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Organizations are trying to expand their businesses across the globe. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in the corporate world that has become the reason to emerge a new kind of management program in the form of an MBA Global Business Administration in Global Business or Global MBA.

The course duration of this program ranges between 01- 2.5 years. It depends and varies from one university to another.  An MBA in a foreign country is always seen as one of the top valuable assets but you need to know which MBA degree you want to pursue. 

There are many specializations offered in Global MBA like Leadership and Strategy, Analytics, Finance, Operations, Marketing, HR. You can easily choose the best as per your desired area of interest. 

Online Global MBA from International University in India

Do you want to upskill your professional and business skills or do you want a bright career in a management degree program? Here, you must choose an MBA degree in your preferred specialization but one MBA degree that is trending these days is the MBA in Global Business Management. 

Global MBA Key Highlights

  • Achieve a valid Global MBA degree with global recognition from university like Deakin and Liverpool
  • Get top-class alumni status from university like Deakin or Liverpool Business Schools in learning online MBA Global Business Management Management
  • Get training and mentorship from professional business leaders
  • Nourish your career with top-quality education (360* Career Support)
  • 24*7 Student support 
  • The Course is accredited with EQUIS and AACSB
  • University approved by World Education Services (WES)
  • Interactive training programs 
  • Career-oriented training and job fairs
  • Case studies and simulations centre
  • On-campus immersion at Liverpool
  • Recognized by AACBS and WES
  • Blended learning and live recorded lectures
  • Alumni status from top universities like Deakin and Liverpool Business Schools

Top Highlights of Global MBA

Compare Your Desired University With Others to Get the Right One

Global MBA program is one of the highly reputed and prestigious courses that help you earn a high reputation with a handsome salary package. The course will help you analyze various types of business across the globe and deal with people coming from several walks of professional fields.

You can easily compare all the universities providing this course through College Vidya compare portal and get the right one for you. Also, you can use the AI-powered suggested university feature of College Vidya.

The global business course focuses on the education that is globally accepted by most universities. You will get knowledge of global management and its related aspects. 

Here, you will learn various things related to Global MBA like course details, eligibility, fee structure and much more. 

What Is Global MBA?

The Global MBA is the new variant of the traditional (Regular) MBA degree and its main focus is on the various aspects of International Business Management. The curriculum is constructed in such a way that you can get a good global perspective on various business ideas and concepts. 

Once you have enrolled in this MBA degree, you will know the basic difference between national businesses and global businesses. With this MBA degree program, you will get an opportunity to unite various individuals from various sectors of the world in learning. 

In this Global MBA, you will learn various facets of advanced international business management with diverse alumni and teaching faculty. You will get knowledge of the global businesses that are accepted widely by all organizations and institutions. 

Global MBA focuses on bringing students from all walks of professional careers and life under one platform.

Types of Global MBA

Global MBA programs come in various formats to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of prospective students. 

  • Regular Global MBA 

The first type is the typical offline model, which entails taking classes on campus. This format offers an organized learning environment that includes face-to-face contact with teachers and other students. It frequently promotes immersive activities, such as networking events, workshops, and access to numerous campus resources. 

  • Online Global MBA 

On the opposite end of the scale, online Global MBA programs have become increasingly popular in recent years. These programs provide a more flexible approach to education, allowing students to access lectures, assignments, and conversations via virtual platforms. This format is suitable for working professionals or those who have personal responsibilities that prevent them from attending in-person courses. Online Global MBA programs use cutting-edge technology to create dynamic virtual learning environments. 

  • Blended Global MBA 

Finally, there are blended or hybrid Global MBA programs that incorporate aspects from both offline and online forms. Students in mixed programs generally take some classes on campus while doing the majority of their schoolwork online. This format offers a balanced approach, combining the advantages of in-person contacts and networking possibilities with the flexibility of online learning. It's worth mentioning that each format has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and the decision between them is ultimately up to personal preferences, job responsibilities, and learning styles. 

Advantages of Global MBA

Beginning a Global MBA path offers access to a world of unrivaled prospects. This section delves into the numerous advantages that come with this unique type of schooling. A Global MBA provides considerably more than typical business programs, including cultural immersion and an extensive professional network. Let's look at the key benefits that make a Global MBA a transforming experience for aspiring business executives.

