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Scope Of Online/Distance Education Post COVID-Era

Dec 9, 2023 10.5K Reads

Impact of COVID over Education

As we all are facing pandemics what will be the New Normal? Yes, New Normal! things will not be the same as it was before in 2019, we all must have heard about the proverb of difference between 19-20 but never thought of such a big difference that we are facing like wearing a mask, social distancing, etc, which has become a part of life now.

Companies like TCS, Infosys, and more are planning to make 70% of their employees work from home even post-pandemic or maybe permanently. Digitization is playing a vital role as everything is running remotely.

Covid-19 has impacted largely over employment and education. Because of the lockdown, everything has been stopped due to which we the people are suffering from the fear of losing jobs, a halt in the examination, and a sudden shift from classroom learning to digital classes.

Economic collapse worldwide has also affected India, it is also said to be the second Great Depression after the stock market crash in 1929, U.S. People are losing their jobs or not getting jobs as the whole market has taken a pause.

Challenges We Faced In Education Due To COVID

More challenges have been faced by the proletariat and bourgeois classes where sustainability depends on daily income or monthly bases. And because of the pandemic over 122 million people have lost their job only in India in which 3/4th of them were wage laborers and small traders.

India has the second-largest education system in the world after China. Around the world, 1.2-1.5 billion of students are suffering from the closure of schools and colleges.

There is no more one on one interaction with teachers as the schools and colleges have been shut down to maintain social distancing and to protect the lives of students from this deadly virus. 72% of the world’s student population suddenly has opted for remote learning as per the education system norms and conditions. For schools and universities, it is a new task to give all regular classes digitally even for the teachers to teach from the classroom to virtually.

The New Normal Education Revolution

The government and other stakeholders should see this disruption caused by the crisis as a good opportunity to make digitization more powerful and impactful. The digitalization of business and education makes it better decision making by working remotely as a team and learning at your own pace without any pressure of completing a task in a day or two. There are also discussion forums and chat options for any queries.

The ‘Blackboard’ style where the teacher brings the knowledge and does face to face interaction will have to shift on online teaching. Even before COVID, we had initiated the online mode of teaching, but to a limited extent. Now this COVID era has uplifted the distance education in the most effective source of grabbing knowledge virtually.

It also improves efficiency by working from home in your comfort zone and it is productive in terms of reducing costs like conveyance and other outdoor activities and distance education is much more affordable than other regular courses.

Encourages innovation by learning new technological methods of teaching and learning and giving new business ideas. Improves working conditions and new employment options, such as flexible working and studying hours or virtual meetings, recording so that you can watch it again until you understand the method. Need the support of digital connection to carry them out. The crisis has impacted a lot in the education sector and all education has been digitized from now on to ensure the lives of youngsters.

Recognition Of Distance Education

Over the years’ distance education has gained recognition amongst employers and in education. Earlier in foreign countries, it had already been accepted and stimulated. Amidst an increasing number of COVID-19 cases and uncertainty of vaccination to come by the next few months, distance education is what you can opt for the best.

Even if you’re a working professional and want to add some more skills in your career or to pursue higher education along with your job can enroll with distance learning courses, study on the weekends, or at midnight. you can learn and earn at the same time without a halt in your educational qualification.

The Foremost Thing Is Knowledge

At the end of the day knowledge and skills is what we count on the work front whether the source is distance or regular. As per the new UGC guidelines you can now pursue two courses at the same time one is distance and another one is in the regular model.

Distance education has been there for a long time now or in the future, it is going to be the new learning mode of education as it has become now worldwide delivering virtual classes for the sake of students’ progressive future even post COVID era.

It stands strong as a feasible option for people from all walks of life to pursue the education of their desire remotely, hassle-free and technology-oriented for the next generation who are more dependent on technology-based programs.

Education Maintaining Social Distancing

The Internet has influenced almost all industries, and we can say that it has revolutionized the modes of education, it has become like oxygen for young people. In terms of health sake, to maintain social distancing as part of life, digitization is the one best suited for a future educational platform.

In The Rise of Virtual Reality over 25 percent of students are expected to opt for e-learning or online learning by 2020.The advancement in technology is filling up the gap between the regular classroom and distance learning.

Blackboard Education & Research Foundation is the fastest growing education organization in India. Having a team with over 20 years of experience in the field of vocational education and skill development, they’re best at what they do.

They are into the education sector since 1996, they also provide consultancy to many education organizations and universities imparting distance education with the best quality of teaching and well-known universities. They always have approached the innovative means of learning and delivering the quality system in education”, and progressively over the period, it has become our passion.

The Rise Of Distance Education

With the tremendous advancement of internet infrastructures and the need for virtual classes, distance education is gaining power at a high pace during the crisis and will stay post-COVID as New normal. However, the benefits of regular classroom study should not be ignored which gives outdoor exposure and experience and face-to-face student-teacher interaction.

Also if you’re a working professional or unable to afford a high tuition fee during the time of pandemic or some personal reasons, you can certainly consider distance education emerging as a new trend while teaching operation.

Distance Education has already played a vital role when it comes to education beyond the barriers and even now we realize and accept the need and importance of distance education post-COVID-ERA.

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