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What Is Chat GPT? - 10 Ways to USE Chat GPT for Students

Dec 11, 2023 70.2K Reads

Ever since the Artificial Intelligence agency, Open AI launched its AI chatbot, the popular Chat GPT, it has blown up immensely in the internet community. Due to its all-around performance as an effective AI tool to assist human functioning, students and professionals are turning increasingly to it. 

However, if you are a student thinking about giving the AI tool a try, there are certain tricks and certain factors to keep in mind, both because of its magnanimous power the tool has and the loopholes in it. But don’t worry, we got you covered!!

Here we have provided you with a comprehensive guide about how you can put the Chat GPT tool to the best use as a student, whether you’re in school or college. Continue reading to explore the world of Chat GPT and the best AI features it has incorporated!

What is Chat GPT? 

Before one dives into how to use it as a student, it’s better that you get an idea about what this tool is all about. This will help you to know the tool and use it in a best-possible manner as a student. 

Chat GPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, is an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot tool that has been trained to produce information as per the requests of the user in an interactive-chat interface. Chat GPT is a highly evolved AI tool, much reflective of the future of AI in the world, and can provide virtually endless and all-round service and information about any topic as per your need. 

Chat GPT has been pre-programmed to imitate a human conversation, however, it is an extremely powerful and diverse tool, that can perform a large diversity of functions ranging from writing emails, stories, researched essays, creating musics, chatting with a person, paraphrasing, computer coding and decoding, software programming and much more. 

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For example, if you put the prompt, “write me a 1000 word story about a woman discovering a lost treasure”, the chatbot will generate an immediate and (in most cases) a well-framed story plot for you to work upon further! 

This tool is completely free to use and hence can be a boon to students for organising and navigating academics. Chat GPT has a large number of useful features and abilities, but also suffers some major drawbacks. As a student, before you venture into using the tool for your academic and daily life, you should be aware of its strengths and limitations, as well as its potential harms. 

Top 10 Ways to Use Chat GPT As a Student 

If you are confused about how you can make use of the Chat GPT tool to assist your life as a student, then this blog is the perfect spot for you. Chat GPT has immense scope of coming to use for students. Irrespective of whether you are a school student or a college student, there are multiple features on this AI chatbot that can help you navigate academics and student life much more conveniently. 

So, here we have curated for you the top 10 ways in which you can use the Chat GPT tool in the best manner if you are a student.

1) Summarising Long Essays and Articles to Read Them Easily

Very often in academia, owing to academic pressure and stressful and hectic study routines, students are unable to delve deep into concepts, essays and articles to develop thorough understanding. In many cases, to make the problem worse, some articles are too long to read and with the multitude of deadlines that students are so often struggling to meet, Chat GPT can become handy in helping you get an overall birds-eye perspective of an essay or article. 

Chat GPT can be used to summarise articles and research papers and even essays to give you a short summary (the length of which can be decided by you further based upon your prompt) and gist of content. So if you have an urgent presentation or need to prepare a few handy notes based on a research article or essay, Chat GPT can come to your rescue. 

To run the function of summarising an essay or research article in Chat GPT, you use a prompt like:

  • “Provide me a 200 word summary of [enter the article/essay content]” or 
  • “Summarise [enter title of research article] in 300 words for me” or 
  • “Provide me a summary of [enter article/essay content]” 

This summarising feature of Chat GPT is a really helpful tool to help you run through a large number of articles and essays, and is definitely a very time-efficient measure to make notes when you are running on a tightly packed schedule. 

2) Generate Ideas for Stories and Creative Pieces 

Being a student is a tasking role on so many levels, and with the endless domains in which they need to work, there can come some times when they are short of creative ideas or new ideas for a project. Additionally, if you are a school student studying language or a college-going literature student, you might need to come up with essays, stories or poems quite frequently for your academics, assignments or projects. Having to frequently come up with such ideas can create a sense of block experienced by many students and even writers.

