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How College Vidya Helps In Finding Colleges For The Course You Want To Pursue

Dec 9, 2023 10.5K Reads

College Vidya has recently launched its Compare feature to help students in choosing the right university for their course. Choosing the best university can be a daunting task because there are hundreds of universities that are providing Open and Distance Learning programs.

Not every university can help you reach your destination so that is the reason you must look forward to the university features that can help you in gaining value in the distance and online education. 

College Vidya compares more than 75 different distance and online universities on the basis of the following factors: 

  • Approvals: Every university is required to gain some approvals to be legitimate to provide higher education courses. If the university does not have these approvals then the university will not be eligible to provide any degree and all its degrees will be considered invalid or bogus. In India, every university must gain approval or recognition from the University Grants Commission. University Grants Commission is a statutory body set up by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education under the Government Of India. However, if you are going to take admission in any distance learning program then you must check the approval of the Distance Education Bureau or Distance Education Council. 
  • NAAC Accreditation: National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous body that provides accreditations to the Higher Education Institutes and gives them grades as per their performance. You might have noticed that all the famous universities have NAAC Grade A or A+ which simply means that they have been marked on the basis of their performance over the years. Hence, College Vidya Compare has even mentioned the NAAC accreditations of the universities. 
  • Academic Fees: This is one of the major factors of comparing different universities because most of the students prefer to spend less on distance education. Also, most of the central government universities provide affordable courses, whereas, private universities charge a hefty amount from students but they give proper LMS facilities and other stuff. However, students who are taking admission in the distance learning programs have different preferences as some prefer affordable courses and others prefer to spend more for proper facilities and placement assistance. Hence, College Vidya Compare has listed down the academic fees of all the programs of all the universities.   
  • E-Learning: E-learning aka online learning is another factor to compare different universities. There are plenty of distance universities in India but not every university offers the facility of online learning like LMS, online lectures, etc. On the landing page of the Compare website, you will be able to see which university is offering e-learning and which does not. 
  • Industry Acceptance: It is important for you to get enrolled in degrees that are widely accepted in the industry. However, the industry acceptance of degrees depends upon the university. If your university has been approved by UGC-DEB and by other statutory bodies of the Government of India like AICTE.
  • EMI Facility: Although distance education is extremely affordable to students as it has been designed to cater to the needs of those who cannot take admission in the regular university because of lack of finances. However, there are reputed private universities that charge hefty amounts for their services in the distance mode. Nevertheless, you can still take admission with the help of the EMI facility. There are universities like Jain, NMIMS that provide EMI or loan facilities to students to pursue their degrees in the distance mode. On the landing page of College Vidya Compare, you will be able to figure out which university is offering EMI facilities and which doesn’t. 

What is College Vidya Rating?

College Vidya has its own rating and this rating is given to universities based on the factors of universities. The counselors of College Vidya analyze different universities on the basis of factors like availability of E-Learning, Placement Assistance, LMS, approvals, accreditations, etc. The rating is given after analyzing the universities and students can trust this rating. The university with the highest rating is the one that provides almost all the facilities to you to provide a classroom-like experience even in online learning.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, you can compare more than two universities at the same time. However, you need to choose a particular course and then you will be able to compare the universities that are offering your course.

College Vidya asks for your information to provide you with customised results as it will streamline your search.

Yes, you will get the information about all the courses provided by different universities.

College Vidya has only listed UGC-approved universities. These distance universities are even approved by UGC-DEB and are valuable in the distance learning domain.

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