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Double Degree Announcement of UGC Opens Plethora of career Options For Students

Dec 9, 2023 10.7K Reads

UGC in its recent announcement allowed students to pursue two degrees simultaneously. This announcement has opened several doors for students to explore and learn multiple skills. 

The announcement of UGC chairperson Dr. Jagadesh Kumar has allowed students to pursue double degrees simultaneously. This regulation of dual degrees will be in regulation for the coming academic year. Contemporarily, higher educational institutes have laid more emphasis on offering courses via Open and Distance Learning and Online Learning modes in order to tackle the problem of limited seats. 

UGC’s Guidelines For Dual Degrees

  • You can pursue two full-time degree programs of the same academic year in the physical mode, however, the shift timings must differ from each other. 
  • A student can also go for the blend of 1 offline and 1 online/distance degree, however, you can go for up to two ODL/Online programs simultaneously. 
  • Students who are taking admission to the ODL program must make sure that they are taking admission to those institutes that are recognized by UGC-DEB to provide an ODL mode of education.  

Students can choose from a variety of Indian and International universities that meet the standards to pursue their dual degrees. Students are required to keep the above guidelines in mind and then take admission in any two courses. This announcement of UGC is beneficial for multi-tasking students who are motivated to acquire numerous talents. However, students can pursue the two programs of the same level, for instance, you can pursue two bachelor’s, two master’s or two diploma programs at the same time. However, you can’t pursue a master’s along with your bachelor’s degree at the same time. Apart from this, students can make their choices of specializations or disciplines on their own. 

Albeit, UGC has granted permission for dual degrees the thought over pedagogy or teaching methodology is required. It is an undeniable fact that a dual degree program will benefit students tremendously as it will help them in gaining insights into two different disciplines at the same time. In order to help students, we have listed some of the combinations of disciplines that can prove beneficial: 

Marketing and Finance

Both Marketing and Finance specializations complement each other and this is so because marketing strategies require enough money to spend and for which you have to make a budget. Budgeting accurately for marketing, tracking revenues from sales, and allocating resources are the most important tasks of marketing. If you pursue these two specializations altogether then your productivity will increase tremendously. 

Statistics and Public Health 

Statistics plays a vital role in the Public Health sector as it helps in identifying the vulnerable group, possible future threats, etc. Apart from these, statistics help in preparing the budget to spend on health programs. This combination of disciplines can help you in preparing for government jobs for job roles like Research Analyst, Public Health Analyst, etc. 

Economics and IT 

Students interested in the practical and theoretical ties between computer technology and economics should major in Computer Science and Economics (CSEC). Graduates with a master’s degree in economics or computer science can work as data scientists, economic analysts, or industrial economists.

The young minds these days require extra knowledge and talent to compete with students across the world. The expectations of this ever-changing industry have also been increased due to technological advancement. Now employers need employees who can demonstrate multiple skills. 

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