Chat GPT can prove to be a very helpful tool in this regard. Its AI and machine learning based model has imbibed creativity programmed within it. So, when you feel your creativity is lagging or you are unable to come up with unique or innovative creative pieces, you can use Chat GPT to help you 

  • provide interesting prompts for writing
  • help you design a plotline 
  • form characters for a story. 

The tool is so powerful, it is well-equipped to form meaningful and coherent poems and stories. As you tweak around with the way you ask questions or provide prompts, you can even use it to generate ideas centred around story characters you want in a story/poem. 

One of the best features of Chat GPT is that it has the memory of the information previously mentioned in the conversation. You can use this to your advantage while coming up with ideas for plots, along which you can further generate ideas around characters and connect the two.  

To use Chat GPT as a tool to come up with story or poetry ideas, you can use prompts such as:

  • “Write me a story about [enter topic around which story is to be written].”
  • “Give me plot ideas for [enter topic around which story is to be written].”
  • “Give me poem ideas for [idea around which poetry is to be written].”
  • “Write me character ideas for a story about [enter story theme].”
  • “Give me story ideas about [enter the main character you want for your story].”

However, it is recommended to not rely solely on Chat GPT to form stories and poems for your assignments and homework. You should rely on Chat GPT only as an assistive tool for coming up with story ideas or plotlines rather than copy a story generated by the tool. 

3) Generate Ideas and Responses for Homework and Assignments

This is one of the most useful ways to use Chat GPT as a student. This AI driven chatbot has been pre-programmed by feeding information from a very large database and the internet sources of information. Thus, one of the best ways you can put it to use as a student is by prompting it to give you ideas and generate responses for an assignment or essay which is due to be submitted. 

Chat GPT can search and provide you with unique responses about virtually any possible topic and hence, it can give you responses specially tailored to your homework assignment or essay questions. So, you can use Chat GPT to generate ideas about topics as diverse as literature essays, movie analyses, informative essays, or even technical topics like coding, computer programming, mathematical and scientific problems etc. 

What’s more, these responses are not fragmented pieces of information from multiple internet sources pinned together, but a coherent and unique piece in itself. 

So you can effectively use Chat GPT to generate new ideas, get a framework for your essay or even just accumulate information for a response at one spot in an organised and summarised manner. 

There are many prompts you can use in Chat GPT to help you with your essays and homework. Here are a few of the most useful prompts to serve the bot: 

  • “Provide me ideas for [enter essay topic]”
  • “Write me a 1000 word essay on [enter essay topic].”
  • “[simply enter your homework question].”
  • “Provide me with ideas for [enter essay/homework topic].”

It is not recommended to use Chat GPT to generate entire answers for your essays and homework questions, because even though its database is strong, it can still present incorrect information, nonsensical and incoherent responses or factually invalid responses occasionally. Moreover, many plagiarism checkers and antiChatGPT softwares are now available which can be used to spot the essays prepared by Chat GPT. If your assignment gets identified as being written by an AI bot, it can lead to negative marking, disqualification, poor grades and in worst case, plagiarism accusations which can discredit all your academic labour in the past. So Chat GPT should ideally be used ONLY for generating ideas or preparing a rough framework for your essay response. The facts and information presented by the bot should also be double-checked to ensure its credibility.”

4) Managing and Writing Applications and Mails 

As a student, you may often be required to write emails, applications or formal messages of communication to your institution, professors or peers. Writing such formal pieces can not only be very taxing and tedious but also very time-consuming, especially if you are working in a hectic academic schedule. 

Chat GPT can make your life much easier in this aspect as it can write accurate, meaningful and coherent emails and applications that you may need to send out. By simply feeding the purpose of the mail and describing the tone you want your email/application to have, you can use it to create a grammatically accurate and formal email within a few seconds. 

This feature of Chat GPT for writing mails and applications is quite accurate and fool-proof, as it has been tested to produce pieces with accurate formats, vocabulary, grammar and tone. Chat GPT can become your one-spot stop for handling the hassles of all your academic, formal and even informal emails  and messages. 

