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How Is NMIMS for A Part Time MBA? – Key Benefits, Career Scope, More+

Jan 30, 2023 10.7K Reads

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NMIMS Part Time MBA program is best as it is one of the topmost universities and comes under the list of top universities that have A+ NAAC accreditation. An inquiry or a service is offered at the regional university Centres in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata in addition to those in order to individuals who also choose to sit for the exams, as well as individuals who want to appear for the courses.​

In the year 1981, NMIMS University was included in the SAARC’s list of Deemed-to-to-be Universities, which classifies Indian institutions with the highest international accreditation. It has been authorized by the University Commission and the Normal (or, financially supported) Teaching Board of Industries, along with its efforts to standardize the work of academic faculty, organize school work on the ground, and also serve as a fund to support institutions of higher learning. All India Council of Technical Education and the University have been jointly appointed as technical consultants to AICTE.

NMIMS provides its students with Almaconnect, a Learning management system, placement support, career counselling and many other supports to all the candidates be it distance mode or a regular one.

Why NMIMS for Part Time MBA Programs In 2023?

Part Time MBA is a 2-year master’s degree in business administration. It is a program that enhances business as well as management skills. Eligible for Government College of Online Education and Accreditation (UGC-DEB) and accredited by AICTE, it is, because it’s a legal curriculum for candidates from a college.

According to this list, there are 933 universities that deliver distance learning programs, but only 33 of them are recognized by UGC, NMIMS University is one of them that offers a part-time MBA program

It is designed as a Business degree, newly- or recently-grads interested in advancing working in the business world (especially people with Master’s degrees in business administration) who are ready to move on to the next level The fundamentals of the BE/BTech/BA/BCOM/BS/BCA/BA/BCA/BCA graduates or diploma holders can learn, are laid out in the university program.

These days, an MBA with an online learning aspect is a primary course of action in expanding postgraduate education. The world’s occupations require all kinds of people to be equally qualified to fill them, all work functions, all domains, all positions, and levels, and all job qualifications must be seen equally.

NMIMS Part Time MBA Specializations 2023

Here is the list of Part Time MBA specialized courses offered by NMIMS University for the candidates who aspire to do an MBA in parallel to their current job profile:-

Supply Chain Management Banking & Finance Management Human Resource management
Operations Management International Trade Management Information Technology Management
Marketing Management Retail Management Financial Management

Key Benefits of NMIMS Part Time MBA Programs

The key benefits of NMIMS MBA part time are as follows for you to have a better understanding and easy to make a decision:-

Smart Part-Time MBA- rather than taking a lame step and doing a regular MBA it’s better to do the smart work and do a part-time MBA so that you can continue your job in parallel to your current job profile.

The flexibility of Time- the program offers the flexibility of time as you need not attend regular monotonous yet mundane classes of 9 to 5. One can attend the classes anytime and anywhere one wants.

Learn extra skills- Part-Time MBA enables the student to learn extra skills as you need not attend regular classes and can pursue any other regular course in parallel to continue the current job. Also by doing a part-time MBA from NMIMS University you can work on many of the extra-skills.

NMIMS offers Placement Assistance-NMIMS Is one of the universities that prepare its students for placement and enhances their soft as well as hard skills. It has an almaconnect panel, a solution for all career problems. A large number of alumni and job options will be provided there.

World-class classes- The classes that are being held by NMIMS University are the best in the education industry. It has the best Learning management system that has e-books, live lectures, industry expert faculty, video-recorded lectures and so on.

Less fee structure- Although NMIMS is a well-known university with result-oriented and placement assistance programs the fee structure is pocket-friendly of the program Part-Time MBA, and far less than the regular programs.

Valid degree- NMIMS University is UGC-DEB approved, and with the top-class curriculum structure, all of its courses including Part-Time MBA is a valid degrees. Also, the university is NAAC ‘A+’ accredited.

Designed for Working Professional- Part-Time MBA needs no regular college-going classes and can be taken online anytime and anywhere so it is designed for working professionals as it allows them to take courses while continuing their present job.

NMIMS Part Time Eligibility Criteria & Admission 2023

  • Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university are eligible to enrol in a part-time MBA program.
  • Students must receive a minimum of 55 percent on their qualifying degree and have at least three years of job experience.
  • You are registered for this course whether you have a post-graduation or other advanced degree from an AICTE accredited institution with a minimum of 55 percent and 2+ years of work experience.

Career Scope of Part-Time MBA Programs from NMIMS University

If you want to realize your dream of getting a great job in the industry, you should first learn about the various roles that are available. If you have any sort of field experience with a successful organization, you would be qualified for a variety of positions in industries with a wide range of career opportunities, including at senior levels.

Read:  NMIMS MBA For Working Professionals.

Now here is the list of job opportunities you will be having by completing a part-time MBA from NMIMS University:-

Business Development Manager Marketing Strategist Sales Manager Financial Analyst Logistics Manager
Brand Manager Sales Manager Management Consultant Business Development Manager System Support Manager
Market Research Analyst Management Consultant Product Manager Inventory Control Manager
Market Research Analyst Product Manager Accounting Head Transportation Manager
Business adviser Marketing Strategist Business Administrator Warehouse Operations Manager


A Part Time MBA from NMIMS is not a bad choice in fact a course worth opted by the candidates both working professionals and students who wanted to do MBA online mode. Also, it is a valid degree so I guess I’ve mentioned all the required details one needs while taking admission in the Part-Time MBA program.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, a part-time MBA is a valid degree and has been approved by the University Grant Commission.

All the Part-Time MBA courses are best including Part-Time MBA in finance, business, marketing, human resource, etc.

Part-Time MBA is easy for those aspirants who have an interest in learning management and want to make a career in the same willingly.

Yes, NMIMS is one of the best and valid universities to do any management courses and Part-Time MBA too.

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