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Top 15 Finance Project Topics and Ideas 2024 [For Freshers]

May 22, 2024 1.8K Reads

As a beginner seeking to begin your journey in discovering domains of finance, taking up engaging and meaningful projects alongside your degree can be the cornerstone of effective skill-building and growth as a student.

Not only are finance projects extremely helpful in building hands-on skills, they are often important for course evaluation in various commerce and finance-related degrees at the UG and PG levels.

However, choosing the right topic for a project and selecting one from the vast list of available options is a tough feat amidst one’s existing studies. So, in this informative blog, we walk you through some of the most popular, engaging and comprehensive project ideas in finance that you can consider taking up as a fresher or beginner in the discipline. Continue reading to learn more!

What is Finance & What Are Its Domains? 

Finance has been defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the activity of managing money” and is a field that is concerned with the management of money, monetary resources and assets, often by an enterprise or a commercial organisation. Finance revolves around a number of aspects including budgeting, saving, investment, financial security, risk analysis, trends analysis and so on, and as a domain, is concerned with 3 major areas of functioning: 

1) Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the branch of finance that is concerned with financial handlings in the organisational and enterprise units. Some of the common operational aspects of corporate finance include asset management, investments, financial risk analysis, resource allocation, handling mergers and acquisitions and so on. 

2) Personal Finance 

As suggested by the name, personal finance is the branch concerning the handling of individual financial assets and resources of individuals, and includes aspects like personal savings, investments, retirement planning, budgeting, insurance and so on. 

3) Public Finance 

Lastly, public finance involves aspects such as managing public financial holdings, administration, financial moulding in the PSUs and so on. Public finance takes into account the macrofinancial dealings and aspects of financial handlings. 

Why Take Up Finance Projects as a Beginner: Top 5 Reasons to Know 

While as a fresher, the importance of developing sound theoretical bases and knowledge is of utmost importance, it is equally important to build up one’s research skills and practical expertise right from the initial phases of your finance education. To facilitate such learning, finance projects are highly handy and enable the smooth acquisition of skills related to the field. 

Here are the top five reasons listed for you to consider, which make pursuing finance courses a good choice for you as a fresher/beginner in the field of commerce.

1) Excellent for Early Portfolio-Building 

In addition to being useful for skill growth, finance projects right from the initial years of your finance degree also help build up an attractive portfolio. Taking up meaningful projects which are well-researched and creative helps build up your portfolio for future purposes. 

2) Cornerstone for Practical Skill-Enhancement 

One of the most important reasons for you to consider taking up a project in commerce is how it can build up your practical skills in the domain. Such projects can be quite useful for students to identify their strong areas, build upon them as well as improve upon weaker skill areas. Starting on right from the initial years of your course can help you catch on to the current trends and develop your skill set accordingly. 

3) Important for Curricular Assessment 

Another reason to take up trending as well as engaging projects are guided by the curriculum requirement of a number of commerce and finance courses, which requires students to complete a project at the end of their semesters for attaining required credits for completing the degree. 

4) Improving Professional Prospects & Career Scope 

Since projects are quite beneficial for the growth of skills set of commerce students alongside building an appealing portfolio, it factors in by increasing your professional scope as well as providing you with a competitive leverage over contemporaries in future career prospects. 

5) Stay Abreast With Industry Trends 

Lastly, taking up regular projects in the domain of finance allows for staying updated with current industry standards, practices as well as trends with which one must be acquainted.Thus, factoring in all such considerations, taking up finance projects regularly or completing detailed and thorough projects can provide you with academic leverage and skill expertise much needed to thrive in the fast-paced career domains of the current age. 

Top 15 Finance Project Ideas for Beginners & Freshers

Detailed here are some of the top projects in finance that you can consider taking up as a fresher or beginner. 

1) Portfolio Evaluation with Investment Decision-Making 

This project topic pertains to certain key aspects that the student must detail in the project such as the basic concept underlying the design of a portfolio, the design of an appealing portfolio, aspects to avoid when creating a portfolio as well as the relationship between a successful portfolio and decisions made for investments. This project is easy and manageable for a fresher or beginner to work upon. 

2) Mergers & Acquisitions from a Banking Perspective 

While mergers and acquisitions are widely studied from managerial, organisational and strategic perspectives, understanding the details of the process of an M&A from the financial aspect is another interesting project to prepare. This is a holistic project that includes a number of aspects such as the investments, division of shares, equity, asset evaluation, financial risk evaluation associated with the M&A and so on.

3) Private versus Public Mutual Funds: Evaluation of Performance

A comparative analysis of mutual funds in India with respect to their public versus private ownership is another engaging project to take up for a finance student. This project topic enables the student to understand the working principles of mutual funds, the various contingencies upon which the success of a mutual fund depends as well as an overall comparison of the various public and private sectors in terms of the performance of the mutual fund. 