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You can provide simple prompts with the context of your message and later fill in the personal information that the mail required before sending it out. This feature of Chat GPT can be a lifesaver for students, especially if they feel inadequate at writing important formal pieces of correspondence. 

Some of the prompts that you can use for writing mails and applications for academic purposes include:

  • “Write me an email to my [professor/principal/peer/any other authority] for [enter the purpose of writing the mail].”
  • “Write me a [type of application] to my [professor/principal/peer/any other authority] for [enter the purpose of writing the mail].”
  • “Write me an email as a reply to [copy the email content] accepting/refusing it.”

You can further decide upon the tone of the mail/application that you want by providing Chat GPT further prompts such as:

  • “Make the tone of the email more formal.”
  • “Make the tone of the mail more informal.”
  • “Make the tone of the application polite.”

Even though the mail/application writing feature of Chat GPT is quite powerful and fool-proof, you should always double-check the response generated, ensure you enter your personal details in the response correctly, look for spelling and grammar errors etc. before sending out the final mail/application.

5) Summarising Your Class Notes 

A very useful way to let Chat GPT assist you in your academics is to help it summarise your class notes or lecture notes. If you need to accumulate your class notes or organise them in a meaningful yet concise manner, Chat GPT can be handy as it summaries the notes as per the word limit you provide it with.

This can be very effective for learning and preparing for examinations and tests. With a few simple prompts, you can organise your class notes in a typed format, with all the information accumulated at one spot. 

You can use simple prompts which include the materials you need to be summarised as well as the world limit for the summary. Here are a few common templates of prompts that you can use for summarising the content of your class/lecture notes: 

  • “Summarise [enter class notes] within [enter word limit].”
  • “Give me a summary of [enter lecture notes] within [enter word limit].”
  • “Summarise the main points of [enter lecture notes] in bullets.”
  • “Summarise [enter class notes] in a document format.”

In case of summarisation, it is advisable that you use Chat GPT only for a basic summarisation of a topic. Since the chatbot prepares the summary of the article based upon the word limit you provide, it can be possible in certain instances that it misses out on some important points of discussion from the lecture notes. So it is advisable to cross-check and modify the summary that Chat GPT with your actual class notes. 

6) Coming Up with Unique Ideas, Titles and Abstracts for Projects and Research Proposals  

Chat GPT is a creative and witty tool, and hence you can use it for your research purposes as well. It is good at summarising, and can help you summarise your projects and researches within a limited word count as per your needs. Moreover, with its ability to come up with creative ideas and answers, you can use it to come up with titles or examples for your research study. You can even find analogies to certain situations by using Chat GPT and cite them in your research/assignment/essay as relevant. 

Chat GPT has the ability to read and remember content, and not only this, it can also summarise and understand content in a way to come up with titles, summaries or analogies that fit the content of a response. Moreover, depending upon the type of study and nature of title you want for it, you can provide further commands about the tone of the title of your research study or project. So, it can accordingly come up with titles and ideas. 

Here are a few basic prompts that you can use for the same: 

  • “Provide me with a catchy title for [enter your research/project/essay]”
  • “Provide me with a formal research title for [enter your research/project/essay]”
  • “Summarise [enter your research/project/essay] in [enter word limit].”
  • “Write a formal abstract for [enter your research/project/essay] in [enter word limit].” 

7) Practising Your Curriculum for Exams and Tests 

One of the best and most powerful features of Chat GPT is its ability to not only respond to questions but also understand topics and subjects and accordingly come up with its own questions. This feature can be used effectively by students to practise questions and prepare for examinations. 

Thus by using Chat GPT, you can generate practice questions for yourself in a variety of formats, ranging from fill-ups, multiple choice questions, short or long essay questions and more. Accordingly, you can learn about a topic and prepare it further by focusing on your weaker areas or by practising questions. Furthermore, you can enter your responses and ask for feedback from Chat GPT itself and with its ability to recall information, it can provide you with feedback about your responses based on the questions it asked. 

