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B.Tech Evening Program/Courses, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility and Career Options

Dec 9, 2023 20K Reads

What is B Tech Evening?

B Tech Evening Program is a full-time B Tech program that includes theoretical and practical knowledge. It is the same in every term as considered to regular B Tech. Considering these important facts in mind AICTE released the latest notification making all B.Tech the same no matter how or when it is pursued. Thus B.Tech Evening is the same in terms of value irrespective of the mode of learning. This opened the way for the Btech Evening pursuers to be equivalent in terms with Regular B Tech.

Distance Learning B Tech has been declared invalid by the Supreme Court of India. This decision of the Supreme Court made all the distance courses of BTech of all specializations null and void making every distance Btech degree mere a piece of paper. So, if you are thinking about going for Distance BTech, it will be a waste of money and time and you will end up both hands empty.

This declaration of Distance BTech invalid by the Supreme Court of India and AICTE closed the gates for the working professionals and individuals who pursued it to upgrade degrees.

However, to tackle the problem of the Distance/Correspondence/Online AICTE made provisions about B.Tech. AICTE made provisions for the BTech Evening course that will act as the programs for working professionals as the classes happened in the evening.

The B Tech Evening programs held in the evening enabled the working professionals to continue higher education and work at the same time. This Btech Evening program was the same as the regular B Tech programs in terms of curriculum, subjects, practical, and even the faculty.

So if you want to pursue B.Tech after 10+2 or after Diploma in any specialization, but your time schedule doesn’t allow you to go for regular B Tech, you must go for B Tech Evening.

BTech Evening which is now AICTE approved course is a concept of foreign. In countries like Australia, Canada these BTech Evening courses are quite popular. B Tech Evening makes a student financially independent and pursues their studies alongside with their earnings.

B Tech Evening has a lot of prospects to offer to a student who is pursuing it. In this blog, we will tell every detail about the Btech Evening course and will guide you through to every possible detail that you need to know about B.Tech Evening.

Just read the whole blog on BTech Evening and if still you have any query you can comment the query about it and we will answer it:-

Duration of B Tech Evening Courses

  • As we are stressing from the start that BTech Evening is exactly the same as the Regular B Tech, with a difference in class timings. Thus, BTech Evening will have everything the same just like Regular Btech.
  • BTech Evening is divided over 3 years which is 6 semesters. Every semester is of 6 months which has subjects of theory and practice according to your specialization.

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B Tech Evening Specialization

BTech evening has various specializations present that Regular BTech has. Some of the top branches are:-

  • Mechanical Engineering: The branch of Engineering that deals with machinery are called Mechanical Engineering. This includes the design, manufacturing, operation, development, maintenance, and research about the machines.
  • Computer Science Engineering: The branch of Engineering that deals with computers are called science Engineering. This comprises coding, analyzing, and developing computer software and hardware.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering: The branch in which study of semiconductors and devices made of them. Electronics and Communication Engineering is the branch that deals with the study, design, development of any semiconductor, and device-related to it.
  • Civil Engineering: The engineering that deals with the study of all the infrastructure development is called Civil Engineering. This branch includes the study, analysis, and designing of the infrastructures such as roads, buildings, etc.
  • Mechanical and Automobile Engineering: Mechanical and Automobile Engineering is the study of design, manufacturing, development, and research of Automobiles.

A highlight of the B Tech Evening Course

  • B Tech evening programs are specially crafted for the working professionals who cannot attend the regular B Tech programs.
  • The duration of the course is 4 years, the same as the regular course.
  • The syllabus and curriculum for BTech Evening are the same as the Regular Btech.
  • BTech Evening is AICTE approved.
  • BTech Evening course has specializations such as Mechanical, Civil, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, and Automobile Engineering.

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B Tech Evening Eligibility Criteria

A student who has completed a three-year diploma in the relevant field can also take admission in BTech Evening programs.

B Tech Evening Syllabus

The syllabus of every specialization is the same irrespective of branches. The change of syllabus is seen from the second year and onwards. We will provide the common first-year syllabus and we will provide the syllabus of every branch for the rest of the years:-

First Year Syllabus for all Specialization

Semester I Semester II
Mathematics I Mathematics II
English Programming Languages
Physics I Physics II
Engineering Materials) Introduction to Information Tech
Chemistry Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Graphics Electrical Technology
Environmental Studies Electronics and Instrumentation
Value Education Electronics & Instrumentation Practical
Workshop Practice I HR Environment
Chemistry Practical Physics Practical II
Physics Practical I Electrical Technology Practical
Engineering Mechanics Practical
Workshop Practice II
Part Time B.Tech For Civil Engineering
Semester – 3 Semester – 4
Building Technology and Architectural Planning Geotechnical Engineering
Mechanics of structure Survey
Fluid Mechanics Concrete Technology
Engineering Mathematics III Structural Analysis
Engineering Geology Project management
Awareness to civil Engineering Practices / Road Safety Management / Foreign Language Project-Based Learning
Semester – 5 Semester – 6
Hydrology and water resource engineering Advanced Surveying
Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Techniques Project Management and Engineering Economics
Structural Design –I Foundation Engineering
Structural analysis – II Structural Design – II
Fluid Mechanics – II Environmental Engineering – I
Semester – 7 Semester – 8
Environmental Engineering II Dams and Hydraulic Structures
Transportation Engineering Quantity Surveying, Contracts, and Tenders
Structural Design and Drawing III Elective –III
Elective – I Elective – IV
Elective –II

