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Top Colleges for Lateral Entry After Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Dec 11, 2023 13.5K Reads

B.Tech Lateral Entry After Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a 3-year diplomatic level engineering course that imparts the knowledge of basic mechanical engineering to the students. Candidates who have an interest in engineering pursue this course just after completing mid-term schooling of 10th class education so that they can start their studies of engineering initially.

B.Tech Lateral Entry courses are specially designed for the diploma holders so that they can continue their studies for getting advanced knowledge of the branch that they have studied during their diploma. The students can choose only those specializations in which they had completed their diploma during B.Tech Lateral Entry Course.

So, If you are a Diploma holder in mechanical engineering then B.Tech Lateral entry mechanical engineering is a great option for you. B.Tech Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering is a 3-year six-semester program that is designed for diploma holders in Mechanical Engineering.

This program gives diploma holder admission directly in 2 years of the curriculum as they have studied the first year in the diploma. This course is a boon to the diploma holders who want to upgrade their diploma in B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering is referred to the study of mechanism.

The course imparts an advanced knowledge of design, development, research, construction, and testing of machines, tools, engines, and every mechanical element. This B.Tech Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering program opens the opportunity for the diploma holders to go leaps and bounds.

Duration – B.Tech Lateral Entry mechanical engineering

The duration of B.Tech Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering is 3 years. The whole curriculum is divided into 6 semesters in which the syllabus of the whole B.Tech Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering covered.

The duration of this course is less than the B.Tech Mechanical engineering as in the first year of this course the students are taught the basic knowledge of the course and the diploma holders equip this knowledge during the diploma. So the diploma holders can skip the first year of the B.Tech Mechanical Engineering course and start their education directly from the second year.

Specializations of B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical Engineering course comes with various specializations.

Some of them are mentioned below:-

Automobile Engineering Engineering Mechanics Industrial Engg & Production Management. Marine Engineering
Discover ME. Hydraulic Machines. Innovation. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics.
Engineering Materials

​Eligibility Criteria – B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical Engineering

The eligibility criteria of B.Tech Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering is as follows:

  • The candidates must have completed a 3 Years Diploma course in Mechanical Engineering to be eligible to pursue B.Tech Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • The candidates also need to clear an entrance exam with good marks held at the state level for engineering admission to be eligible for the course.

Entrance Examination B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

To get admission in top universities for B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical Engineering course the candidates need to clear any entrance exam such as JEE mains, GATE etc. Besides that, various universities have their own admission criteria. Must check the eligibility criteria of the university before taking admission for the course as :

  • DTU has separate exams for lateral entry in which it decides the lateral entry cut off on its limited seats of Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering programs.
  • Some government universities follow the norms of the ll India Council for Technical Education.
  • Some private Universities such as Lingayas, Amit University, SV University allows direct entry into the programs.

Syllabus – B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical Engineering

As we have already stated that Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering is of 3 years. The first year of engineering is already been taught in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Here is the curriculum and the Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering subjects that a student studies in his 3 years of the programs.

Semester III Semester IV
Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics Dynamics of Machinery
Applied Thermodynamics Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanics of Solids Fluid Mechanics
Theory of Machines Numerical and Statistical Methods
Mathematics III Electrical Machines and Control
Mechanics of Solids Practical Numerical and Statistical Methods
Theory of Machines Practical Fluid Mechanics Practical
Applied Thermodynamics Practical Numerical and Statistical Methods Practical
Dynamics of Machinery Practical
Semester V Semester VI
Production Technology I Computer-Aided Design
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design Internal Combustion Engines
Heat and Mass Transfer Mechanical Vibration
Fluid Machines Advanced Solid Mechanics
Industrial Engineering and management Internal Combustion Engines Practical Production Technology II
Fluid Machines Practical Mechanical Vibration Practical
Heat and Mass Transfer Practical Workshop Practice IV
Workshop Practice III
Semester VII Semester VIII
Measurement and Instrumentation Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Operations Research Mechanical Handling Equipment
Energy Conversion Equipment Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Industrial Tribology Automobile Engineering
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ergonomics
Mechatronics Finite Element Analysis
Utilization of Non-Conventional Energy Maintenance Engineering
Waste Heat Utilization Composite Materials
Fracture Mechanics Automation and Robotics
Advanced Manufacturing Systems Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
Measurements and Instrumentation Practical Power Plant Engineering
Energy Conversion Equipment Practical Environmental Engineering

Elective Subjects 

S.No. Elective Subjects
1 Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
2 Advanced Manufacturing Processes
3 Air-Conditioning and Ventilation
4 Supply Chain Management
5 Vibrations
6 Engineering Measurements
7 Operations Management
8 Finite Element Methods in Engineering
9 Advanced Fluid Dynamics
10 Conduction & Radiation Heat Transfer
11 Two-Phase Flow Heat Transfer
12 Soft Computing Techniques in Mechanical Engineering
13 Tribology
14 Theory of Composite Materials
15 Artificial Intelligence & Neuro-Fuzzy Theory
16 MEMS & Microsystems Technology
17 Compressible Flows
18 Convective Heat & Mass Transfer
19 Turbulence
20 Microfluidics
21 Experimental Fluid Mechanics

​Career Scope after B.Tech Lateral Entry mechanical engineering

After completing Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering, a student is exposed to a range of career options. Some of are mentioned here:

Campus Placements: The students can be placed in top companies through campus placements conducted by the colleges and universities. This opens up a vast sea of opportunities to the students who want to make their career in Mechanical Engineering.

Join Private Companies: There are a large number of private companies that are available for Mechanical Engineers. Companies such as TATA Steel, JSW, L&T, Mahindra etc are some of the companies that require Mechanical Engineers.

Apply in Government Sectors: Various government departments such as PWD, CPWD, Electricity departments, NHAI etc. have requirements of Mechanical Engineering.

Opportunity in PSU: PSU such as NTPC, ONGC, NHPC, BHEL have requirements of Mechanical Engineers and offer good salary and perks to the Mechanical Engineers.

Higher Studies: After Lateral Entry in Mechanical Engineering a student can pursue higher studies such as MTech and MBA.

Top Lateral Entry B Tech Mechanical Engineering Colleges

Some of the top lateral entry B.Tech colleges for Mechanical engineering are listed here for the your reference:-

Lingaya’s University Delhi Technological University
Jamia Millia Islamia University Jadavpur University
Pondicherry Engineering Institute Thapar Institute of Technology & Institute
Manipal University Shri Venkateswara University
GITAM University University of Technology

​Conclusion Of B Tech Mechanical Engineering Colleges

So, in this article, we have mentioned all the aspects of the B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical engineering course that is designed for the diploma holders of mechanical engineering. This course is best suitable for you if you are a diploma holder of mechanical engineering and searching for a higher degree course to upgrade your career.

Also, B.Tech Lateral entry is a recognized course by the University Grant Commission and AICTE that means it holds value in the job market.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The B.Tech program for Mechanical Engineering Diploma holders in which admission is given directly in the second year.

After a polytechnic Mechanical Engineer Diploma, you can pursue B.Tech Lateral Entry to boost up your career.

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