Here are a few simple prompts that you can use to get Chat GPT to generate practice questions for you: 

  • “Provide me with 5 [enter type of question] on [enter topic].”
  • “Generate 3 essay questions for me on [enter topic].”
  • “Generate 4 [enter type of question] on [enter topic] for a [enter level of education-e.g. 12th grader/fresher/sophomore/high school student etc.].” 
  • “Provide me feedback on [enter your response] for [enter question].” 

8) Using as a Spelling and Grammar Checker

Another common and useful way of using Chat GPT to make studies easier for yourself is to ask it to perform the role of a grammar and spelling checker. The tool has the power of not only assessing the grammar and spellings of a response, but also assessing and accordingly providing suggestions for modifications based upon the level of the writer (e.g. a middle school student, a high school student, a college student or a research student). 

So it can read your articles or essays for you, check the grammar and spellings for it as well as assess and suggest modifications in your response based upon how advanced you want your language in the response to be. 

Here are some of the prompts that you can use to enable Chat GPT to read through and check the grammar and spelling errors in your essay/article:  

  • “Check the spelling errors in [enter your essay/article/response].”
  • “Check the grammar and language of  [enter your essay/article/response].”
  • “Run spelling check on [enter your essay/article/response].”
  • “Suggest some changes to make [enter your essay/article/response] look like more advanced English”
  • “Modify [enter your essay/article/response] to make it sound more advanced in language”
  • “Assess the grammar and spelling of [enter your essay/article/response] at the basic level of language.” 

Since the chatbot is known to occasionally commit errors in spellings and grammar, solely relying on Chat GPT to check the grammar or spellings of an essay/article may not be sufficient. As a student, you should double-check to ensure that your work is free of errors. 

9) Getting Summaries of Articles, Movies or Documentaries

Just as Chat GPT is able to fetch and meaningfully present information about various topics of academics, it is also able to provide summaries and furthermore, reflections and unique analyses of documentaries and movies, or even books and fiction. 

In many cases, if a particular movie analysis or book analysis is boggling your mind as a student, or simply because you wish to learn more about a movie or book in the context of your academics, you can ask Chat GPT to provide you concise summaries or even provide its own analyses or reflections upon the work. This will allow you to form some additional ideas other than your own unique interpretations and reflections. 

Here are a few prompts that can be used for the same: 

  • “Provide me a synopsis of [enter movie/book title] in [enter word limit].”
  • “Provide me reflections on [enter movie/book title].” 
  • “Give me a summary of [enter movie/book title].”
  • “Give me a summary of [enter movie/book title] in [enter word limit].”
  • “Give me a critical analysis of [enter movie/book title].” 

10) Organising Academics and Managing Time 

Lastly, apart from actually assisting in direct academic functions, Chat GPT can also help a student in generally organising and sorting out their academics. Being a powerful and conversational AI tool, Chat GPT is helpful in organising your academics along with helping you develop study routines, timetables or organising your academics in terms of work pressure, syllabus, deadlines and so on. 

You can also use this tool to generally provide you advice and tips about how to manage academics, for e.g. how to develop a structure for an assignment, how to manage your time between academics and other pursuits and so on. In this sense, the scope of utilising Chat GPT as an assistive tool for a student is limitless.

Some of the common prompts you can use to enable Chat GPT to act as your assistive tool in learning and academics include: 

  • “Give me a study schedule for [today/1 week/2 weeks/1 month] for [enter subject name].”
  • “How can I manage time between 2 subjects for a day?”
  • “How can I manage time between lectures and self-study?”
  • “Help me design a study routine for today.”
  • “How to manage time before exams?”
  • “Organise my study schedule for today.”  
  • “How to take notes in class in the most effective manner?”

Chat GPT has great potential as an assistive educational tool. Being an AI driven chatbot equipped with the ability to remember previously mentioned information and learn from various sources on its own, it is capable of presenting you with meaningful and coherent advice and tips, accumulated from a large number of sources as well as combined with its own insights. 

