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What Is Career Counselling? – Online Career Guidance 2024

Dec 9, 2023 13.4K Reads

Are you confused about your career? Do you want to take career counseling and walk on a guided path to success? If you are looking for expert guidance about your career, then you are on the right page. In this blog, we’ll talk about some basic concepts related to career counseling and some of the related questions such as what is career counselling, its benefits, its importance for a student, as well as the right sources to take career counseling from.

This blog will clear all your donuts and give you a clear picture of how to escalate your career to get successful in your respective field/sector. So before any delay, let’s jump to the nub part of this blog. Scroll down and read till the end.


Career Counselling is related to giving professional advice or guidance to a candidate, to assist them to walk on the right path in the specialized field of their career according to their interest and passion. Counseling is a broad concept that aims at helping students and other candidates to find the right and perfect pathways in their careers. 

Choosing a career could be stressful sometimes, but with the right guidance and advice, a student can easily clear all the hurdles to enhance their career as well as explore their areas of interest and aptitude in the field.

What is Career Counselling?

Career counseling is a long and systemic process that is given to a student/ candidate who seeks experienced and professional guidance to form an informed decision in their educational and professional journey. 

Although there is no fixed time to seek career counseling, the majority of people seeking it today include young students and professionals seeking guidance to make the right career decision as well as explore their options in their careers.  

Career counselors provide individuals with expert advice on their potential, aptitude, and skills to motivate their interest to achieve their career goals. Career counseling works with the student in a systemic format. They (career counselors) determine students’ strengths, weaknesses, patterns, and interests, by using their testing methods through aptitude tests, IQs, and interests, to understand the perspective of a student.

All these tests help a counselor to give the right advice to a student by understanding their psychology, the root of the problem, and preparing a report for a student’s potential career choices. Counselors can guide students by guiding them in choosing the right path in their career as well as provide insights into different aspects of career and life such as choosing the right board, course, college, and university, helping them to choose the right professional career as per their interest and passion. Expert counselors can impact an individual’s career by mapping out the entire pathway to achieve desired goals.

What problems can a student face in their Careers?

Students who are unaware or lost their pathways in their career can take career counseling to come back on their successful track. Here are problems that a student could face in their respective careers. 

  • Students can lack confidence and forget their own spark and skills. 
  • They are stuck between two or more choices and are not able to figure out what is best for them as per their skills and knowledge. 
  • They forget or ignore their own passion, and hobbies and follow other recommended professions where they only work for money or to pass the time. 
  • They are unhappy with their career choices in which they are already working. 
  • Students may be confused after losing out on the career/educational choice of their preference. 
  • A student may have lost track of what to do next after completing the elementary educational qualification. 
  • A person can also be in a dilemma as to the career path they should specialize in after choosing a discipline.
  • A student may have missed out on a career opportunity after which they may be confused about what to do next.

What Next if I Miss One Opportunity?

The common problem that students are faced with on a widespread basis is what step should they take next in their career or education in case they are not able to leverage one opportunity. 

Today, with soaring levels of competition and the ambition to excel and succeed in one’s field, students are continuously on the edge looking for the best education and career alternatives. However, due to high competition, students may not be able to secure the best educational institution that they are seeking. 

Moreover, in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world (vuca world), there is a constant need for students to upskill themselves in order to stay up with the latest developments in their fields. As a result, there is a lot of confusion among students regarding what course to choose to upskill themselves. 

A lot of such confusion is widespread. However, just as the competition among students is on the rise, so is the wide spectrum of opportunities to grow oneself. For instance, today educational opportunities are available for students to upskill themselves in the online mode as well. Full-term degree courses, certifications, and diplomas are also available to students today in online mode. 

 Through the right guidance and nudging in the correct direction, students can explore the field of their interest successfully. With the wide plethora of opportunities at the disposal of students now, online education has become a reality and boon for many students to find the right career path. 

In this direction, College Vidya brings to your disposal the most credible and authentic sources of online education, all at the same spot. When it comes to seeking education in the virtual mode, College Vidya is indeed an authority, providing students with a number of services including telephonic and video career counseling, listings of credible online universities and institutions, AI-curated suggestions for your higher education based on your inputs and much more.

Where to Seek Guidance from?

When the decision is about education and career, the question of seeking the best guidance is not to be compromised with. Career decisions and choosing colleges and universities are irreversible decisions of your life in that they cannot be undone once you have invested your time and resources in them.

Weighing in the high stakes involved in such choices, it is only normal for a student to be confused about them. In many such cases, career counseling comes in. As we have already discussed, students are not aware of their aptitudes, areas of interest, and skills which makes the decisions tougher.   

Seeking the right guidance at that point is very important. Around us, we are surrounded by many individuals who guide and inform us about the various possible choices we can make in our education and careers. However, to make the best and most informed decision, it is essential that you seek the right mentorship and expert guidance only from qualified professionals. 