  • Cultural Exposure: Immersion in many cultures promotes a strong awareness of global viewpoints, which is an invaluable advantage in today's linked corporate environment. This exposure improves flexibility, cultural intelligence, and cross-border collaboration skills. Students not only learn from famous teachers but also from their peers from all around the world, which enriches their education.
  • Networking Opportunities: A Global MBA program offers a unique opportunity to develop an international professional network. Interacting with a wide cohort of people from various origins and nations provides access to a vast network of global contacts. These relationships may be quite useful in a professional setting, whether it's for obtaining internships, researching career options in distant places, or even delving into entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Career Growth: A Global MBA can pave the way for a vibrant and successful career. Employers in today's global marketplace prefer applicants who have foreign experience and a thorough grasp of global business processes. Graduates of Global MBA programs are frequently well-suited for leadership positions in multinational organizations, international consulting firms, and other global enterprises. Furthermore, the broadened skill set acquired with a Global MBA can lead to possibly greater earnings and faster professional development.
  • Cross-disciplinary Learning: Global MBA programs frequently include disciplines such as international finance, marketing, operations, and strategy, giving students a comprehensive grasp of how these elements interact on a global scale. This cross-disciplinary approach provides graduates with a broad skill set that is crucial in today's linked corporate context.

In conclusion, a worldwide MBA not only delivers a high-quality education in business basics but also gives an unprecedented chance for personal and professional development on a worldwide scale. The benefits go well beyond the classroom, propelling graduates into a world of unique experiences, vital contacts, and limitless professional options.

Why Choose a Global MBA?

Organizations throughout the world target the global expansion of their respective brands outside their home countries just because of globalization. You can get more and more benefits from a course of Global MBA because it provides a perfect platform to explore the professionals of the world. 

You can easily connect to your peers and professional people as they will help you get good career opportunities. Practical insights are also necessary these days in order to advance your business world for good business growth. With this Global MBA, you will get a complete understanding of various types of cultures prevalent on international business platforms and market trends. 

Why Choose Global MBA

Eligibility Criteria Related to Global MBA

Many management institutions provide Global MBA and this management degree program is valid and recognized by the world’s top universities. As the name seems heavier on lips, the eligibility criteria of a Global MBS don’t hold strict eligibility requirements. 

However, some of the necessary things and criteria that every MBA aspirant should check if they are willing to take admitted to this MBA degree:

  • Candidates must have at least completed the bachelor's degree examination from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. 
  • The last qualifying bachelor's degree should be of 3 years of minimum duration and have worked full time. 
  • A national or university-level entrance examination is required to take admission. 
  • The English language is necessary for every student to get enrolled in this program. Candidates should be familiar with the English language for the admission as the course will be delivered in English language only.
  • Candidates should read the prospectus for the program as it will provide complete details related to the course or the university to which the student is seeking admission.

Global MBA Fee Structure

If you want to get admission to a highly reputed business school for your Global MBA, then many provide top-quality education in the management sector. Some of the top universities that offer Global MBA are Deakin Business School and Liverpool Business School. 


University & Location

Total Fee Structure

Global MBA

INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France / Singapore)

INR 80,58,158.84 

Global MBA

Harvard Business School (Boston, USA)

INR 62,27,657.83

Global MBA

London Business School (London, UK)

INR 1,21,25,613.86 

Global MBA

IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain / New York, USA)

INR 95,07,599.02 

Global MBA

Kellogg School of Management (Evanston, USA / Miami, USA)

INR 1,00,12,885.08 

Global MBA

CEIBS (Shanghai, China / Beijing, China)

INR 95,61,272.50

The fee structure may vary from one university or management school to another.  It is because of various factors like the top courses provided by the school, and the annual fee charged by the university. However, the average fee of a top-class management college starts from 6.5 LPA. 

EMI Options

The Easy Monthly Installment for the course you can get right by visiting the website of the respective university where you want to enroll yourself. For instance, In Deakin Business School, the EMI starts from 8088 and 9463 INR. Check the accreditation of the university for the best and top notched education culture. 

