Online/Distance Learning M.Sc Mathematics Courses, Admission, Subjects, Colleges, Salary, and Career Options 2022
Online and Distance M.Sc

Online/Distance Learning M.Sc Mathematics Courses, Admission, Subjects, Colleges, Salary, and Career Options 2022

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What Is M.Sc Mathematics Distance Learning?

Distance M.Sc (Master of Science) Mathematics is the post graduate course that one student can pursue to get higher education in Mathematics. The course is a master degree program that is completed by going through the syllabus in four semesters to be covered in two years. But Distance M.Sc or Online M.Sc gives the flexibility to the students for completing their whole degree program in 4 years as distance learning promotes learning at own pace.

The program of M.Sc Mathematics (Distance Education) is heavily focused on imparting knowledge about mathematics in detail. The students are taught advanced mathematics with the application in the research activities.

The Online or Distance MSc Mathematics is an advanced program that covers the main area of mathematics such as mathematical techniques, mathematical programming, mathematical modeling and mathematical computation. This course has many subjects such as algebra, calculus, Probability and other advanced subjects.

M.Sc Mathematics has two main aspects when seen as the application of mathematical knowledge in the real world. The first one is the numerical analysis which is majorly used in research work and another one is the mathematical modeling technique which majorly used as an application in the industries. The industrial application of mathematics is the modeling technique that is used for data analysis, data crunching, and data mining.

In industrial application of mathematics or mathematical modeling is the implementation of mathematical algorithms for scientific computing. These techniques help students learn tactics to deal with various industrial sectors with the help of mathematics. Let’s further explore the Distance M.Sc Mathematics to get an in-depth analysis of the course.

Distance M.Sc Mathematics Eligibility

As Distance M.Sc Mathematics is a postgraduate course so the minimum eligibility for the course is an undergraduate degree. To be eligible for Distance M.Sc Mathematics a student has to be a B.Sc. graduate with Mathematics as the major subject. There is no entrance exam for taking admission in the Distance M.Sc Mathematics.

M.Sc Mathematics Distance Education Fees

The fee of distance learning M.Sc Mathematics is way less than the Regular M.Sc Mathematics. Generally, the fee of Distance Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60,000. The lesser fee in the distance Education is due to the availability of learning material through LMS and the online classroom which is accessible to thousands of students at the same time.

Duration of M.Sc Mathematics Distance Education

The course of Distance Education of Online M.Sc Mathematics is categorized into 4 semesters spread over 2 years. But Distance education focuses on the learning at your own pace. So, keeping in mind the one can do Distance M.Sc Mathematics in 4 years.

M.Sc Mathematics Distance Education Subjects

The subjects which are taught in the Distance M.Sc mathematics are focused in such a way that it focuses on the Research and Industrial Application of Mathematics. The subjects are the theoretical as well as the practical that is run in computer labs.

To complete the whole course the Distance M.Sc includes an assignment, project work, and labs. The main subjects that are taught in the course are tabulated below:


Important Topics

Real AnalysisBasic topology, continuity, sequences and series, The Lebesgue Integral, Lebesgue integral of step functions, Lebesgue integral of upper functions, Simple and Step Functions, Upper Functions.
AlgebraPermutations and combinations, groups of order p square, Sylow theorems, PQ, polynomial rings, matrix rings.
Number TheoryDivisibility, Euler’s theorem, Euclidean theorem, roots and indices, Arithmetic functions.
TopologyThe base for a topology, Order of topology, connected spaces, countability axioms, compact space of the real line.
Probability TheoryNature of data and methods of compilation, measures of central tendency, representation of data, measuring the variability of data, tools of interpreting numerical data e.g mean, median, quartiles, standard deviation.
Differential GeometryTensors, envelopes and developable surfaces, curves with torsion, tangent planes and fundamental magnitudes, involutes.
Linear ProgrammingOpened and closed half-spaces, Convex Sets, sensitivity analysis, transportation problems, parametric programming.
Complex AnalysisPower series, trigonometric functions, Geometric representation of numbers, complex-valued functions, Cauchy’s theorem for rectangle, disk and its general form.
Field TheoryThe theorem of Galois theory, Lagrange’s theorem on primitive elements, Cyclotomic extensions, degree field extensions and all other forms and applications of fields.

​These are the top subjects along with the sub-topics that are to be covered in the course.

Distance M.Sc Mathematics Syllabus

The Distance M.Sc Mathematics syllabus is divided into 4 semesters that is to be generally covered in 2 years. The syllabus of the Distance M.Sc course consists of theory, practical as good assignments that are to be submitted in the order to get the degree of Distance M.Sc Mathematics.