College Vidya is an ed-tech platform that helps you seek guidance about your education and career in a number of ways. We are a platform dedicated to excellence and credibility. 

If you are confused about a vision in your career or educational pursuit, we offer career counseling to you through a number of modalities: 

  • With us, you can seek career counseling and guidance about your concern through the live chat facilities on our website. 
  • If you want to directly interact with the top career counselors, we provide you with telephonic career counseling as well. 
  • We connect you with our professionally qualified career counselors through live video chat facilities, which enable you to seek guidance about your problems in education and career in real-time. 

Why College Vidya?

A reasonable question to arise here is why choose College Vidya? Because it provides you with a number of careers and educational assistance facilities. But we do not limit ourselves to the services we provide. We strive to reach new heights every day so as to mainstream educational awareness and guidance and extend our educational support to students in every nook and corner of the nation. 

  • College Vidya is ET Leadership and Excellence Awards Recognised as One of the Most Trusted Edtech Platforms in India as of 2024. 
  • We are trusted by over 4,00,000 unique users on a monthly basis. 
  • College Vidya only provides students with completely credible information and guidance, be it career assistance, university listings, information through various media, or counseling. 
  • College Vidya understands the variety of financial needs of students and provides expert guidance to students for a nominal amount of Rs. 99, which means the affordability of our services stands out from the high costs of career counseling offered at other centers and platforms. 
  • We provide students with completely unbiased and reliable guidance and truly guide them toward exploring their inner potential as well as the best career alternative for them. 
  • The confidentiality and privacy of your information are our utmost priority. We never sell or use your private information for any unfair purpose. 
  • We are always there when you need us, be it career guidance, or individualized mentorship throughout your course. We always pick your call and support you toward a better academic journey and career. 
  • We understand the importance of transparency, and as an organization, we never charge any hidden fees from you.

From Where a Student Can Get Best Career Guidance?

It is better and good to seek professional guidance rather than walk on a blind route to what everyone is doing in their respective career. The main aim of career counselors is to help students and professionals to choose the right tuned and skilled based expected jobs in their respective fields. 

For this, students can take career guidance on the official web portal of College Vidya through online mode (Virtual, Chat, Telephonic, face-to-face counseling) from expert career counselors who are professionally qualified, to select the right career, course, or field of job. 

Students can even check the top-notch universities and courses and compare them with different other universities and their courses only through College Vidya’s “Suggest Me A University”. 

Here we have mentioned some of the top features of the College Vidya platform that are trusted by lakhs of students and have helped them find the right direction in their career path. 

Compare Features at College Vidya

With this distinct comparison feature of College Vidya, a student can compare different colleges and their courses with three universities at one time in a few clicks. They can get to know about key features of a particular university and course such as eligibility, fee structure, approvals, pros and cons, and other related facts. With College Vidya’s “Compare Feature” you can explore and easily compare the various options for your studies at the undergraduate, and postgraduate level in the form of certificate programs, degree programs, and even diploma courses through online mode of education in your budget.

Suggest Me a University

Through this feature of College Vidya, you can select a university just by clicking on a displayed button on the homepage of the official webpage.

The main idea behind the “Suggest Me University” feature is to use an AI program to curate the various accredited online universities and courses and suggest the one that meets your needs most perfectly. 

To make use of this feature, all you have to do is visit the homepage of College Vidya (www.collegevidya.com) and click on the “Suggest Me A University” button on the top. Thereafter, you are required to answer a few simple questions about your level of education, your budget for education, the amount of time you are willing to devote to the course on a weekly basis as well as the specialization and your needs about the university. 

This feature provides you with suggestions that meet your educational needs best. 


This is another unique feature of College Vidya that is dedicated to creating awareness among students and others about the importance of credible education. This portal helps the user to find out if their degree/university/school education board is well-accredited or not. Students can search for their board or university or even a particular course from a university to see if it has all the necessary accreditations and approvals to be considered credible and valid. 

The verification feature of College Vidya has helped numerous students in finding the credibility of an educational institution and prevented them from falling for fake universities and colleges. 

Career Counselling by College Vidya

College Vidya has over 300 qualified and professionally trained career counselors who have multiple years of experience in providing vocational guidance to students and users effectively. We at College Vidya provide students with completely unbiased, credible, and reliable guidance. 

Our counselors have interacted with thousands of students until now, providing guidance in the mode they wish to, be it through chat, telephone, or video sessions. 

All these counseling modes, except for video counseling, are free of cost and for video counseling, a nominal amount of Rs. 99 is charged to students. 

Our aim remains to provide guidance to students from diverse backgrounds the suggestions and mentorship that can illuminate the future path of their career for them.