This can be very helpful for you in getting advice, tips and reflective help from the tool within the span of a few seconds. So, Chat GPT is best used when it is utilised for assisting you in your academics and managing time. However, it is not a tool to be solely relied upon when it comes to academics, and under no circumstances should it become a replacement for your creative and own analytics skills. 

How to Use Chat GPT? 

Now that you have an idea about the various functions that Chat GPT can perform to assist you in academics, you need to form a basic idea about how you can actually start using the app.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide about Chat GPT can be used: 

  1. The very first step is to register on the app by signing-up on the official website of Chat GPT.
  2. After visiting the website, click on ‘Sign-Up’ or ‘Register’ after which you will be required to provide the email ID through which you wish to register on the website. 
  3. Create a password for the chatbot. 
  4. You will be sent a verification link on the email ID you provided. Go to your inbox and click on the verification link to start the verification process. 
  5. Once your email ID has been verified, you will be asked to provide some basic personal details such as your first name and last name. 
  6. After providing the details, you will be successfully registered on the Chat GPT website. 
  7. Once your registration is complete, you will be redirected to the home page of Chat GPT, where you can type your request and Chat GPT will generate a response which will be saved in a separate chat. On the side panel of the homepage, the tab of all the chats are present, along with the option of starting a completely new chat with the bot. 
  8. Consequently you can keep on adding chats, or asking questions to the bot through the question panel at the bottom of the screen to generate responses as per your needs. 

Chat GPT Best Features 

The best uses of Chat GPT for a student have already been mentioned above. What makes Chat GPT a very powerful tool for handling a diverse range of functions is some of its best and prominent features.

Here we have listed the top most relevant features of Chat GPT that can be best used by students: 

  1. Chat GPT has the capacity to remember previously provided information which helps it to provide connected and coherent responses to the queries of the user. 
  2. It is programmed to modify its tone and vocabulary according to the level you desire, e.g. formal vs informal, beginner or intermediate or advanced level of vocabulary use etc. 
  3. It allows you to come up with follow-up questions and queries, and hence you can accordingly use it to get detailed or shorter responses, or mody a response already given by the AI chatbot. 
  4. Chat GPT is programmed with excellent technical, mathematical and computational skills and can be helpful in assisting with mathematics, science and coding homeworks for students. 
  5. Chat GPT can also run as a spelling and grammar checker and help you identify language errors in a particular response quickly. 
  6. It is a powerful summarising and paraphrasing tool. 
  7. It can provide assistance to students in multiple languages, thus crossing language barriers and being helpful in students belonging to various language backgrounds. 
  8. It has been programmed and reprogrammed through various updates to identify and deny responses to inappropriate requests by users. 
  9. Lastly, Chat GPT can generate not only answers but also questions based on a topic, making it a useful tool for self-study and practice. 

Using Chat GPT As a Student: Some Dos and Don’ts 

While Chat GPT is an immensely powerful AI tool with a large scope for educational and academic assistance, it is not fool-proof and still has a number of limitations. The tool is being revamped and constantly updated by designers and developers. So there are factors to keep in mind while using this tool. Here are a few of the curated tips for you as a student to keep in mind while using Chat GPT as an assistive tool for studies. 

Some of the basic do’s of using Chat GPT as a student include: 

  • Use Chat GPT for assisting your studies. 
  • Provide clear and easy to understand prompts to Chat GPT. 
  • Use more follow-up questions to get a response or refine the response you need for the academic purpose. 
  • You can use Chat GPT to generate responses in the form of a summary or a bulleted list as per your convenience.
  • Always recheck information obtained from Chat GPT as well as ensure a fact check whenever you are relying on the tool for a factual response. 
  • Always rely on your own reflective, analytical and critical skills for approaching your academics and the responses generated by Chat GPT.  

