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How Do I Pursue A Part Time M.Tech In Kerala? – Info 2023

Jan 30, 2023 10.5K Reads

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What is Part-Time M.Tech in Kerala?

Part-time Mtech in Kerala is a 2-year postgraduate degree that works on inculcating technical knowledge within the seeking candidates. This type of master’s degree allows the student to augment their expertise in a more effective way and focus on a specific area of study.

Often, we see several colleges where we see a large percentage of students get both a Mtech and a BTech degree, So there are numerous colleges in Kerala for the same. In order to go on, let’s make sure we have a full understanding of what a part-time Mtech degree is all about.

As per the new AICTE regulations, which specify that all now all nomenclatures includes part-time Mtech, Mtech evening, Mtech weekend is now valid, a realistic and theoretical experience like one was the case for the previous rules, which had mandated that students must use the terms face-to-to-face treatment was until classes concluded, even if not.

In terms of education, people who are unable to go to school full-time will now participate in the Mtech curriculum. Taking into consideration the ability gap between vocational training and advanced programs, Mtech part-time students need more education.

So, what do you do with the option of pursuing a Part-time Mtech in Kerala? That is true of all over India, the criterion to pursue a Mtech degree in Kerala or in all states is the same is the same, is it? In order to apply for admission to M Tech, students should meet the rules and requirements mentioned above.

Furthermore, in order to get admission in the part-time Mtech program in Kerala, there are some tests needed Mtech classes can be taken at various times, as long as they are convenient to the students and offered during the workweek or during the weekend, however, as part-time.

All classes must be given face-to-to-face and realistic hands-on training. If this method of study is taken at a site where you can do tests, with secure instrumentation, it calls for significantly more technical skills and a higher amount of practice which are beyond reach in a location without these amenities. It can be achieved in two different ways, either as an individual qualification or as part of a university program for degrees.

How to Pursue in Part-time M.Tech

GATE Score- Though there are numerous entrance exams for Master of Technology programs, the most popular is the GATE examination. Since the GATE test is valid in India, it is also valid for the part-time Mtech program offered in Kerala. Both technical institutions in India have the choice of using the GATE test in their curricula and are likely to do so.

GATE scores would qualify a student for access to a part-time engineering program, regardless of whether they are interested in MTECH.

Graduate from a Recognized University- Different institutions can have different requirements for tenure track status. To be admitted to the MTech (MS, MSA, M Eng, MS in Engineering) program, students must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as engineering, or a postgraduate degree from a recognised university.

Graduates with a Master of Programming Aptitude and a degree in engineering will be qualified to participate in a professional computer design software course of study.

Additionally, students who received a minimum of 45-50 percent in their graduation or engineering degree are eligible to join the part-time Mtech program.

Working professionals- As previously said, the primary objective of this course is to assist aspirants who wish to earn a higher degree whilst maintaining their current job profile. Thus, being a technical degree precludes the applicant from taking distance or online courses, even though the college system now offers part-time Mtech degrees that do not force the candidate to leave their current job and allow them to attend classes on weekends or even in the evenings without affecting their current job.

Certain colleges also administer their own entry test for admission to part-time Mtech programs or to any Mtech degree program.

Top Government/Private/Part-Time M.Tech Colleges in Kerala

Here the candidates can see the complete list of part-time Mtech colleges in Kerala that are both private and government colleges:



Fee Structure

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Private ₹ 350,000
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore Private ₹ 212,300
RV College of Engineering, Bangalore Private ₹ 74,000
BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore Private ₹ 55,600
Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 179,140
REVA University, Bangalore Private
Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 132,280
Presidency University, Bangalore Private ₹ 180,000
School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University, Bangalore Private
National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal Public/Government ₹ 253,004
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Public/Government ₹ 28,400
Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore Public/Government ₹ 65,340
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 160,780
Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 120,000
University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore Public/Government ₹ 48,780
JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru Private ₹ 128,780
CMR University, Bangalore Private ₹ 240,000
MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore Private ₹ 410,000
New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore Private
Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur Private ₹ 185,950
PES University, Bangalore Private ₹ 340,000
The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore Private
Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore Private ₹ 211,880
Christ University, Bangalore Private ₹ 185,000
KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi Private ₹ 120,000
BMS Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore Private ₹ 120,000
NMAM Institute of Technology, Karkala Taluk Private ₹ 150,720
KLE Technological University, Hubballi Private ₹ 208,500
Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan Private ₹ 56,000
The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore Private ₹ 162,500
AMC Engineering College, Bangalore Private ₹ 254,500
International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore Public/Government ₹ 640,000
Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 148,950
MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore Private ₹ 246,220
CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 280,000
RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 120,000
BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 190,780
SDM College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad Private ₹ 166,100
Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore Private ₹ 175,070
ACS College of Engineering, Bangalore Private
PES College of Engineering, Mandya Private ₹ 149,100
SJC Institute of Technology, Chickballapur Private ₹ 167,780
JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bangalore Private ₹ 173,540
Rajarajeswari College of Engineering, Bangalore Private ₹ 120,000
St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore Private ₹ 120,000
Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology, Bangalore Private
Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Bangalore Private ₹ 159,000
Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering, Shimoga Private ₹ 205,500
Sambhram Institute of Technology, Bangalore Private ₹ 137,300
Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, Chikmagalur Private
BITS Pilani, Karnataka Admission Point Private ₹ 293,000
SV University, Gajraula, Karnataka Admission Point Private ₹ 200,000
Lingaya’s University, Karnataka Admission Point Private ₹ 122,500


So the conclusion of the blog is that it shows all the specified and required details that are needed while pursuing part-time Mtech in Kerala.

It also shows the colleges of Kerala that are offering the program for the aspirants who are willing to pursue the course. Also, we mentioned it’s a valid degree and can be done by even a working professional.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, as per the AICTE guidelines now a part-time Mtech degree is a valid course or degree which is a 2-year postgraduate degree.

The specializations of part-time are as follows:-

  • MTech Information Technology
  • MTech in Computer Science
  • MTech in Mechanical Engineering
  • MTech in Mechanical Production Engineering
  • MTech in Mechanical Design Engineering
  • MTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • MTech in ECE Embedded System
  • MTech in Communication Engineering
  • MTech in Agriculture Informatics
  • MTech in Biotechnology Engineering
  • MTech in Biomedical Engineering
  • MTech in Bioinformatics Engineering
  • MTech in Civil Engineering
  • MTech in Environmental Engineering
  • MTech in Structural Engineering
  • MTech in Transportation Engineering
  • MTech in Constructional Engineering
  • MTech in Process Engineering
  • MTech in Robotics
  • MTech in Cyber Security
  • MTech in Power Electronics
  • MTech in Energy Engineering

Yes, there is GATE examination specially designed for the Mtech program and other than that there are universities that take entrance examinations for the same.

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