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Don’t Overlook Concrete Details When Deciding on a College

Dec 9, 2023 10.3K Reads

Why don’t Students Compare?

Students are ignorant of the variables that must be considered while comparing distance and online schools or universities. The analysis conducted by College Vidya yielded a startling discovery. According to the research statistics, 68 percent of students solely compared fees as a determining criterion for admission, while only 11 percent of students considered approvals, faculty, and placement cells. The remaining 21 percent of pupils do not compare at all. They rely only on the recommendations of their elders, acquaintances, and family members. The survey highlighted how many students are unaware of their options and make misinformed judgments regarding their future jobs. 

Also, Students are unaware of finding the factors that are necessary to compare distance & online colleges or universities. The study conducted by College Vidya resulted in a very shocking revelation. The study stats revealed that 68% of students only compared fees as the deciding factor for admission, while only 11% of students looked out for the factors like approvals, faculty, and placement cells. The remaining students that are 21% don’t compare at all. They just go with the word of mouth of their seniors, friends, and family members. The study revealed how much students are unaware and make uninformed decisions about their careers. 

No Comparison can cost you Your Career

We can’t stress enough that the distance & online colleges you choose are the makers of your career and any unwise decision can cost your career. 

The study of College Vidya has already proved how many students are aware of making the right decision on their career. The implications of not comparing and not choosing the right universities are serious and we say that students should not overlook the concrete factors. 

Many students research hundreds of online universities before applying but don’t compare because of the tedious process of collecting information. But comparing distance & online universities individually allows them to have a better understanding of what they have to offer. College Vidya specifically says to the students “Before making the final selection of any online university compare on the factors that matter to you the most”. 

 So the main question arises what are the concrete factors that should affect your decision making in University selection. 

Concrete Factors that Cannot be overlooked

Only Fees Matters. Everything else is just considerable. Well, that is what the study shows as 68% of students only consider fees as the important factor. But that’s what not it should be. Here are the factors that are important and should be defining factors when you select any distance & Online universities: 

  • Approvals: Higher Education governing bodies give recognition to the universities, thus affecting the reputation of the university. The higher the number of approvals, the better the university. Some permissions are required in order for the university to be valid, such as the UGC-DEB. All other variables, such as NAAC, NIRF, and QS rankings, are used to assess the university’s quality.
  • Faculty: Well, faculty is one of the main factors that should be in the student’s mind when they look out for universities. Finally, faculties are the ones who will train you, preparing you to pursue the job of your dreams. The university is worth choosing because of its experienced faculty.
  • Placement Assistance: The ultimate result to get a degree is because you make a career out of it and thus it becomes a vital factor for you to consider. Is there really a high percentage of jobs amongst graduates from the university? Is there a link with possible recruiters? Is there any job placement assistance offered through the university? Ascertain that you are well-versed in these components.
  • Student satisfaction: Check out just what past students have to say about university experience. Students’ alumni reveal the truth about the university. Another key component in gaining a true understanding of any distance or online education is Alumni Connect. So make sure you check this option as well. 

What Led to the College Vidya Compare

The study conducted by the College Vidya really showed what students lacked and also needed. Students were unaware of factors that helped them make an avid decision. College Vidya worked a year-round clock so that students have a platform that would unify all the factors. On College Vidya Compare you will find all the exhaustive factors that are the most important. You will get the information in details that are real and authentic. 

“College Vidya Compare” is an effort that aims to assist students to get answers to all of their questions in one place. You no longer have to navigate through the websites of several institutions in order to locate the fees or qualifying requirements. Everything will be listed in one portal here.

Great Comparison, No Confusion

The College Vidya Compare tool has compiled a list of over 75 distance and online institutions, including fees, approvals, study mode, faculty offered courses, eligibility requirements, and so on. College Vidya’s crew conducted an extensive study to gather all factually true facts. College Vidya’s ambition is to become India’s largest provider of online and distance education. The Compare function, which allows students to evaluate all the distance institutes and universities that offer legitimate distance and online education, is the portal’s unique and unbiased innovation.

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