4) Integration of AI Tools in Indian Banks 

One of the most potent areas to explore keeping in mind the industry trends in finance domains includes the integration of artificially intelligent technologies into the Indian banking sector. There are a number of AI tools and technologies that have enabled the automation of a number of services and operations in the banking sector, and a detailed analysis of the Indian banking sector and its state of integration with such technologies provides a novel and relevant area for research and project. 

5) Demonetization and Its Impact on the Indian Financial System 

The demonetization of the Indian currency in 2-16 had impacted the financial ecosystem of the country at multiple levels. This project topic seeks to analyse the impact of the demonetization on the Indian economy as well as the BFIS sectors. This is a detailed review-based project in which the student would explore the various domains and impacts of demonetization from a financial angle. 

6) Wealth Management in Virtual Settings 

With a number of virtual technologies and advanced information systems coming up in the current financial landscape, the face of wealth management has also been transformed greatly over the past decade. This project topic explores the current industry practices revolving around wealth management in the nation with respect to the virtual setting, exploring aspects such as the utility of new AI tools in wealth management, current technologies deployed in the domain and interactions and money management when operating through the online mode. 

7) Financial Risk Management in Indian Public Sectors 

The practice of financial risk management has garnered growing attention in recent times in both the private and public sectors. A detailed project assessing the development of the technologies of financial risk assessment, current practices of the industry as well as trends and identified prominent risks and their management in the Indian public sector is a highly detailed project that offers novel insights into the domain. 

8) Digital Technology Integration in Rural Banks of India

The banking sector especially in the rural areas of India still presents an arena with immense scope for development and integration of technologically advanced features and tools. Conducting a detailed project on how digital technologies are being integrated into the rural banking sector of India would provide the student with novel insights into how technology can be utilised furthermore in the banking sector for furthering the progress made so far in the industry. 

9) Future of Mutual Funds 

Another easy and manageable finance project topic for freshers and first year students is to provide a creative project on the future of mutual funds in India and on an international basis based on a thorough review of literature. Public information, statistics as well as thought articles can be used to devise a holistic framework for presenting the predicted future of mutual funds. 

10) Brand Imaging in the Insurance Sector 

The purchase of insurance of various domains in India is a much researched topic and the marketing and branding strategies chosen by various insurance brands presents an engaging topic for a finance project. The strategies of self branding chosen by insurance ventures, the relationship between specific practices and brand success and so on are arenas that this project aims to uncover and consolidate. 

11) Trends-Analysis in the Indian Stocks Market

A project on the investment sector and the stocks market of the country is another interesting topic to take up if you want to delve deep into investment banking and stocks. A detailed analysis of the trends in the investment patterns of individual users, stock market data of various conglomerates, mutual funds and their success as compared to stock investments and so on are pertinent subtopics in this project to consider. 

12) Policies and Indian Home Loans 

Studying the Indian home loans and their policies, accessbility across various public and private banks, criteria for application, acceptance rates, trends in applying for home loans across years and states of the country etc. are some of the key areas to explore in a project analysis of the Indian home loans and their policies.

13) Financial Ethics & Issues of Cybersecurity 

Another specialisation arena gaining increasing popularity and sanctity in the financial industry is the code of ethics in the field as well as strengthening the cybersecurity measures of the industry to uphold the saftey of users.

A project on this topic taking into account the technological and legal aspects associated with cybersecurity and financial ethics is novel, suited to the proficiency of freshers and also highly relevant in the current industrial context. 

14) A Case Study of Capital Investment 

A detailed case study looking into the capital investments industry, its practices, trends, ethics and guidelines for practice, user insights etc. is another domain to consider taking up as a finance student.

Such a project can look into the various types of capital investment projects, the public investments, the mechanism of working of capital investment and so on. 

15) Reverse Mortgage System in India

The reverse mortgage system in India is a special initiative aimed at enabling senior citizens to generate additional income from owned property. It can be an engaging domain for a fresher to explore through a detailed project covering various areas including (but not limited to) the history of introduction of the facility, the mechanism for application and values of reverse mortgage systems, current trends related to reverse mortgage and so on.


As can be seen, finance projects can be fun and engaging while providing rich insights into the industry–allowing for detailed skill-building and enrichment of your portfolio. There are diverse domains in the field wherein a student can choose to take up a project in, which help them build strong hands-on skills and expand their knowledge of the field as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A few easy topics for projects in finance include those like performance evaluation in the banking sector, wealth management in virtual settings, investigating the future of mutual funds etc. 

Some of the most engaging and manageable project topics in finance include portfolio management and investment banking, banking in the case of mergers and acquisitions, integration of digital technology in rural Indian banks and so on. 

The difficulty levels and depth of the finance project would vary from one topic to another. If you choose a finance project topic that aligns with your level of expertise, then it would not be a very difficult feat to accomplish. Moreover, with time and practice, you would be able to pursue and complete projects more easily.

Yes, as a fresher or beginner, one should absolutely consider taking up projects in the domain of finance, since it would enhance not only the hands-on skills and expertise of the student but also build up a strong portfolio which enhances the available professional opportunities for them.

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