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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Doctorate Overview

Apr 23, 2024 1.4K Reads

DBA or  Doctorate in Business Administration, is an advanced degree program specially designed for working executives and it is the highest degree in management. So if you are a working professional who does not get time to pursue a Ph.D., you can enroll in DBA. It is a globally recognized degree. Are You Looking For? | Online Doctorate Degrees! 

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3 Years Doctorate Programs In Online mode? || Is it a valid option

The duration of DBA is typically 3 to 5 years. DBA degrees ample students with in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills which make them ready to take senior-level jobs in top companies. DBA gives the chance to working professionals to get industry-based knowledge and get an upper hand to fetch jobs in a competitive world.

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DBA can be pursued in specialisations like Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, Accounting, Project Management, Leadership, Healthcare Management, Marketing, International Business, and many more. All these specializations can be pursued in online mode. Here, in this blog, we have given a complete overview of a Doctorate in Business Administration, its duration, course fee, top universities, eligibility criteria, DBA top Specialisations, career opportunities after pursuing a DBA and many more. Enroll Today | Doctorate In Business Administration Online!

Prerequisites for a Doctorate in Business Administration

Some eligibility criteria can have to be fulfilled by the candidates before enrolling in the program. The requirement for work experience can vary for different specializations. So, the eligibility criteria to enrol in the DBA program are-

  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree or equivalent from a recognised university. 
  • Candidates should have work experience in the related field. 

Difference between a DBA, PhD, and MBA - Which among these is a better degree to pursue?

All these degrees carry different relevance and offer different benefits. 

You can ask why pursue PhD over a DBA. The answer to this question is simple. Opt for any of these two: DBA or PhD, the decision depends on your future aspirations. Both DBA and PhD are equivalent in status and offer similar job opportunities, both are the highest degree of management and add Dr. with your name as a prefix.  If you are looking for a future career in research, then you can opt for the PhD program. Also Available | Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Online!

However, DBA is a program specially designed for working professionals. It is best for people who have major issues with time commitments to their studies. In this program, you can get the benefit of pursuing a doctorate and your job simultaneously. The course can be balanced with the job.

Now, the other question, many candidates generally ask is Which is better MBA or a DBA? An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration is a postgraduate program, while a DBA is a doctoral program. Both MBA and DBA offer knowledge to those seeking careers in the business world, but the level of both these programs vary as DBA is deeper and more advanced. 

An MBA does not require prior knowledge, which is mandated in DBA. MBA can be pursued by anyone with a bachelor’s in any discipline. Also, an MBA is best for students who are looking to pursue a career in the management field. For pursuing an MBA, job experience is not a mandatory factor, while enrolling in a DBA course requires prior work experience in the relevant field. 

Reasons to choose a DBA

DBA is chosen by many people looking to make a successful career in the management field for senior-level positions. This course is opted by the people due to various reasons like-

  • You will get advanced skills and career options that are required in the organizations for senior-level positions.
  • You will get plenty of other career options after completion of DBA as this course not but acquaints the students with a quantitative but qualitative approach to management. 
  • DBA is a program that equips students with a balanced understanding of the theoretical knowledge and the practical understanding that later helps them to get better salary offers. 
  • Growth is what everyone seeks to have, in their careers as well. So this course can help you get that growth as after pursuing this course, you can explore other advanced job roles as well. 
  • DBA helps you to learn advanced tools and high-level research skills. 

Why Enroll in DBA?

Are you already a working professional, and looking to excel in the skills by pursuing a doctorate program, but stuck in your current job? In such scenarios, it becomes always a confusion as to How to manage the doctorate program and job. Leaving the job for 5 years and pursuing a degree can be challenging. Here comes the advantage of a DBA over a PhD.  DBA is pursued especially by working professionals who lag in giving time to a full-time course and want to balance a job as well as studies. As a PhD is pursued in regular full-time mode and requires dedicated hours, the DBA program is designed with the approach to offer flexible learning mode to working professionals. As the value of a PhD and DBA are the same and both have the highest degree of management studies, working professionals find DBA more convenient and suitable for their full-time jobs. 

Who Should Apply for a Doctorate in Business Administration?

Doctorate in Business Administration is an amazing course that is especially tailor-made for working professionals. It is highly opted for by people with work experience. Students who are interested in the field of business administration and management can opt for this course which can help them learn about analytics, global management, business strategy, and many more. The students can apply for the course if they have-

  • Bachelor’s degree with relevant work experience.
  • Master's degree with some research-based study.
  • A working professional with at least 3 years of experience. 
  • Strong knowledge of business, management, and administration.
  • Zeal to study for research with passion.
  • Skill to handle both work and studies at one time.
  • Excellent Analytical skills

What is the cost of Pursuing a DBA?

DBA course fees can range between 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs approximately. However, the course fee may vary as per the chosen specialisation. The fee is offered by reputed universities that are highly pursued by working professionals. The approximate tuition fee for the program ranges between $20,000- $50,000 per annum.

What are the Top DBA universities?

Numerous universities and colleges offer DBA programs to students. But here we have mentioned top DBA universities with accreditations from the top reputed organisations.  

  • Golden Gate University
  • Rushford Business School
  • Columbia Southern University
  • Swiss School of Business and Management
  • Wilmington University
  • Florida International University
  • William Howard Taft University
  • University of Missouri
  • Liberty University
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • George Fox University

Jobs Prospects After DBA

There are various jobs and career opportunities after DBA. You will get ample skills and knowledge to boost your career to the next level. DBA equips the students with practical skills like management, leadership and marketing, strategic management, communication skills, and many more. Such things help to attract better job opportunities. Here we have given some top job roles you can enrol, in after completion of the DBA program. 