Fund Your Study

Funding for a study provides an extensive database for fellowships, grants, scholarships and more that consists of various types of funding programs for all the events for your post-secondary study across various types of academic areas. For instance: you can easily get the best value for your money by learning online. 

You may get other sources of your support depending on the location and it also matters what type of university you choose. We suggest enrolling yourself in top institutions like Deakin and Liverpool University. 

There are many top Business Schools that provide more than 20% bursary on module fees to newcomers who have experience in management and received a degree from the same college. 

How You Study (Mode of Programs)

As it's a completely online program and thus you can get various types of flexibility in completing the program. The flexible approach will help you fit your studies into various commitments. Global MBA provides a rich aroma of professional global knowledge with academic rigor and course structure just like on-campus courses. 

The modules or topics are delivered in four 22-week sessions every academic year. This flexible mode of education gives you the opportunity to choose a particular academic session to take admission and the modules you need to cover during your course. 

You can easily check the assessment dates in the prospectus of the program. In a Global MBA degree, you can study up to six different modules (or four modules and project work) any time you want. The university will provide you with a comprehensive online MBA in Global Business Management study materials. You can choose the one based on your tuition options. 

Admission Procedure for Global MBA

The admission guidelines will be mentioned in the prospectus of the particular university to which you will take admission. The process of admission for this course will be similar just like other courses. While applying for the program, it is recommended to keep some things in mind. The primary points are mentioned below:

  • Global MBA aspirants must check the basic eligibility criteria before taking admission to the course. Once they meet the minimum qualification, then they should fill out the admission form. 
  • Admission to the program is based on the entrance test conducted at the national or university level. 
  • Students should be good at English because the entire program is delivered in English language. 
  • Candidates must complete graduation with at least 3 years of course duration. 
  • Students can easily register for the course in online mode. 
  • After clearing the entrance examinations, students are required to appear for a personal interview in order to test their understanding of the program in the respective field or subject. 

Note: Students can easily refer to the official prospectus for more details.

Online Support

Once you register for the Global MBA, the university will help you access the Student Portal. Also, you will get access to the email account of your university and other key resources. 

You will get these flexibilities in education resources and services during the course of Global MBA:

The university provides e-books and digital libraries or all the course materials including resources in audio-visual mode. Through the online library, you can easily access more than 100 million academic items that include e-journals, e-books, conference proceedings, etc. 

Students can also request those items from the library that are not available there through the Library loan service. 

There are many other libraries where you can visit to borrow books. For instance, the Senate House Library offers free reference access to all the registered and flexible learning candidates.

Study Materials

Once you have enrolled in a top-level university for completing the course of Global MBA, then you can easily access all the study materials and resources you want to complete the program. You will get access to VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) right on your device. Most of the universities like Deakin and Liverpool University, The study materials include multimedia content, various types of activities and exercises. Also, the university will provide various facilities to interact with your tutor and fellow candidates. 

Syllabus for Global MBA

In the course of Global MBA, you will be familiar with various core concepts, recent case studies, theory of management principles, goals of the management units in the organizations etc along with the fundamental skills of international business management. The course curriculum of Global MBA covers various things like strategy management, finance, operations management, marketing management and much more. The course Global MBA is divided into 2 electives and 4 core modules. The final sections of the course include an MBA dissertation and research projects. 

Semester 1

Semester 2

Organizational Behavior 

Managerial Research Methods 

Managerial Accounting 

Technology for Management 

Managerial Economics 

Financial Management 

Managerial Statistics 

Human Capital Management 

Marketing for Customer Value 

Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Industry and Business

Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research

Semester 3

Semester 4

Strategic Management and Corporate Governance 

International Business Dynamics 

Operations and Projects Management 

Elective 1

Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 2

Elective 3

Elective 3


Open Elective 


Project Work


Admission Procedure for Online Global MBA 

The admission procedure for an online Global MBA program typically involves several steps. Keep in mind that specific processes can vary between institutions, so it's important to refer to the program's official website or contact the admissions office for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Here's a general outline of the admission procedure:

