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is shoolini university online good or bad
Home University Reviews Is Shoolini University Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Is Shoolini University Online Good or Bad? – Full Review and Facts

Dec 11, 2023 1.3K Reads

Shoolini University, founded by experienced academics and professionals, is a relatively new but research-oriented and charitable university. It was established in 2009 and has quickly gained recognition. It's consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in India, known for producing numerous patents and innovations.

About Shoolini University Online

Shoolini University is a non-profit, diverse private university that stands out with its research and innovation-driven approach. Online University firmly believes that an excellent university should advance cutting-edge knowledge and innovation while also contributing to the betterment of society and the economy. This core belief, combined with our internationally qualified faculty, their dedication to student careers and placements, their continuous improvements in teaching methods, and highly motivated students, sets Shoolini University apart as a forward-thinking and dynamic institution in the global knowledge-based economy.

Shoolini University Online takes pride in nurturing the creative potential of each student and providing them with top-notc h educational opportunities. Shoolini University Online  believes that these opportunities will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our country and helping India achieve greatness.

Shoolini University Himachal Pradesh Director's talk on pay-after-placement online degree

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Online University

The growth of online learning is making it possible for more people to attend university, which is especially helpful for working professionals and those with busy lives. Online programs offer flexibility and are often more affordable. But choosing the right online university is important, and sometimes it becomes the challenge to choose the right fit for you,  To choose the right online university,you can consider these factors:

  • University Accreditation
  • Fee structure
  • Curriculum and faculty
  • Accessibility of LMS
  • Evaluation Method
  • Student Support System
  • Placement Assistance

Now, we will be discussing all the above factors in depth. 

Accreditations of the Shoolini University Online

Why consider this factor important for you ? 

Accreditation encourages universities to meet and uphold their high-quality standards. This, in turn, builds trust and confidence in these universities among the public and enhances their accountability. 

Now talking about the accreditations of the Shoolini University Online, 

All the degrees provided by the university are considered to be valid. 

Fee structure of the Shoolini University Online

One of the important factor that one consider while selecting the university is budget, and because of which people often prefer less budget universities, but selecting the best is important, because at last what we need is outcome of the course and the outcome of the course is first knowledge and second placements, one must need to check the placement assistance of the university. Before that we will talk about the fee structure of the Shoolini University Online. 


Course Name

Fee per semester

Application Fee

Bachelor of Business Administration

Rs. 19,500

Rs. 500

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

Rs. 19,500

Rs. 500

MA in English Literature

Rs. 16000

Rs. 500

MBA in Master of Business Administration. 

Rs. 37,500

Rs. 500


Rs. 19,500

Rs. 500

Note- You can take advantage of pay after placement. You can pay 50 percent at the time of admissions, and the rest 50 percent you can pay after the placements.

Fees are subject to change from time to time. 

Curriculum and Faculty of  Shoolini University Online

The university has created a curriculum to make education easier for students. If you put in enough study time, you can complete the course without too much difficulty.

The curriculum is made with working professionals in mind, so it's designed to be easy for them to learn. It's always being updated with new information to keep it relevant and help students learn new things.

All the study materials are made by experts in their subjects, so you'll have the best materials to study from. They also try to make it easy to understand by using simple English.

LMS of Shoolini University Online

Do you know why is LMS important? An LMS brings all the course information, content, and quizzes together in one place, making it easy for everyone to access. This ensures that everyone has the latest information. 

How to access Shoolini University's online LMS?

On the home page of Shoolini University online, there is a tab named LMS, from there you can access LMS.

When e-learners log in to an LMS, their usernames and passwords are sent together to a server. Only authorized users can access the data. E-learners have three chances to enter their login information correctly, and if they don't, the system locks them out. This security measure is in place to prevent hackers and malicious websites from guessing the password.

The Evaluation method used by Shoolini University Online

  • Talking about the evaluation method used by the online university, it uses 30 percent marks in SCDOE follows the UGC guidelines for proctored exams in both Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and Online (OL) modes.
  • They  have a strong system for assessing students in their  ODL and OL programs, which includes certification. 
  • Assessments are Continuous or formative assessment (during the semester) is worth a maximum of 30%. An assessment process involves two types: continuous assessment and summative assessment (end-of-semester exams).

Here's the weightage:  

  • Summative assessment (end-of-semester or term-end exams) at  least 70%. And continuous assessment is 30 percent. 
  • They have a thorough process for creating exam questions, maintaining question banks, assigning tasks, moderating them, conducting exams, grading answer sheets, and announcing results.
  • In the university, exams are supervised to ensure fairness. To get better grades, it's important to finish all assignments and quizzes on time.

Student Support System at Shoolini University Online

When students join a university, they often wonder how much support they will receive. Shoolini University's online support system offers a wide range of help to students, including academic, personal, and technical support. 

Shoolini University excels in providing education that delivers results. Their online degree programs are crafted to ensure your success, whether it's a promising job placement or admission to a top international university. You only need to pay when you achieve your desired goal.

Placement Assistance of Shoolini University Online

When selecting a university, one crucial factor we consider is the availability of placement support. In the case of Shoolini University Online, they do offer placement assistance.

Stay ahead of the game with the  specialized AI-driven FirstU Career Support:

  • Career Sessions: Engage with industry professionals and gain invaluable insights on excelling in AI career paths.
  • Resume and Profile Building: Create an impressive resume and online profile to make a strong impression on potential employers.
  • AI Interview Coaching Prep: Access Siqandar, the world's leading interview preparation coach, to boost your confidence for job interviews.
  • Showcase: E-portfolio & Patent: Develop a professional portfolio to exhibit your skillset and collaborate with small teams to create your own patent application.

Why Choose Shoolini University Online?

What one should expect from Shoolini University online?

  • Career focused learning
  • Top Faculty Mentors
  • Best learning Platform
  • Global Opportunities 

Some other online universities that you can consider

There are also other universities offering the same courses that you can consider-




MMU Online



Sastra University Online


Tamil Nadu

Vignan University Online


Andhra Pradesh

GLA University Online


Uttar Pradesh

Chandigarh University 




Shoolini University Online is a research-oriented institution that provides career-focused learning with top faculty mentors.  After going through all the factors, They offer a strong learning platform, global opportunities, and valuable placement assistance from reputable companies like LG, Nestle, and ICICI Bank. Overall, it's a great choice for those seeking quality education and career prospects.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

 There are four courses are offered by the university-

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • B.COM
  • MA in English Literature
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Yes, there are placement partners-

  • LG
  • Nestle
  • Zydus
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • ICICI Bank
  • Decathlon

Yes, it is recognised by UGC and also has 73 Ranking by NIRF.

The university follows UGC guidelines, conducting proctored exams for both Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and Online (OL) modes.

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