Some of the don’ts to keep in mind while using Chat GPT as a student include: 

  • Do not use Chat GPT to write your answers or assignments but only to get ideas for the same. 
  • Do not rely solely on Chat GPT to give you factual information as it has been found to produce inaccurate facts and incoherent information sometimes. 
  • Do not rely solely on Chat GPT for language correction (e.g. spelling and grammar checks) as it can occasionally create linguistically incoherent sentences or commit grammatical errors. 
  • Do not use Chat GPT to write answers for examinations as it is not fully plagiarism-proof. 
  • Do not become over-dependent on Chat GPT as despite being a powerful AI tool, it has its own limitations. Moreover, excessive reliance on the tool can turn into an addictive dependence and hinder your creativity as a student towards your academic ventures. 

Key Takeaways 

Chat GPT is definitely a revolution in the field of AI-driven technologies and has a lot to offer to students when used rightly. However, the use of Chat GPT should be regulated and preferably monitored in the case of school students. For college students and research scholars too, limited and careful use is recommended, as it has a highly addictive power. 

AI tools like Chat GPT may seem to be a boon for a fast-paced academic world, but there are loopholes in the chatbot which calls for judicious use. It should not be used as a tool to replace the efforts and personal thought, critique, analysis etc. which are required from a student  in order to ensure true learning. Chat GPT is put to best use when it is used as an assistive function to your academics rather than a replacement for all the academic efforts you are expected to invest into studies.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The registration process for Chat GPT is quite simple. You need to visit the website of Chat GPT (www.chat.openai.com), click on ‘Sign-Up’ or ‘Register’ and provide your email ID, create your password and then verify your email address. After verification you can directly start using the tool by adding your name and continuing to the homepage of Chat GPT.

Yes, as of January 2023, Chat GPT is a completely free access software, which means you can use it without making any payments.

No, Chat GPT is a chatbot formed by Open AI and as per its terms and conditions, any user should be above 18 years of age to any of their AI softwares. So, if you are below 18 years of age, you cannot create your own account to use Chat GPT. However, you can borrow someone else’s account (who is above 18 years of age) and use it under supervision and monitoring.

Chat GPT is an AI-driven chatbot created by Open AI to act as a conversational tool. However, its potential uses are much beyond an AI conversationalist. It can potentially be used as a search engine for gathering information, as a paraphrasing or summarising tool, as an assistive tool for solving problems, as a writing tool for writing poems, essays, stories etc. as well as a language and grammar correction tool or as a computational tool for mathematical purposes. It can act like your personal guide or coach or study organiser too.

There are a large number of ways to use Chat GPT if you are a student. You can use it to run spelling and grammar checks on your essays and assignments, generate ideas on a given topic, write your academic mails and applications, formulate stories and plotlines, solve technical and mathematical problems, summarise or rephrase texts for you, summarise your notes into concise and brief write-ups, create questions for practice and self-study or organise your academics. Chat GPT has a diverse range of features and it can be used very fruitfully by a student.

Chat GPT is very helpful in assisting students in academics and managing time and hectic schedules of studies. It is good for students only when used in a limited and assistive manner for generating ideas and organising academics rather than as a replacement for the academic inputs they are expected to put in studies. It has potential harmful effects for students in terms of developing a sense of dependence and addiction, reducing the creativity of students, leading to plagiarism etc. if not used carefully.

Yes Chat GPT is available for use in India.

Chat GPT is safe to use for school only as long as it is being used for generation of ideas and providing support in managing academics. It is not safe to use Chat GPT to write your assignments and essays as it can include some incorrect factual information or in some cases get accused of plagiarism if a software tracks the use of AI bot to write the assignment. 

Although Chat GPT creates unique content in most cases (and hence can evade a plagiarism tracker), it can be tracked by some AI tracker softwares now being introduced as a result of the popularity of this chatbot. So, it is not fool-proof of evading plagiarism. 

In most cases, Chat GPT produces plagiarism-free content for essays and assignments. However, an AI created answer can still be tracked by some advanced softwares. Moreover, it can also produce factually incorrect information or incoherent information in some cases. Hence it is not recommended to get Chat GPT to write your assignments and essays.

Yes, Chat GPT has been programmed to work in multiple languages. So you can use it in many languages other than English.

Yes, Chat GPT has been designed with computational and mathematical updates and abilities. Hence it is able to solve problems of mathematics and coding.

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