  • Research and Program Selection: Start by researching online Global MBA programs offered by reputable institutions. Consider factors such as program reputation, curriculum, specializations, and faculty. Make a shortlist of programs that align with your academic and career goals.
  • Review Eligibility Criteria: Carefully review the eligibility criteria specified by each program. Ensure you meet the educational, work experience, standardized test, and other requirements outlined by the institution.
  • Prepare Application Documents: Gather all required application documents, which commonly include:
    • Academic transcripts and degree certificates
    • Standardized test scores (if required)
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP) or personal statement
    • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • English language proficiency test scores (if applicable)
  • Submit Online Application: Complete the online application form provided by the institution. Ensure all required fields are accurately filled out. Some programs may have an application fee, so be prepared to make the necessary payment.
  • Transcript Evaluation (If Necessary): For international applicants, some programs may require a credential evaluation of academic transcripts to ensure they meet the institution's standards.
  • Interview (Possibly): Some programs may require an interview as part of the admissions process. Prepare for common interview questions and be ready to articulate your goals and motivations.
  • Submit Additional Materials: Some programs may request additional materials, such as a portfolio (for specialized programs) or specific essays addressing program-specific questions.
  • Monitor Application Status: Keep track of your application status through the program's online portal. Be sure to meet all deadlines for document submission and any additional steps outlined by the institution.
  • Financial Planning: Consider how you will finance your online Global MBA education. Research scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options offered by institutions and external organizations.
  • Admission Decision: Once the admissions committee reviews your application, you will receive an admission decision. This may be conveyed through email or the online application portal.

Remember, the application process can vary from program to program, so it's crucial to carefully review the specific requirements and instructions provided by each institution. 

Admission Procedure for Global MBA

Number of Universities offering this Global MBA Program

Global MBA is something like International Business Management and this course prepares the students for various walks of management sector globally. The course is completely approved by the global accreditation bodies and respective universities where they are situated. 

Many universities provide Global MBAs with pride. Some are national while some are international. Here, we are providing some necessary details about the top Global MBA Course providing universities: 


University Name 

Fees of the Program

Online Global MBA

Liverpool Business School

Rs. 4,20,200

Online Global MBA

Deakin University (24-month program)

Rs. 5,50,000

Online Global MBA

Deakin University (12-month program)

Rs. 4,00,000

Online Global MBA

Golden Gate University

Rs. 7,00,000

Online Global MBA

IIM Raipur

Rs. 13,25,000

1) Liverpool Business School

This university is one of the renowned in the world that offers a GLOBAL MBA. It is situated in England. One of the top UK Business schools. 

  • Domains: This university offers Global MBA in 6 different domains. These are-Leadership & Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Analytics, HR, and Operations.
  • Headquarters: England, United Kingdom.
  • Mode of Education: Online Mode
  • Course Duration: 18 months
  • Accreditation: AACSB and EQUIS
  • Academic Fee: Rs. 4,20,200
  • Degree Awarded: The degree awarded has dual university certification which is Liverpool MBA and IMT-Ghaziabad.
  • Note: The accreditation of this university made it the top one in the UK
  • Syllabus: You will need to cover various topics of Global MBA. Some of them are: 

Marketing Management 1

Sales and Distribution Management

Business Communication

Operation and Supply Chain Management 

Finance and Accounting 

Business Strategy 

Decision Sciences

Engagement, Leadership and People Performance

Business Economics

Digital Innovation in Business

Business Law

Leading Change for Sustainable Future


Enterprise and Risk Management

Behavioral Science

Research Methodology

Marketing Management 2

Thesis Projects

Admission Process: 

The process of admission is divided into various sections. Find all the steps below:

  • Filling of application form
  • Get Shortlisted & Receive Offer Letter
  • Reserve your seat and pay the fee

2) Deakin University-24 Months Global MBA Program

This university is another top one for Global MBA. It is situated in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from various courses, the varsity offers a Global MBA. The degree and certification are valid as it is a recognized and highly preferred university. 

