference is lesser fees in distance BA in Economics than regular. Other differences include mode of assignment submission, examination modes, and the flexibility of classes in the Distance BA in Economics. One of the hidden differences no one states is that you can earn while you learn.

This helps you to grow in your career academically as well as career-wise. So, at the end of the degree, you would have gained a degree along with the work experience. A lethal combination of experience and qualification will take your career to the zenith.

Eligibility of Distance BA in Economics

The eligibility criteria of BA Economics in Distance Education are very minimal. One has to be just 10+2 passed from a recognized university. The stream of the 10+2 for taking admission in BA economics can science, commerce, and humanities.

Duration of Distance BA in Economics Honours

The duration of the regular BA is 3 years. But BA economics distance education has ample time to complete the three-year course. Considering the schedules of the students of BA economics distance education can be completed between 3 years and 5 years. The BA Economics syllabus and BA Economics subject of the BA economics distance education is the same as the regular mode.

Fees of Distance BA in Economics Honours

BA economics distance education is the course that is pursued by the students from their homes. As the teaching is on their own system, fees of BA economics distance learning are way less than the regular Ba in economics. The fees of BA distance ranges between 4000-25000. The fee may be collected semester-wise or on a yearly basis.

Syllabus of Distance BA in Economics Honours

The whole of BA in Economic syllabus is divided over three years into six semesters. The whole BA economic syllabus teaches a student many BA economic subjects which cover mainly 4 topics which are Economic Theory, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Indian Economy.

Here are the BA economic subjects’ lists provided that are taught over the three years in six semesters:-

Semester I Semester II
Evolution and definition of Economics Economies of Scale
Nature & Scope of Economics Deferent Concepts of Costs Explicit & Implicit
Methods of Economics Analysis Accounting, Opportunity, Total fixed and Variable Costs
Inductive & Deductive Logic, Merit and Demerits. Marginal & Average Costs & their relationship
Utility Demand, Supply Concept of Revenue
Commodities and their types Total, Marginal & Average Revenue
Value and Price Break Even Point
Market Concept and Classification
Administered and Non- Administered Prices Perfect Competition Characteristics
Demand- Supply equilibrium. Price and Output Determination for Firm and Industry
Cardinal (Marshal) and Ordinal Utility Market Equilibrium
Approaches to Demand Characteristics and Price- Output Determination
Indifference Curve: Consumer equilibrium (Hichs & Slutsky) Price Discrimination
Price, Income and Substitution effects Monopolistic Competition
Derivation of Demand Curve. Characteristics Price- Output Determination
Elasticity of Demand Factor Pricing
Price, Income and Cross elasticity Theory of Marginal Productivity of Distribution
Consumer Surplus and its measurement. Concept of Adding up Theorem
Factors of Production and their Characteristics Theories of Wages and Rent: Classical and Modern.
Laws of Production Interest: Concept, Classical and Keynesian Theories of Interest
Returns to Factor and Return to Scale Profit: Net and Gross
Law of Variable Proportion Theories of Profit.
Isoquants Nature and their Characteristics
Producers equilibrium
Semester III Semester IV
Structure of Indian Economy – Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sectors Infrastructure of Indian Economy
Natural Resources, Land, Water, Forest Irrigation, Power, Transport, Communication
Mineral Resources. Banking and Insurance.
Demographic Features Human Infrastructure of Indian Economy
Population, Size, Sex, Rural-Urban Classification Health, Nutrition, Education, Knowledge and Skills
Population Distribution Housing and Sanitation.
Recent National Population Policy. Planning in India- Objectives, Types, Strategy
Agriculture: Nature and Importance Analysis of Current Five- Year Plan.
Land Use Pattern Economy- Land, land Utilization Pattern
Trends in Agriculture Production and Productivity Natural Resources- Forest, Water & Mineral
Cropping Pattern. Agro-Climatic Zones
Land Reforms: Green Revolution Demographic Features of M.P.
Rural Credit Agricultural Situation in Economy
Agricultural Marketing Cropping Pattern
Mechanization Production and Productivity of Main Corps,
Small Scale and Cottage Industries- Meaning, Importance and Problems Sources of Credit in Agriculture, Irrigation
Major Industries in India: Iron and Steel, Textile, Sugar, Cement, Automobiles
Semester V SemesterVI
Macro Variables- Stock and Flow Public Finance and Public Economics
Circular Flow of income Public, Private and Merits Goods
Concept of National Income- GDP, GNP Market and State- Role and Functions
Measurement of National Income and Social Accounting in India Principle of Maximum Social Advantage
National Income and Economic Welfare Sources of Revenue- Taxes, Loans, Grants and Aids
Classical Theory of Employment Canons of Taxation
Keynesian Theory of Employment Principles of Public Expenditure
Aggregate Demand and Supply Functions Principles of Public Debt and Methods of Redaction
Effective Demand Wagener’s Law- Increasing Activities
Consumption Function Effects of Public Expenditure on Production and Distribution.
Factors Affecting Consumption Public Finance in India
Average and Marginal propensities to consume Concept and Types of Budget
Simple Investment Fiscal Deficit
Saving Function & Sources of Saving Mobilization Deficit Financing and Deficit Budget.
Investment Function Constitution and Function of Finance Commission
Marginal Efficiency of Capital Recommendation of Latest Finance Commission
Factors Affecting Capital Formation Latest Budget
Concept of Accelerator. The stock of Money and its Measures
Cash Transaction and Cash Balance Approaches.
Inflation, Deflation, and Recession
Demand-Pull and Cost-Push Inflation
Bank- Meaning and Types
Objectives and Limitations of Monetary Policy.

