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Home Chandigarh University Online The success story of Ashutosh – Becoming Marketing Manager from a Junior Marketing Assistant with the help of Online/Distance MBA Marketing Management pursued from Chandigarh University

The success story of Ashutosh – Becoming Marketing Manager from a Junior Marketing Assistant with the help of Online/Distance MBA Marketing Management pursued from Chandigarh University

Dec 9, 2023 10.3K Reads

Interview – Chandigarh University in Online and Distance Learning Review

Chandigarh University is denoted as the youngest university of India as in the shortest span of time it becomes popular all over the country. Many students requested us to give a review about the Chandigarh Distance & Online University. So we decided to connect with Ashutosh Sharma, Marketing Manager – alumni of Chandigarh University to get a genuine review about the university through a personal interview.

In this interview, we are going to talk about the Distance & Online education provided by Chandigarh University and how the university helped Ashutosh to get a job as a Marketing Manager.

When did you complete your Distance MBA from Chandigarh University?

Well, I completed my Distance MBA in the year 2019.

How much time have you been working as a Marketing Manager?

I joined this company in the year 2016 at the post of a junior marketing assistant and in 2020 they promoted me to the post of Marketing Manager after getting the degree of Distance MBA in Marketing Management.

So right now you are working as a Marketing Manager, Is this your placement through Chandigarh University?

Yes, you can say so as I uploaded my Resume at the LMS – Learning Management System of Chandigarh University from where my resume has shortlisted for the post of marketing manager.

What is an LMS Portal?

The LMS – Learning Management System is a portal that the university arranges to provide learning to the students in which students will get access to the Live and Recorded lectures, E-books, Webinars, E-library, and other learning materials.

Also, the students can upload their resumes on the LMS portal from where the university will spread these resumes to the top leading companies so that the students can make a better career.

Did Chandigarh University provide LMS to Distance Students?

Yes, the university provides LMS to every student as the LMS will help the students in better learning.

Why did you choose MBA through a Distance mode of Learning?

When I completed my graduation my family was facing a financial problem. At that time I dropped my studies and started doing a job in a marketing firm. But while doing this job my career growth has stopped. I was not learning that much from that job. Then I decided to join an MBA in Marketing Management course through a distance mode of learning to get vast learning about marketing aspects.

There are many Universities offering Distance and Online Education. Why did you choose Chandigarh University among all of them?

When I decided to join the distance MBA course then this is the biggest task for me to find the best suitable university according to my preference as my family background was not financially strong. One day I saw an advertisement for College Vidya and connected with the college vidya experts.

Till then, I didn’t even know about Chandigarh University distance education. The expert counseled me and suggested me the name of this university after listening to my whole story. Then I googled about the university and its recognition.

The university is recognized by the UGC-DEB for offering distance courses and accredited with an ‘A+’ Grade by NAAC. The fee of the distance MBA in marketing management course is also affordable for me. Then what else you need to get influenced.

What advice would you offer to the students who are confused to get Admission to Chandigarh University for Distance Education?

My only advice is that Do not to get confused. Distance and online education come up with lots of opportunities for you. You will get time to explore more things while getting the degree. You can join other diploma courses or join a job for getting better on-field experience that will help your career to grow horizontally.

So, Ashutosh got the best placement assistance from Chandigarh University while pursuing the Distance MBA in marketing management course and has broken the misconception that you do not get any placement support during distance and online education. If you have the skills and capability of doing your work delicately then no will stop you from getting better jobs in the job market.

To know more about distance and online education, you can visit our website College Vidya – An unbiased portal of online and distance education.

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