deadline for ignou july session extended till 10th september
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IGNOU Extended Deadlines for Re-Registration & New Admission - Till 10th September 2023

Dec 11, 2023 1.9K Reads

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has made a big statement by extending the deadline for new admissions for the July academic session. According to the most recent revision, applicants for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs now have until September 10, 2023. Except the certificate programs because their admissions are closed and not extended. 

This action has been taken by IGNOU, which is renowned for its dedication to offering affordable and high-quality education through remote learning, to accept a larger pool of applicants and ensure that every deserving student is allowed the chance to enroll in their selected courses.

Many applicants who may have encountered difficulties or delays in the application procedure will be relieved by the extension of the admittance deadline. It gives them more time to thoroughly explore their program selections, ensure they meet the eligibility requirements, and finish the required paperwork.

IGNOU offers a wide variety of programs in several different sectors, including management, commerce, science, and the arts. With this extended deadline, students can investigate various possibilities and choose wisely how to proceed with their academic careers.

Visit the IGNOU official website and follow the listed admission procedures if you're interested in applying for admission. This includes signing up for classes, completing the admissions form, uploading the appropriate files, paying the required fees, and ensuring all procedures are finished before the revised deadline of September 10.

The extension of the admission deadline by IGNOU is following its aim to offer inclusive education to students all across the nation, notwithstanding their geographic location or other limitations. It demonstrates the university's dedication to enabling opportunities for higher education for a diverse and vibrant student body.

To guarantee their spot in the following academic session, prospective students are invited to take advantage of this extension and submit their applications as soon as possible. There is still time for people to start their educational adventure with IGNOU because the revised deadline is set for September 10.

How to Finish the Registration Process in Steps:

  • To begin the registration procedure, go to the official IGNOU admission page.
  • Decide on the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) program you want to enroll in for the term starting in July 2023.
  •  Complete the online registration form completely, including your personal and academic details.
  • Adhere to the necessary papers, such as educational transcripts, identification verification, and a passport-sized photograph, and follow the instructions that are supplied.
  • Pay the necessary admission fees online. These payments can change based on the program you choose.
  •  Go over the filled-out form and any associated files very carefully. Complete the form, then submit it.
  • After submission, you will receive a special enrollment number.
  • It's a good idea to print a copy of your application form and payment receipt after you've finished it for your records.
  •  Pay close attention to any emails sent by IGNOU to your registered email address during the admissions process.
  •  You will receive study materials, information about study centers, and an admission confirmation letter after your application has been examined and approved.

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