  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Mode of Education: Online
  • Course Duration: 24 Months
  • Accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS, and Deakin B-School Accreditation
  • Academic Fee: Rs. 5,50,000
  • Degree Awarded: The degree awarded has dual university certification which is MBA from Deakin Business School and General Management from IMT-Ghaziabad.
  • Syllabus: You will need to cover various topics of Global MBA. Some of them are:

Marketing Management 1

Sales and Distribution Management 

Business Communication

Operation and Supply Chain Management 

Finance and Accounting 

Business Strategy 

Decision Sciences

Strategy Formulation and Strategic Capability 

Business Economics

Design Innovation

Business Law

Strategy Financing


International Business

Behavioral Science

High performing organizations

Marketing Management 2

Global Capstone project

3) Deakin University-12 Months Global MBA Program

  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Mode of Education: Online
  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • Accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS, and Deakin B-School Accreditation
  • Academic Fee: Rs. 4,00,000
  • Syllabus: You will need to cover several topics of Global MBA. Some of these are

Strategy Formulation and Strategic Capability

International Business

Innovation by Design

High Performing Organizations

Financing your Strategy

Global Capstone Project

Admission Process:

The process of admission is divided into various sections. Find all the steps below:

  • Filling of application form
  • Get Shortlisted & Receive Offer Letter
  • Reserve your seat
  • Submission of Documents
  • Fee Payment 

4) SP Jain School of Global Management

  • Domains: This university offers Global MBA in several specializations-Contemporary Marketing Management, Global Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, Consulting Management, Technology Management, Global Finance.
  • Mode of Education: Regular
  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • Accreditation: TEQSA
  • Syllabus: You will need to cover several topics of Global MBA. Some of the core subjects are:

Business and Global Economy

International Business Research 

Applied Statistics for Decision Making

Data Analytics

Global Marketing Management

Applied Statistics for Decision Making

Operations Management

Emerging Platforms & Services for Disruption

Supply Chain Management

Teamwork & Leadership

Operations Management

Blue Ocean Strategy

Research Methods

Global Marketing Management

Applied Statistics for Decision Making

International Human Resource Management

Financial Accounting

Entrepreneurship for a Disruptive Launch

Design Thinking

Business Ethics

Corporate Finance

International Business Negotiations

Financial Accounting

International Business Strategy

Effective Business Communication

Business and Global Economy

Global Adaptability 

Industry Project

Admission Process:

Some set of steps one need to follow for applying to the same:

  • Fill up the online application form on the university portal.
  • After this one has to clear the entrance test required for admission i.e. either GMAT, GRE, CAT, or SPJAT (S P Jain Aptitude Test).
  • After some academic evaluation has been done by the university.
  • At last on the basis of the entrance test and academic evaluation candidates are shortlisted for admission.

5) University of London

This is another name in the list of top Global MBA universities. It’s one of the reputed in providing top quality higher education. With a Global MBA, you can easily develop top-class business acumen and bring your career to the next level through professional knowledge in the management segment. 

  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Duration: 1-5 years
  • Mode of Education: English
  • Campuses: 1
  • Accreditation: CMI and CIMA
  • Specializations: 6 (Accountancy, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, health, law or leadership)
  • Fee: The fee depends on various factors like whether you receive tutor support, where you stay, and whether you pay as you study or in full during registration. Candidates need to hit the student's gee web page after submission of payment. Candidates can visit london.ac.uk/fees. 
  • Syllabus: In every specialization, there are six core modules, four optional modules, and one strategic project. 

Core modules 

Four optional modules

Accounting and Finance 


Economics for Managers 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Marketing for Managers 


Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management


Strategic Management 


Successful Leadership


Project/Assignment: Strategic Project

Admission Procedure:

There are a total of 4 steps that you need to follow in order to fill out the application form at the University of London for a Global MBA. Follow these steps carefully:

  • Complete the online application form
  • Submit the application form
  • Wait for the reply/response
  • Register online and pay your fee

A Good Opportunity for Professional Development with Global MBA Course

The MBA in Global Business Management provides various employment opportunities to the students who hold this degree. You will get complete knowledge of international business along with several managerial and business skills in hand. 

Professionals who have some sort of work experience in any other field are interested in pursuing this course because most business schools demand this as one of the necessary eligibility requirements. 

