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Home University Reviews Is Bharathidasan University Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Is Bharathidasan University Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Oct 27, 2023 1.1K Reads

Bharathidasan University offers various online bachelor’s and master’s courses, Bharathidasan University online is government-recognized as well. It was established in the year 1982. Since then it has been working for society by educating students, Recently University started various online courses as well.

University started these courses with the mission of creating a brave world.

About the Bharathidasan University Online

  • Established in 1982, Bharathidasan University is UGC-approved and also has a NIRF ranking and having NAAC A+ grade, it is one of the oldest universities in Tamil Nadu.
  • Universities aim to give students a quality education in both modes Online and regular. 
  • Students from around the world can enroll and learn the skills from the top Universities. 
  • Courses offered by the Bharathidasan University online are Online BBA, Online BA and Online MBA, and Online MA. 

Key Factors that one needs to consider while taking admission to an Online University

There are various factors that help you to decide the perfect fit for you and also it makes sure that you do not enroll in any fake university, as the no of people interested in online education is increasing just like online universities are also increasing and the number of fake universities is also increasing. And you do not enroll in any fake university for that you should consider these factors- 

  • University Accreditation
  • Fee structure
  • Curriculum and faculty
  • Accessibility of LMS
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support System
  • Placement Assistance

Now, we will be discussing all the above points in depth. 

Accreditations of the Bharathidasan University Online

Checking accreditations is very important because it ensures quality education, and to get government recognised these universities maintain quality education and hence the degree these universities provide is valid all around the world.

Coming back to Bharathidasan University Online- it is government-recognised.

Hence, the degrees provided by them are considered to be valid.

Fee structure of the Bharathidasan University Online programs

People often believe that they can not find a good university under their budget, but this is not true, most online universities are less expensive and give you various advantages such as 

Flexibility, affordability, etc. 

But, you should not always make decisions according to the fees but one should know that education is an investment, and investing in the best university is a must. 

Coming back to the fees of online programs Bharathidasan University online is also an affordable option, 





Online BBA

RS. 90,800

One must be passed out of class 12th.

Online BA

RS. 45,800

One must be passed out of class 12th.

Online MBA

RS. 91,000

A bachelor's degree is needed.

Online MA

RS. 76,000

A bachelor's degree is needed.

Curriculum and Faculty of Bharathidasan University Online

All the Course is planned out keeping in mind that working professionals will also enroll in the programs, it covers all the basics to a high level. 

So people who want to learn while working this is the easiest option for you to do you can do both at the same time and learn while earning so you don't miss out on any opportunity to learn. Even if it looks a little tiring you can manage to do both, so make sure you do both dedicated and do not miss out on any opportunity. 

The Faculty of the University is very helpful and dedicated and uses various different techniques to teach you, Hence you get the best outcome. 

LMS of Bharatidasan University Online Programs

What is LMS? LMS also known as a Learning management system is like a digital library where faculties update all the study materials and students can easily access all the study materials through LMS. 

Coming back to the LMS of Bharatidasan University Online programs LMS, it is easily accessible you have to follow simple steps to access the LMS, Visit the official website of the University, on the navigation bar you can see the head named “ Student Corner” under which you can easily find the LMS and its easy to access like enter your user id and the password and there you go. 

The evaluation method used by Bharatidasan University Online

There is evaluation throughout the course which includes various assignments, quizzes, MCQs, and semester-end exams to evaluate how much you have improved in the subjects. Exams will be conducted through LMS, and a continuous evaluation method will be used.  See the table below to know the percentage assigned for the evaluation- 



Continuous Evaluation


Semester end exams


Student Support System at Bharathidasan University Online

Before finalizing any university one must keep in mind to check the Student Support System, all the application process and admission process become easy for you because you get the help of the experts, now coming back to what student support you get if you enroll in the Bharatidasan University Online?

Student support that you get enrolling in Bharathidasan University online is- 

  • Chatbot- They have AI that helps you in solving your simple queries. You can simply type the question and get an answer in a few minutes. 
  • Contact No- You get a contact no, on which you can easily call and clear all your doubts.
  • E-mail ID- You have a mail ID option as well, if you want to share any screenshot of something asking the doubt regarding the application form then considering this option would be great. 
  • Counseling- Counselors of the university guide you the best so that you do not be left with any doubt. 

Placement assistance of the Bharathidasan University Online

Checking the Placement assistance of the university is also very crucial as it guides you entirely till you get a placement. It offers various services like resume building, networking, and alumni network and has a different placement partner, which comes at the time of the placements and hires students from the university. 

Talking about the placement assistance of Bharatidasan University Online, Yes, the university has placement assistance it also offers various services like Alumni, networking, and placement partners. 

Why Choose Bharthidasan University Online Program?

There are various factors that make the University different from the other universities such as- 

  • E-Book
  • Study Guides
  • Practice Tests
  • Lab Environment
  • Live interactive sessions
  • Gamified Modules

Some other online universities that you can consider

There are also other universities offering the same courses that you can consider-




Sastra University Online

Tamil Nadu


Vignan University Online

Andhra Pradesh


Chandigarh University 



GLA University Online

Uttar Pradesh


Amity Online

Uttar Pradesh


MMU Online University 




In short, University has passed all the factors that we talked about before finalizing your online university like it is a government - recognised, has student support services like a chatbot has e-mail ID and contact no to guide you throughout the application process. also gives placement assistance like resume building, alumni meet-ups, helps in networking, and most important it is partnering with Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, HSBC, and ICICI Bank. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Bharthidasan University does provide many online courses.


Courses offered by the Bharathidasan University Online- 

  • Online BBA
  • Online BA
  • Online MBA
  • Online MA

Yes, Bharathidasan University online is UGC recognised along with that it is also NIRF

NAAC A+ and AICTE accredited.

The NIRF Ranking of the Bharthidasan University online is 41 in the year 2023.

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