  • Corporate executive positions
  • Faculty positions such as researcher or professor 
  • Consultant roles
  • Government job roles 
  • Research & management roles
  • Business analyst job roles
  • Entrepreneurial and Business Opportunities

How to get Funding for a Doctorate in Business Administration

Doctorate programs are quite expensive and require a financial backup for fees and other course expenses. In such case do not panic and step back. If you are planning to pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration, and looking to get funding for the program, then here we have given some options you can apply for

  • Scholarships- Several universities and institutes provide merit-based scholarships to enrolled students if they meet certain criteria. Scholarships are offered by the central and state governments. Some external scholarships that are sponsored by charities, foundations and companies can also be applied by the students. 
  • Loans- This option is also available to you if you are pursuing a doctoral program. Loans can be provided by the private and government banks.  
  • Grants- These are given to the students enrolled in the doctoral program by the state government, central government, foundations and various other organisations. 

What are the essential DBA Dissertation Requirements?

A dissertation is the most essential part of the DBA program. Dissertation includes the research work and studies of the students that are done by them during their doctorate. A dissertation is 80-100 pages long and consists of a particular business issue and the practical solution to it. The process of a dissertation takes time and it is not a simple task, it has to meet certain standard requirements which include-

  • Make a research plan that gives a brief about objectives and methodology.
  • Read, study and research more to gather the data and analyse it deeply.
  • Get as many findings as possible to support your studies.
  • Presentation of your findings should be concise and clear.
  • Always create an appropriate business solution.
  • Take help from faculty members and teachers to get a review of your dissertation. 
  • If the paper meets all the requirements, the essential part of the doctorate will be accomplished.    

DBA Top Specialisations

Various Specialisations are opted for by the students, but here we have mentioned some of the top specialisations of Doctorate in Business Administration. 

The Application Process to Enroll in the DBA Course

The admission process for the DBA program is simple. But before applying to the DBA program, make sure to fulfil all the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Here we have given step-by-step guidance that can help you enrol in a DBA Course-

  • Step 1- Visit the official website and open the application form. Fill out all the essential personal, professional, and academic background details 
  • Step 2- Before submitting the details, make sure to check the form twice. Once you review the form, submit the final application.
  • Step 3- The admission committee will verify all the details and submitted documents.
  • Step 4- You will get confirmation from the admission committee, and this is the right time to apply for the scholarship, if any. Within a few days, you will also get the offer letter from the university.
  • Step 5- Right after getting the offer letter, submit the fee and book your slot in the university.
  • Step 6- You will get enrollment confirmation after the fee payment, download the application form and fee receipt.

What is the duration of the DBA Program?

The course duration of Doctor of Business Administration is a minimum of 3 years in online mode. The course is equivalent to a Ph.D. and it is globally recognized, which adds value to your degree, as it gives global exposure to the DBA holders.

What are the Accreditations of the DBA program?

Before enrolling in the program, it is always essential to check the accreditation of the institution offering DBA. Always pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration that meets the standard requirements on various factors like teaching methods, curriculum offerings and faculty credibility. The accreditation can be given by some top reputed organisations like-

  • AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
  • EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)and
  • AMBA (Association of MBAs), is specifically designed for business schools. 

DBA is a high-demand course that is gaining popularity among working professionals due to the numerous benefits it can offer to boost their career growth. Several universities offer DBA in both ways, in online mode as well as in on-campus mode. It is a perfect blend not just to understand the theoretical aspects and knowledge, but also the implementation of the knowledge in practical business problems. DBA equips a candidate with all the skills that are highly required by organisations for senior-level positions.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, DBA is the highest degree of management and add Dr. with your name as a prefix. 

Yes, Both DBA as well as PhD in Business are equivalent in terms of level of study as both are considered as the highest level of studies in business administration. 

Both are different in terms of level of study and the decision to pursue anyone of these can vary on the individual’s career goals. MBA, or Masters of Business Administration is a postgraduate program, while DBA is a doctoral program. The level of both these programs varies as DBA is a deep and more advanced learning program of 3 to 5 years, while MBA is usually a 2-year program.

If you are working professionally, but looking to upskill your knowledge for better job and career opportunities, you can pursue a DBA that is equivalent to a PhD and is globally recognised. You can get advanced skills to boost your career growth.

Enrolling in DBA or Doctorate in Business Administration requires a few criteria fulfilment-

  • Candidate must complete the bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution, with some work experience in the relevant field. 
  • Students with master’s degrees can also apply for the DBA program. 

No, MBA is not a mandated degree to have as a prerequisite. Any master's degree or equivalent is valid to enrol in the DBA program. Additionally, job experience with the degree increases your chances to enrol in the DBA program. 

Yes, a DBA is a valid doctorate that is accepted for all types of employment and job roles. It is equivalent to a PhD. However, DBA is only offered by foreign institutes and hence carries global recognition, which enhances your chances of getting employment not just in India, but abroad. 

No, to enrol in DBA, candidates must have some job experience in the relevant field of business and management. The work experience requirement varies for each DBA specialisation.

Yes, a Doctorate in Business Administration is a professional course that is a perfect combination of the study of theoretical aspects with its implementation in real business issues. It can help you understand all the concepts that are essential to get into the job role in the management field.

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