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Dec 22, 2023 13.2K Reads

Distance MBA Vs Distance PGDM: Which Course to Pursue for a Stable Future?

The dilemma between choosing an apt course after graduation is one of the most prevailing problems amongst students. Both distance PGDM and distance MBA courses lay the path for a full-fledged career in the business administration arena.

Students often feel flummoxed because of the different options available to them to pursue their dream jobs. A pragmatic decision is always based upon deep research and on a reasonable comparison between all the available options.

This blog is entirely dedicated to those who are willing to make their career in the management domain after their graduation. It is an undeniable fact that we have multiple options available to pursue higher education but all these courses differ on the basis of eligibility, curriculum, duration, and even open slightly different careers even if these courses are from the same domain.

Here you will get all the differences between MBA and PGDM in the distance mode that will help you in judging both these courses closely.

Distance MBA Vs Distance PGDM: Clarity in Terminology

Both MBA and PGDM are specially designed courses for higher education in the Management area. Nevertheless, they deliver different meanings even from their terminology. Students often find themselves confused between MBA and PGDM.

MBA is the short form of Master’s in Business Administration and it is a postgraduate course. Students receive a master’s degree from a college that will be affiliated with any university.  As MBA is a master’s degree and it can be offered only by the recognized colleges which are affiliated with reputed universities.

PGDM is a postgraduate diploma course and the short form of a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. PGDM is a diploma course and not a degree course and the reason that PGDM can be offered by autonomous institutes instead of colleges affiliated with any university.

Distance MBA Vs Distance PGDM: Eligibility Criteria

MBA is a master’s degree program and hence demands a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. There is one thing to note and that is every college/university has its own established criteria to admit students in the MBA program. But there are some standard eligibility criteria that most of the colleges are following. Students are required to pass their bachelor’s examinations with a minimum of 50% marks to take admission in MBA distance. Whereas regular MBA demands students to give the CAT exam and the admission is based on the CAT score which will be followed by Group discussion and personal interview.

PGDM is a postgraduate diploma program and just like MBA it also demands a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or equivalent. Most of the institutes have their own parameters or criteria to admit students in the PGDM program. The standard eligibility criteria of this program are that students who have either completed bachelor’s or in their final years are eligible to take admission in this program in most of the colleges.  Whereas the eligibility criteria of regular PGDM is also quite similar as students need to pass the examinations of bachelor’s with at least 50% aggregate marks but the final selection is based on a cut-off basis.

Both distance MBA and distance PGDM courses do not put age constraints while admitting students. Hence, these courses are even suitable for working professionals.

Distance MBA Vs Distance PGDM: Duration

Albeit, both MBA and PGDM courses require the same time period for completion. But sometimes the duration of PGDM programs differs based on subjects and colleges.

MBA is a 2-year long PG program and most of the universities offer it in the semester mode. The duration of both regular MBA and distance MBA remains the same.

PGDM is a 2 years long program depending on the subjects as specialization or on the university. PGDM can be equal to an MBA degree if the duration is 2 years long. Also, the duration of both regular and distance PGDM remains the same.

Distance MBA Vs Distance PGDM: Curriculum

Both MBA and PGDM programs offer a palpable difference in their curriculums but students can only judge these courses to find the best fit only after comparing the subjects with their interests and requirements.

MBA is a PG program offered by the recognized colleges affiliated with universities. The universities have their own set syllabus or curriculum of MBA and it doesn’t offer any freedom to colleges to change the subjects on their own. Also, MBA programs focus more on the theoretical aspects of the management domain and teach subjects like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and other subjects that vary based on the chosen specialization. The curriculum of distance MBA and regular MBA remains the same as per the guidelines of UGC-DEB.

PGDM is a diploma program designed to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge to students. The curriculum of the PGDM program is not as rigid as MBA because these courses are offered by individual institutes and they can alter the curriculum as per the industrial needs. PGDM programs are designed to develop employable skills and hence the curriculum is dynamic and focuses more on practical knowledge. The curriculum of both distance and regular PGDM remains the same to provide the same industrial experience to every student.

Distance MBA Vs Distance PGDM: Career Opportunities

The major confusion that occurs amongst students is what job profiles will be open for them after MBA and PGDM. MBA is a master’s degree and it obviously gives an edge to students over PGDM students which is a diploma course.

However, the success of students in the industry is also dependent on the institutes rather than these courses. It is a fact that students from reputed business schools will be able to secure high-profile jobs in reputed firms.

Nevertheless, both MBA and PGDM courses offer you different career opportunities, and here is the list of all the job profiles available after MBA and after  PGDM:-

Job Profiles after MBA

Job Profiles after PGDM

HR Manager Project Manager
Business Analyst Data Scientist
Management Consulting Auditor
Brand Manager
Tax Specialist
Finance Manager Consultant
Marketing Manager Sales Manager
Finance Advisor Digital Marketer
Investment Banker Public Relations Manager

However, it is a fact that students from regular MBA or regular PGDM get the same job profiles as students of distance learning mode.

Distance MBA Vs Distance PGDM: Key Differences

Parameters   MBA   PGDM
Course Name Master of Business Administration Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Duration 2 years 2 Years
Eligibility Graduation in any stream with a minimum of 50% of marks in the qualifying exams from a recognized university Graduation in any stream from a recognized institute and final year students are also eligible in some institutes
Fees INR 2-20 LPA INR 4-24 LPA
Subjects covered Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Research, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Executive leadership skills, etc. Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Basics of Mathematics and Statistics, Marketing Management, Business Communication, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, etc.
Average Salary INR 7 – 10 LPA (starting salary) INR 12 – 15 LPA (starting salary)
Job Opportunities HR Manager, Business Analyst, Marketing Manager, Finance Advisor, Investment Banker, etc. Project Manager, Data Scientist, Auditor, Tax Specialist, Consultant, etc.
Colleges/Institutes IIM, Symbiosis, Chandigarh University, SVU, IGNOU, Institute of Management Technology (IMT), JECRC, MICA, Birla Institute of Management Technology, International Management Institute (New Delhi), Symbiosis

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we have explained all the key differences between MBA and PGDM courses that can help you in taking a well-researched decision regarding your career. Half of the students consider that MBA and PGDM courses are the same.

But, this is not the case as they both offer you different subjects. Both MBA and PGDM are related to a great extent but they both have their own uniqueness. Students are advised to analyze all the differences before starting their careers and choose what lies in their interests.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A master’s degree would give you an edge over a diploma when it comes to reputed job profiles. But PGDM programs are offered by many reputed institutes and colleges and hence students after PG Diploma are able to secure good job profiles. Hence, both the programs have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends upon the interests of students in subjects offered by these programs.

If PGDM is 2 years long then it can be equivalent to MBA.

There are plenty of management colleges that offer both MBA and PGDM but the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) has gained an edge over other colleges.

There is no age limit to pursue MBA/PGDM courses. But there are very few colleges that have a minimum age limit but no upper limit.

Yes, students can get a job in a foreign country if they have done an MBA from Tier 1 institutes like IIMs. However, getting a job in a foreign country is also dependent on the person’s skills, hard work, and experience.

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