Importance of Career Counselling

Anyone can seek career counseling ranging from freshers to experienced professionals who are already working in some firm. The sooner you get the right advice, the easier the walk ahead on the right path of your career. Below we have mentioned some of the key points while taking career counseling from an expert. 

#1 Helps to choose the right career 

Career counselors are experts that assist your skills, aptitude, interest, personality, knowledge, and other aspects of you and your life related to your career. Expert counselors guide you through the whole process of career guidance. They evaluate your whole personality, and perspective and suggest you the best career from available and relevant options as per education and interest. 

#2 Helps to gain confidence and skill

Expert counselors not only guide you about your career as per your skills and knowledge but also help to build confidence and other skills through different activities, seminars, sessions, or other such tasks. The main aim is to overcome any of the hurdles which hinder you from walking on the best career path. The duty of a counselor is to provide such insights into the field and build confidence to accept and achieve their dreams.  

#3 Helps to walk on expert advice or resources 

With expert advice through all the resources and knowledge, a student would get insights from an expert career guide. Many students through the process of career counseling report getting a clear and definite path. They also build different and new skills in themselves.

#4 Provides a role-model 

While career counseling, students will get to connect with experts and their respective experiences, stories which make them feel motivated and make them role models. Career counseling works as an inspirational platform to help a student to meet great role models who inspire them not only in their careers but also in their life.  

#5 Helps in providing stability in thoughts 

Career Counsellors can help you to remain calm while making career decisions. They give you a new perspective in terms of your life and career and help you develop clarity of thought. 

Top Trending Online and Distance Courses In 2024

After reaching the endpoint of your counseling session, you can now look up the most chosen online courses and their specializations that you should know about to figure out what’s better for them and make a well-informed decision.

So you can visit the College Vidya website and go through online and distance courses like financial management, marketing management, banking, and finance management, retail management, HR Management, Wealth Management, Supply Chain Management, International Trade, AI & Machine learning, Operations Management & Business Management.

All the above-mentioned course fees vary between about forty thousand to one lakh rupees for the entire course. The diploma courses are generally for one year or less.

There are also many online MBA courses with specializations like Finance, Marketing & Finance, Logistics & Supply Chain, Digital Marketing and E-commerce, Strategic Marketing, International Trade, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Operations, Fintech, Business intelligence & Analytics, and many others.

All the courses mentioned on the College Vidya website are certified and verified courses so that students can simply sit back and learn with the new model of education which is online and distance education.

Online and Distance Diploma Courses Specialisations: 

Financial Management  Retail Management  Supply Chain Management 
Marketing Management  HR Management  International Trade Management 
Banking and Finance Management  Wealth Management  AI and Machine Learning 
Operation Management Business Management 

Online and Distance BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) Specializations: 

Aviation  HRM  Advertising and Branding
Banking and Finance  Marketing  Advertisement and Marketing
Multimedia Management  Finance Strategy and Leadership 
Digital Marketing  International Finance  Engineering and Project 
Data Science and Analytics

Online and Distance B.Com Specializations:

Accounting and Finance  International Finance  Professional Accounting and Finance 

Online and Distance MBA Specializations:

Finance Management  Marketing Management  Marketing and Finance Management
General Management Marketing and HR Management  Logistics and Supply Chain Management  
Aviation Management Banking and Finance Management  International Finance Management 
Operation Management Fintech Management  System and Operations Management 
Strategic Marketing  HRM and Finance Management  Business Intelligence and Analytics 
IT Management International Trade Management Entrepreneurship and Leadership 
Digital Marketing E-Commerce Management  Data Science and Analytics Management 

Online and Distance MCA Specializations:

Computer Science and IT  Data Analytics  Full Stack Development  Cloud Computing 
Data Science  Artificial Intelligence  Cyber Security  Game Development 

Online and Distance MCom Specializations:

Accounting and Finance  International Finance  Professional Accounting and Finance 

Online and Distance MA Specializations:

Economics  Journalism and Mass Communication  English 
Public Policy and Administration  Liberal Arts  Psychology 


We hope this detailed blog at College Vidya has cleared all your doubts about career counseling. Career counseling works for the betterment of a student and guides the student towards a successful career where they easily achieve all their goals. With expert, logical advice students/candidates will get to know about their hidden skills to choose the best career with expert advice.

At College Vidya, you can get the right career counseling with our expert counselors in less than a minute. You can compare different universities and courses within your budget and make your career a successful journey. So, choose the best career path for yourself with us at College Vidya. Lastly, you can even get connected with us through the official website of college vidya by visiting our homepage of https://collegevidya.com/

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Career counseling is when a student professionally or educationally takes guidance from expert professionals to walk on the right pathway.

Through career counseling, a student gets expert guidance that is beneficial for a student/candidate to run on the correct track with expert advice.

A student can visit the official website of College Vidya to get the right and correct career guidance through our expert and experienced counselors. You can get counseling via online mode via, telephone, mail, chat, etc.

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