Distance BA in Economics Honours Course Details

BA in Economics Honours in distance education is carefully crafted to impart a solid foundation and understanding of Economics and the proper understanding of it. The subjects in economics are divided into six semesters over years.

The subjects every year build the base of various economic concepts every year. The various concepts of economies such as Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Indian Economics, and other theories are taught over the years.

BA in Economics Honours is a course that also clears the concepts for the economic syllabus that is the major constituent in the UPSC syllabus. The BA honours graduates are equipped with knowledge of Economics also have the extra edge if they try their hands in entrepreneurship.

Scope of Distance BA Economics Honours

BA economics distance education is a great foundation for a great career in the commercial sectors, business genre, and banking sectors. The foundation of every sector is built by the knowledge of economics, and every industrial sector.

The graduates of BA economics distance learning, hold a position in the industries like Financial Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing units, Insurance and Banking, International Trades, and service industries. Let us see the career opportunities that a BA graduate is exposed to and how illustrative his career can be.

Distance BA Economics Careers

The career of a BA economics distance education graduate is decorative as his degree is. Here is some popular career that BA economics student can pursue after completing the degree of BA economics in distance learning can go for:-

  • Research Scholars: After completing the degree of BA economics one can go for the research fellowships in the same, to get a greater knowledge and secure reputed positions in top companies and government bodies. The research scholars get in the root of the economy be it macro or micro to find solutions to various problems.
  • India Economic Services: Indian Economic Services offers a high salary along with reputed posts same as the IAS officers. The students who clear Indian Economic Services exams take part in making economics policies for India.
  • Financial Analyst: Various companies have the important position of Financial analyst that provides them with the insights to improve their financial hold in the market. BA economy graduates have the qualification to apply for the position.
  • Investment Analyst: The investment analyst is another position that a person can become after graduating in economics. Investment Analysts are given a good salary for their work.
  • Professors and Teacher: The graduates become professors and teachers in the economy after getting a higher degree in it.

Also, there are various positions in the following sectors that require the economy graduates for the positions in their companies:-

  • Finance and Banking Sector
  • Trade Markets
  • Import and Export Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Government Economics Department / Public Service Commission
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Commerce Sector

The job profile that a BA Economic graduate can acquire are mentioned here:-

  • Economists
  • Sales Executive
  • Budget Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Personal Financial Consultant
  • Corporate and Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Manager

Distance BA in Economics Scholarship

The fee of BA Economics distance education is so affordable that it can be pursued by the common populous. Though there is a certain university that provides scholarships to the students.

There are government universities that provide scholarships to the students of the BA economics distance learning mode. There are categories of students who are given the scholarship. Here is the list of categories of the students that are eligible for the scholarship:

  1. Children of any Police Personnel of any State or UT
  2. Children of any doctor are it private/government.
  3. Children of Paramedical staff
  4. Economics Weaker Section
  5. Children of Media person
  6. Children of Paramilitary personnel
  7. Children of sanitation workers/municipal committee or housekeeping staff.
  8. Other scholarship program schemes are as follows

Best Colleges For Distance BA Economics Honours

There are various college in India that provide BA economics honours in distance learning. Some of them are government colleges while other are top private Universities that provide knowledge to the students of BA economics.  Here is the list of the college that provide with the same degree:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, BA distance education is a valid course. It is approved by UGC-DEB and AIU.

In the BA economy, you will study the Macroeconomy, Microeconomy, Indian Economy, and Economic Theories.

As per the norm of UGC, a Distance BA is equal to a regular BA if the university is AICTE,

  • UGC-DEB approved.

No, maths is not a compulsory subject for BA economics.

You have to be a 10+2 pass out from a recognized board

There is no entrance examination to get enrolled in Distance BA. You just need to score a minimum percentage in graduation to get enrolled in BA distance learning.

The mode of the examination depends on the various universities. Some universities offer online examination mode while some have offline examination centers.

One can complete the Distance MA within 3 to 5 years.

No, BA economics is not a hard degree. This is an interesting degree as you see the implementation in the real world.

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