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Is Chitkara Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Dec 11, 2023 1.2K Reads

With outstanding online degree programs that meet the changing demands of a varied student body, Chitkara University Online strives to become a leading university. 

Enrolling in the Online MBA programs offered by Chitkara University's Centre for Continuing Education will provide you with the tools you need to become a leader and move up the corporate ladder. You may obtain a UGC-accredited MBA with a reputation for excellence that will easily fit into your busy work life while also immersing yourself in fascinating learning opportunities that will equip you to handle any business problem that comes your way.

About Chitkara University Online

In Punjab, India, Chitkara University is a prestigious university dedicated to providing top-notch instruction while cultivating a culture of creativity and research. The institution has established a prestigious reputation for its academic brilliance, industry relevance, and all-encompassing student development since its founding in 2008.

The institution, which has a sizable campus and cutting-edge facilities, provides a favorable atmosphere for student study. At the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels, Chitkara University offers a wide range of programs in engineering, management, pharmacy, healthcare, journalism, architecture, and other fields. The university's faculty members, who are seasoned professionals and subject matter experts in their various professions, are one of its major strengths. Their expertise in the field and insights into the business world enhance the learning environment, ensuring that students get a well-rounded education that meets business needs.

Chitkara University puts a lot of emphasis on encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity among its students. The college has partnered with business titans, incubators, and startup ecosystems to foster an entrepreneurial attitude. Students are inspired to think creatively, find novel solutions, and become job creators rather than merely job searchers through a variety of projects and activities.

Factors one should consider while choosing an online university

It might be difficult to find the ideal match for your requirements amidst the explosion of online education. However, it is a doable endeavor. All potential applicants should consider a variety of variables while selecting an online or distance education program and institution since doing so will simplify the selection process.

These factors include:

  • University Accreditation
  • Fee structure
  • Curriculum and faculty
  • Accessibility of LMS
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support System
  • Placement Assistance

To acquire a better understanding, let's now examine each of the above-mentioned principles in more detail, especially in the context of Chitkara University Online.

Accreditation of Chitkara University Online

A university's accreditations and approvals act as a gauge of its reliability. The reputation and worth of your chosen course and degree within the industry make it one of the most important and most scrutinized aspects when choosing an online institution.

In addition to receiving endorsements from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the University Grants Commission's (UGC) Distance Education Bureau (DEB), Chitkara University Online also holds high rankings from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), holding the 64th spot nationally. Along with 1 lakh + alumni networking

All degrees offered by the institution are acknowledged as legitimate and respected within their respective disciplines as a consequence of these honors

Fee Structure of Chitkara University Online

The cost structure is the second item on your checklist for choosing an institution. The tuition rates for the same courses are different at other institutions. Although it is unquestionably wise to choose a course or university that fits your budget, this shouldn't be your only consideration.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the variety of courses offered by Chitkara University Online before digging into the program's pricing structure.

Speaking of the tuition fees at Chitkara University online, it is fairly reasonable. The whole pricing schedule is shown in the table below. 

Courses Offered


MBA in Finance

INR 2,00,000/-

MBA in Marketing

INR 2,00,000/-

MBA in Human Resource Management

INR 2,00,000/-

MBA in Analytics

INR 2,00,000/-

MBA in International Finance & Accounting with ACCA

INR 2,00,000/-

MBA in Financial Service & Planning

INR 2,00,000/-

Dual MBA

INR 2,00,000/-


  • These fee ranges change from time to period
  • Chitkara University Online provides no-cost EMI facilities for their students who want to pay the fee in installments and provides several loan bankers for the loan facilities. 

Curriculum and Faculty of Chitkara  University Online

Another important consideration when choosing an online university is choosing a program that immerses you in the most recent technical developments and approaches used in the high-tech sector. It's similarly crucial to take into account the faculty panel's experience because they're crucial to improving your conceptual grasp of the course.

Every year, each course's curriculum at Chitkara University Online is revised to include the most recent advancements in the subjects in which they are taught. The self-paced study is made easier by the precisely created study materials, which were created by competent Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with years of expertise in respective fields. These instructional resources are offered in printed and digital versions, giving you the freedom to study whenever and whenever you choose.

Additionally, these academic materials go beyond just theoretical ideas and include real-world case studies, projects, and assignments that fully equip you to fulfill market expectations.