If you want to boost your career, a Global MBA will help you expand your professional footprint. Also, the course helps you enhance the productivity in your roles that you can easily assume. The program can easily enhance your career prospects and give you a bright chance to apply for a wide range of international careers. 

Good Job Opportunities After Global MBA Course

People often fly to overseas countries to get high-paying jobs. You won't face big challenges in getting the right job in the global enterprise if you have the knowledge and the certification of your work. Global MBA is the same thing that prepares candidates to work globally with many ideas and capabilities in mind. It enables you to collaborate with your peers on many innovative ideas. 

In this way, you can easily gain valuable experience from the program of Global MBA. With a Global MBA, you can easily grab top-level managerial positions after completing the course. Some of the top career prospects that this program offers are:

  • International Business Manager
  • Global Supply Chain Manager
  • International Administrative Service Manager
  •  Multinational Marketing Manager
  • International Admin Service Manager

Skills Needed to Become a Good Corporate Professional With a Global MBA

Nowadays, every business or management school requires various qualifications to enrol the candidates. Despite the necessity of technical knowledge, it's the soft skill that decides how many chances to select for the course. 

Soft skills are very crucial these days as it plays a great role in your admission to a program. It includes various things like thinking adaptability, collaborating techniques, critical thinking and good professional behavior.

Top Skill to succed as a global corporate

Top Companies Hiring MBA Global Business Students 

Many companies hire young and dynamic students who have cleared MBA in Global Business Management. With your skills and global knowledge exposure, can easily hold top-level managerial positions in your desired organizations. After completion of the program, job fairs and placements are organized by most of the business schools to provide a perfect platform to offer them job opportunities. 

There are many companies that visit every year that recruit proficient and skilled professionals for their organizations. 

Some of the top hiring partners for MBA graduates are: 

  • Deloitte
  • JP Morgan
  • Apple
  • Cognizant
  • Reliance Industries Limited
  • TCS 

 You will get the opportunity to work with top MNCs for your bright career. 

Top Hiring firms of global MBA Graducation


The Global MBA is one of the most trending career-oriented management programs these days that opens many career options in the management sector. It’s a variant of International business management and equips with the necessary skills and knowledge with a top-quality education. The degree is acceptable by most of the Business and Management institutions of the world. The fee may vary from one college to another. One can easily check the prospectus of Global MBA for more details. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Global MBA is a variation of regular International Business Management. It provides a perfect platform for the students where they can easily learn the strategies and skills of management of firms to work with Global organizations. 

The global business helps boost networking opportunities for students on a large scale.

Yes, of course. Compare your university to an AI-powered business school comparison portal and get a reliable and affordable one. College Vidya provides one with AI-powered technology. 

After completing the course, you will get many professional career opportunities.

Global MBA is a management program that is approved by most universities and you will get international business exposure to start your career. You must check the eligibility criteria before taking admission to the course:

The eligibility criteria for taking admission to the course are provided below:

  • Students must have completed the bachelor's degree with a good score. 
  • The bachelor's degree must be of three years of minimum duration. 
  • An entrance examination is needed for the admission procedure. 
  • Apart from these things, candidates must know the English language for admission because some universities prefer candidates who are skilled in language so that they can easily complete the course. 

There are a total of 4 semesters you need to complete.

A fee may vary from one college or institution to another. The starting fee is 6 LPA for a good business school. 

Yes, the Global MBA provides knowledge from top-quality faculties and makes you a global manager. You will learn the basic aspects and in-depth knowledge of International Business Management.

A general MBA is a degree that you receive when you pursue a course from an Indian university. On the other hand, a global MBA is a degree that you receive when you pursue the course from a university that is situated abroad and is accredited according to the standards of the respective country.

Yes, one can easily enroll in the top universities of the world like Liverpool and Deakin Business School. They offer top-quality education in online mode.

Yes, it's a postgraduate program with 2 years minimum duration. The duration may vary from one college or university to another. Check the respective website for more details.

You can easily be admitted to any of the reputed B Schools like Deakin or Liverpool for making your career bright. Liverpool is situated in England whereas Deakin university is situated in Melbourne.

You can choose your preferred specialization from the available Global MBA specialization. There are many provided by the universities. You have to select the one in which you want to make your career.

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