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Why Comparison matters when it Comes to Your Career?

Dec 11, 2023 10.4K Reads

As consumers, we always look for more options and then compare the best product for us. Be it when you are buying a mobile phone or selecting the restaurant before you compare so that your choice is always the best. 

But it’s seen when it comes to college selection we often get lazy and don’t bother ourselves much. When it comes to college selection, we just go by what our parents say or what our parents suggest. Nothing is considered by us when we try to figure out which distance & online university is best for us. 

Everything can’t be blamed on us, as in India there wasn’t a platform that would provide information about every distance & online university easily. Online & distance universities are there for more than two decades but still, there wasn’t a single platform that was giving the correct, unbiased & true information. 

Let’s understand why Comparing colleges is important but before that let’s have a college survey of College Vidya that led to making this portal of comparison. Also, we will explore why it is important. 

The College Vidya Survey

Students are ignorant of the variables that must be considered while comparing distance and online schools or universities. College Vidya conducted extensive research with a sample size of 10,000 students. The main reason was to collect information about the student’s admission pattern and to derive other interpretations. The analysis conducted by College Vidya yielded a startling discovery. 

According to the research statistics, 68 percent of students solely compared fees as a determining criterion for admission, while only 11 percent of students considered approvals, faculty, and placement cells. The remaining 21 percent of pupils do not compare at all. The data clearly indicates that there is a lack of vigilantism when it comes to online & distance education. As we have the data indicating that the majority of students don’t research when they decide to go for a degree in online & distance mode.

They rely only on the recommendations of their elders, acquaintances, and family members. The survey highlighted how many students are unaware of their options and make misinformed judgments regarding their future jobs. The main reason for this was obviously the lack of information on online & distance education in India. As the pandemic happened students got more inclined towards online & distance education, and no proper guidance in this was the main reason for the misinformed decisions. 

No Comparison & Great Confusion

Students are unaware of the aspects that must be addressed when comparing distance education with online education. College Vidya’s investigation revealed a surprising revelation. The College Vidya research has previously demonstrated how many students are aware of the importance of choosing the proper career selection. 

The implications of not comparing and not choosing the right universities are serious and we say that students should not overlook the concrete factors. Many students conduct research on hundreds of online institutions before applying but do not compare them due to the time-consuming procedure of gathering information. However, comparing distance and online colleges separately gives them a greater knowledge of what they have to offer.

College Vidya particularly advises students. When coming to a conclusion about any online university, compare the things that are important and determine the quality of education from that university. These factors are key points that affect how a university in terms of faculty, learning management system, placement, and hiring partners. As you can make out that these factors are the key and definitely determines how good a university is and cannot be ignored.

Finally College Vidya Compare

The College Vidya Compare feature has created a list of over 75 distance and online universities, including tuition, academic offers, and other prerequisites. The research team at College Vidya went to considerable efforts to verify that all of the information supplied was accurate. College Vidya offers its own ranking system for universities, which is based on university-specific criteria.

Counselors at College Vidya rate various institutions based on factors such as the availability of E-Learning, Placement Assistance, LMS, permissions, accreditations, and so on. Students can trust the rating because it is based on an examination of the universities. Even if you are learning online, the institution with the best rating provides nearly all of the facilities you need to have a classroom-like experience. 

The portal’s distinctive and unbiased innovation is the Compare functionality, which allows students to compare all of the institutions and universities that offer valid distance and online education. 

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