Accessibility of LMS of Chitkara University Online

The platform via which students may access course information in multiple ways is the learning management system (LMS). Students get the chance to interact via reading materials, videos, PowerPoint presentations, discussion forums, and internal evaluations before the semester even starts. This framework makes it easier to learn in line with a set curriculum.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, on the other hand, is used to organize final exams, result announcements, grievance settlement, and feedback gathering. After registering for the ERP system, students can access it with the login information they received at that time.

Evaluation Method of Chitkara University Online

Online exams are offered at several universities, each with its specific evaluation procedures. However, they have a similar scoring system in which external assessments account for 70% of the marks and internal evaluations for 30%. This pattern is followed by Chitkara University, which uses a variety of assessment tools, such as assignments, quizzes, practical exercises, projects, and end-of-term examinations.

These university examinations are proctored, so finishing projects and quizzes on time is crucial to getting better grades.

Chitkara University Online adopts comparable testing strategies that may be completed at home utilizing online proctoring procedures. These online tests provide the benefit of flexibility, enabling students to take their time and study at their speed. A computer or mobile phone with a functioning webcam and microphone is all that is needed to take an online exam.

Students Support System of Chitkara University Online

The degree of assistance offered by the institution is one of the most important factors for students to consider before enrolling there. Speaking of Chitkara University Online, their system for assisting students offers a wide range of services, such as:

  • Admissions Counselor: When you inquire about a course, an admissions counselor will be assigned to you and will help you with the admissions procedure.
  • Academic Support: From admission to degree completion, a committed program coordinator will assist you at every step of your academic journey.
  • Support for Special Person: Chitkara University is dedicated to providing accommodations for students with disabilities. During the application process, please let the institution know if you have any special requirements so that they may provide the necessary accommodations to make your studies easier.
  • Teaching Techniques: University engagement executives are there to assist you at all times. They keep you updated on the course material, tests, and other relevant information.
  • Student Welfare: Executives in charge of student engagement put out a lot of effort to make sure that learning goes smoothly and without difficulty, taking care of any problems you could run into while doing your homework. Your well-being is our main concern.
  • Start-up Assistance: Chitkara University provides expert advice to mentors for those who want to start their business. And that helps in their funding also for the start-up ideas. 
  • Teacher Support: To make sure you get the help you need, any concerns or uncertainties you might have will be answered with the help of subject matter specialists.

Placement Assistance of Chitkara University Online

Chitkara University boasts a dedicated placement cell that works with esteemed businesses and organizations to aid student recruitment, providing exceptional support for student placements.

By providing career counseling, skill development programs, and relationships with diverse businesses, the institution is dedicated to maximizing students' placement prospects and encouraging effective professional results. Companies that partner with Chitkara University for placements and hiring are shown in the following examples:

Some Other Online/Distance University

There are some of the different universities that offer the same courses in online mode. The list of those universities is given below:

University Name



Manav Rachna University



CCE UPES Distance Learning



DY Patil University



Amity University

Noida (Main Branch)


Lovely Professional University

Phagwara, Punjab


DMIMS University



Jain University



Chandigarh University



Manipal University




In conclusion, Chitkara Online University is recognized as a respectable organization that provides a wide selection of excellent online degree programs. Chitkara Online University provides students with the information and abilities necessary to succeed in their chosen industries with a dedication to academic excellence, industrial relevance, and extensive student assistance. It is an excellent choice for people looking for a flexible and high-quality education due to its creative approach to online learning, relationships with business leaders, and strong emphasis on student achievement.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are several undergraduate and graduate programs available at Chitkara University Online in subjects including engineering, management, pharmacy, healthcare, journalism, architecture, and more.

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) both recognize Chitkara University Online.

To help them get ready, students may access study resources, videos, presentations, and discussion forums before the semester even starts.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which also manages result announcements, grievances, and feedback, organizes final examinations.

For flexible studying alternatives, Chitkara University Online offers study materials in both digital and physical media.

Yes, students can participate in forums and group projects to communicate with classmates and improve their educational experience.

Chitkara University Online encourages students to think creatively and become job creators by building collaborations with industry leaders, incubation facilities, and start-up ecosystems.

Yes, each course's curriculum is updated annually to reflect the most recent advancements in the relevant subjects.

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