Part-Time B.Tech For Mechanical Engineering

Semester 3 Semester 4
Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics Dynamics of Machinery
Applied Thermodynamics Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanics of Solids Fluid Mechanics
Theory of Machines Numerical and Statistical Methods
Mathematics III Electrical Machines and Control
Mechanics of Solids Practical Numerical and Statistical Methods
Theory of Machines Practical Fluid Mechanics Practical
Applied Thermodynamics Practical Numerical and Statistical Methods Practical
Dynamics of Machinery Practical
Semester 5 Semester 6
Production Technology I Computer-Aided Design
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design Internal Combustion Engines
Heat and Mass Transfer Mechanical Vibration
Fluid Machines Advanced Solid Mechanics
Industrial Engineering and management Internal Combustion Engines Practical Production Technology II
Fluid Machines Practical Mechanical Vibration Practical
Heat and Mass Transfer Practical Workshop Practice IV
Workshop Practice III  
Semester 7 Semester 8
Measurement and Instrumentation Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Operations Research Mechanical Handling Equipment
Energy Conversion Equipment Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Industrial Tribology Automobile Engineering
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ergonomics
Mechatronics Finite Element Analysis
Utilization of Non-Conventional Energy Maintenance Engineering
Waste Heat Utilization Composite Materials
Fracture Mechanics Automation and Robotics
Advanced Manufacturing Systems Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
Measurements and Instrumentation Practical Power Plant Engineering
Energy Conversion Equipment Practical Environmental Engineering

Part Time B.Tech For Computer Science Engineering

Semester 3 Semester 4
Discrete Structures Digital Logic Design
Data Structures and Algorithms Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Data Analysis and Interpretation The logic for Computer Science
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits Computer Networks
Semester 5 Semester 6
Computer Architecture Automata Theory
Database and Information Systems Implementation of Programming Languages
Operating Systems Artificial Intelligence
__ Numerical Analysis

Semester 7 & 8

Machine Learning
Natural Language Programming
Cryptography and Network Security
Digital Signal Processing
Computer-Aided Geometric Design

Part Time B. Tech  Automobile Mechanical Engineering

Semester 3 Semester 4
Transforms And Partial Differential Equations Statistics And Numerical Methods
Engineering Thermodynamics Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
Automotive Engines Strength of Materials
Mechanics of Machines Electronics and Microprocessors
Production Technology Automotive Chassis
Semester 5 Semester 6
Environmental Science and Engineering Principles of Management
Design of Machine Elements Automotive Engine Components Design
Automotive Transmission Automotive Chassis Components Design
Automotive Electrical and Electronics Two and Three Wheelers
Vehicle Design and Data Characteristics Finite Element Analysis
Automotive Fuels and Lubricants Composite Materials
Semester 7 Semester 8
Engine and Vehicle Management System Vehicle Body Engineering
Vehicle Dynamics Marketing Management
Vehicle Maintenance Automotive Safety
Automotive Pollution and Control
Automotive Aero-dynamics
Part Time B.Tech For Electronics & Communication Engineering
Semester 3 Semester 4
Engg. Mathematics – III Engg. Mathematics – IV
Analog Electronic Ckts Microcontrollers
Logic Design Control Systems
Network Analysis Signals & Systems
Electronic Instrumentation Fundamentals of HDL
Field Theory Linear ICs & Applications
Analog Electronics Lab Microcontrollers Lab
Logic Design Lab HDL Lab
Semester 5 Semester 6
Management and Entrepreneurship Digital Communication
Digital Signal Processing Microprocessors
Analog Communication Microelectronics Circuits
Information Theory & Coding Antennas and Propagation
Fundamentals of CMOS Operating Systems
VLSI Advanced Communication Lab
DSP Lab EC Microprocessor Lab
Analog Communication
Lab + LIC Lab
Semester 7 Semester 8
Computer Communication Networks Wireless Communication
Optical Fiber Communication Digital Switching Systems
Power Electronics Project Work EC
Embedded System Design Seminar EC

B.Tech Evening Career

As AICTE’s latest notification dictated that every Btech course is the same in value. Thus, the career aspect after completing Btech Evening is numerous as a Btech degree is a degree of versatility. Let’s see the career prospects after completing the B Tech evening degree:-

  • Jobs in top private firms: After completing the BTech Evening, a pass-out student can join the top private firms that hire engineers. The job profile of Engineers in various departments and specializations are the opportunities that one can get after getting jobs in top private firms. Companies like TATA, Reliance, Honda, Hero, Maruti, Wipro, L&T, etc induct engineering graduates.
  • Jobs in Government Sector: There are various government departments such as Electricity Boards, PWD, CPWD, Indian Railways, etc. that release vacancies for engineers.
  • Jobs in PSU: The Public Sector Units such as NTPC, ONGC, BHEL, etc are all engineering-based industries that require engineers of all specializations. Thus, the need and vacancy for engineers in these industries are high and a good career is on the way for Btech Evening.

Also, after graduating from Btech Evening one can pursue higher studies such as Mtech and MBA according to their need and will.

Best University/Colleges for B.Tech Evening

Some of the best Universities for b.tech for working are as follows:-

  1. Delhi Technological University–  NAAC grade A, AICTE approved
  2. Lingaya’s University– Accredited by NAAC, NCTE, COA, PCI, BCI, AICTE, UGC. Ranked no. 1 in Haryana by MHRD-NIRF
  3. Amity University– NAAC Grade A, UGC, AICTE approved

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Any 10+2 PCM passout student can take admissions in BTech Evening.

Yes, BTech evening course is AICTE approved.

The jobs after Btech Evening are Engineers in various fields and specializations.

There is no such best brand for Btech evening as it depends on the student’s interest.

No, you cannot complete Btech in 2 years.

Yes, Btech Evening in India is valid and approved by AICTE.

Every query is essential.

Our team of experts, or experienced individuals, will answer it within 24 hours.

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