Here is the list of subjects that you have covered in the whole course. The subjects are divided semester-wise. Have a look at it:-

Semester – ISemester – III
Theorems on Principle, Maximal and Prime IdealsCalculus on Euclidean Space
The Riemann – Stieltjes IntegralVolterra and Fredholm Integral Equations
Isomorphism Theorems and its Related ProblemsTwo-dimensional Flows of Inviscid Fluids
Finite and Infinite SetsNumerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Linear Differential Equations of nth OrderMeaning of First and Second-order Ordinary Derivatives
Modelling with Recurrence Relations with Examples of Fibonacci NumbersAbstract Group Theory
Semester – IISemester – IV
Recapitulation: Rings, Some Special Classes of RingsLebesgue Integral
Phragmen-Lindel of theoremConvergence Theorems and Lebesgue Integral
Alexandroff ’s One Point CompactificationRiemannian Metric. Connections. Riemannian Connections and their Components
First-Order Partial Differential EquationsPartitions: Definition of Partition of a +ve Integer
Second-Order Partial Differential EquationsAsymptotic Values and Asymptotic Curves
The Conjugate Space H* of a Hilbert SpacePlanarity: Plane and Planar Graphs

Average Salary of a Distance M.Sc Mathematics Professional 

The need of the M.Sc Mathematics graduates in the field of research as well industry operations. Mathematics is considered as one of the most complex subjects available and the students who are getting the post-graduate degree must have a vast knowledge of the subjects.

The pass outs of M.Sc Mathematics are generally paid more than the general M.Sc  graduates. The average salary of an M.Sc Mathematics graduate starts from 6.0 LPA.

Benefit Of Distance M.Sc Mathematics Distance Learning

The Distance M.Sc in Mathematics has many advantages over the regular M.Sc and can easily be seen. Here are the advantages of the Distance Learning M.Sc Mathematics over the regular M.Sc Some of these are here:

* Pace your Degree Program:  Distance M.Sc Mathematics allows you to complete your program at your learning speed and pace your graduation program at your speed. In the regular mode, you are not expected to complete the entire curriculum in a restricted way in 2 years. But in the distance course the whole course takes 2 years to 4 years. You have a flexible time.

* Affordable Program Fee: Distance M.Sc Mathematics program is much more affordable than the regular M.Sc Mathematics. Distance fees are much lesser than regular programs. Distance programs offer equal value and recognition at a lower fee.

Industry Relevant Updated Curriculum: Distance Curriculum is updated to reflect changing industry trends. This makes the Distance M.Sc Mathematics complaint program and provides learning of the industry. Students achieve an enhanced understanding about the practical application of advanced mathematics.

Earn and Learn at Same Time:  If you take admission in M.Sc Mathematics distance learning, you will develop simultaneous experience and knowledge. So, you will have the right skills and experience to excel in your career when you go for Distance M.Sc learning.

Placements & Career Opportunities M.Sc Mathematics Distance Education

Top Distance Education university provides placement assistance to the students who are seeking Distance M.Sc Mathematics. Many top financial firms require graduate students with the knowledge of advanced mathematics and statistics to analyze the numbers and data.

There are various industries that require professionals with knowledge of Mathematics. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Research Fields
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Market Research Firms
  • Economic Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Engineering Firms
  • Pharma Companies
  • Government Sectors
  • Social Research Institutes

These are some of the industries that require the professional with the knowledge of advanced Mathematics. Some of the top job profiles that graduate of Distance M.SC Mathematics get are:

  • Mathematics Specialist
  • Professor
  • Quantitative Risk Analyst
  • Quantitative Developer
  • Research Associates
  • Business Analyst
  • Mathematician

Apart from the jobs after doing M.Sc Mathematics graduates can also go for higher studies for Ph.D. The research fellowships programs are the generally most pursued course for the graduates looking for the going for the higher studies.


Mathematics is one of the most complex subjects known to us. But every field requires Mathematics, as Mathematics governs every equation of mechanism that is naturally viable.

Thus, the graduates with a profound knowledge of advanced Mathematics are required in every field and are greatly compensated when seen in terms of salary. SO, if you are B.Sc pass out with Mathematics as one of the major subjects this is a sure shot program for infinite success.


⭐ Can I do MSc Mathematics from distance?

Yes, MSc Mathematics from Distance Education is a valid course and is approved by UGC-DEB.

⭐ Which is better M.Sc Maths or MSC statistics?

Both the courses have different learnings and different career prospects. So, it totally depends upon your interest level of yours in the course.

⭐ How can I apply for MSc Mathematics?

For going for MSC Mathematics through distance mode you need to fill the application form of the university in which you are interested to pursue.

⭐ What can we do after MSc Maths?

After doing MSc Maths there are various options in various industries. A graduate of MSC Maths can pursue various careers such as Mathematician, Professors, Risk Analysts, Actuary etc.

⭐ What is the salary of MSc Mathematics?

After completing the course of MSc Mathematics, the average salary of the graduate is around 6.0 LPA

⭐ Can I do a PhD after distance MSc Mathematics?

Yes, you can do a PhD after distance MSc Mathematics as it is a totally valid course.

⭐ Can MSc Mathematics be done privately?

Yes, there are numerous private universities that offer MSc Mathematics.

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