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BCA Maths Syllabus: 1st Year, Recommended Books [2024]

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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is a highly demanding course among students. It is a three-year degree program that is the study of computer applications, information security, software engineering, network technology, information technology and many more. 

BCA can be pursued online, in regular and in distance mode. Most of the students opt for regular and online BCA, due to its advantages. But it is always essential to appear in the entrance examination conducted by the universities, and it is essential to clear the cut-offs to get admission to the desired top University in regular mode. Entrance examinations like CUET, CUCET, SEt, and many more are conducted for admission to BCA.

BCA Distance Education

Part-Time BCA

BCA After 12th  

However, if students are looking to enrol in the BCA program without appearing in any entrance examination, they can enrol in online BCA.

Online BCA is offered by Top Universities like-

Online BCA degree is at par with Regular BCA degree.

Certain differences between Online BCA and Regular BCA are here given -


Online BCA 

Regular BCA 

Entry by Entrance

You can get direct BCA admission without entrance And no need to give any entrance. 

You need to give the entrance examination as it is compulsory to get admission to a regular BCA. 

Eligibility Criteria 

To enrol in online BCA fulfil certain eligibilities like-

The Candidate applying must have scored 50% marks in the 10+2 level from an accredited board. 

To enrol in regular BCA the entrance examination marks are important for selection. Also, Candidates applying must have scored 50% marks in the 10+2 level from a recognised board. 


In the Online mode of education, classes will be scheduled on weekends. Also, Students get video and audio lectures on their LMS, which helps them in their semester examinations.

For the regular mode of education, the classes are done in physical mode.

Study Material 

In Online BCA, students get study material from the university right after enrolment. You can access all the available study material on their LMS portal. 

Mostly, there is no availability of study material. Teachers guide students face-to-face and students prepare their study notes with their guidance. 

Examination and practical

All the semester and yearly examinations are done in online mode. The notification and the latest examination updates can be accessed on their student portal. You can appear for examination from anywhere in online mode with good internet connectivity on your system. 

All the practicals and examinations are done in the physical mode in the college. 


  • Amity University
  • Manipal University
  • Lovely Professional University
  • Chandigarh University
  • Amity University
  • Lovely Professional University
  • Manipal University
  • Vellore Institute of Technology [VIT University], Vellore
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology 
  • Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research

Maths is a crucial part of the BCA syllabus. It covers certain topics that are mentioned below :


  • Complex Number Systems
  • Polar Form Powers and Roots
  • Elementary Functions
  • Algebra of Complex Numbers
  • Functions of Complex Variables
  • Inverse Trigonometric Function.


  • Sequence
  • Finite and Infinite Sequences
  • Monotonic Sequence, Bounded Sequence Limit of a Sequence
  • Convergence of a Sequence
  • Series
  • Partial Sums
  • Convergent Series
  • Theorems on Convergence of Series(statement, alternating series and conditional convergent) 
  • Leibnitz Test
  • Limit Comparison Test 
  • Ratio Test
  • Cauchy’s Root Test
  • Convergence of Binomial and Logarithmic Series
  • Raabe’s Test
  • Logarithmic Test
  • Cauchy’s Integral Test (without proof)


  • Differentiation of Vectors
  • Scalar and Vector Fields
  • Gradient
  • Directional Derivatives
  • Divergence and Curl and their Physical Meaning.


  • Periodic Functions
  • Fourier series
  • Fourier Series of Even and Odd Functions
  •  Half Range Series


  • Variable- Separable Method
  • Homogeneous Differential Equations
  • Exact Differential Equations
  • Linear Differential Equations
  • Bernoulli’s Differential Equations
  • Differential Equations of First Order and First Degree by Integrating Factor


  • Homogenous Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients
  • Cases of Complex Roots and Repeated Roots
  • Differential Operator
  • Solutions by Methods of Direct Formulae for Particular Integrals
  • Solution by Undetermined Coefficients
  • Cauchy Differential Equations (only Real and Distinct Roots) 
  • Operator Method for Finding Particular Integrals (Direct Formulae).


  • Sets
  • Subsets
  • Equal Sets 
  • Universal Sets
  • Finite and Infinite Sets
  • Operation on Sets
  • Union Intersection and Complements of
  • Sets
  • Cartesian Product
  • Cardinality of Set
  • Simple Applications

Relations and functions

  • Properties of Relations
  • Equivalence Relation
  • Partial Order
  • Relation Function: Domain and Range, Onto, Into and One to One Functions, Composite and Inverse Functions
  • Introduction of Trignometric, Logarithmic and Exponential


Partial order relations and lattices

  • Partial Order Sets
  • Representation of POSETS using Hasse diagram, Chains, Maximal and Minimal Points, Glb, lub
  • Lattices & Algebraic Systems, Principle of Duality, Basic
  • Properties, Sublattices, Distributed & Complemented Lattics

Functions of several variables

  • Partial Differentiation
  • Change of Variables
  • Chain Rule
  • Extrema of Functions of 2 Variables
  • Euler’s Theorem


3d coordinate geometry

  • Cosines
  • Angle Between Two Lines
  • Projection of Join of Two Points on a Plane
  • Equations of Plane
  • Straight Lines
  • Conditions for a line to lie on a plane
  • Conditions for Two Lines to be Coplanar
  • Shortest Distance Between Two Lines, Equations of Sphere
  • A tangent plane at a point on the sphere

Multiple integrations

  • Double Integral in Cartesian and Polar Coordinates to Find Area
  • Change of Order of Integration, Triple Integral to Find Volume of Simple Shapes in Cartesian Coordinates.

Apart from the maths syllabus the overall syllabus for BCA is mentioned below :

BCA Course Subjects 1st year

After enrolling in the BCA program, it becomes a big problem for the students to understand the syllabus.

Here we have listed the BCA 1st year subjects. 

BCA - 1st Semester Subjects

BCA - 2nd Semester Subjects

Computer and IT Fundamental

Financial Accounting & Management

Programming Principle & Algorithm

C Language advanced concepts

Digital Electronics

Organization Behaviour

C Language Lab

Mathematics- II

Mathematics- I

Operating Systems and Fundaments

Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Programming Principles & Algorithm

Digital Electronics & Computer Organization

Subjects in 1st Year 



It is a significant part of BCA. Mathematical skills include the concepts understanding of logical operators, set theory, relation and function, permutations and combinations, binary operations, differentiation, complex numbers and quadratic equations, sequences and series, calculus, circles, straight lines and many more. The mathematics plays a significant role in handling the computer applications.

Principle of Management

Students learn about the topics of management like definition, scope, nature, and many more. 

Computer Fundamentals 

It includes computer fundamental topics like an introduction to computers, and operating systems, computer network basics, the Windows operating environment, spreadsheets and database packages, algorithms and flowcharts and many more.

Programming Languages

There are many subtopics related to this subject like C, C++, Python, Java and many more.

IT Fundamental

This paper includes an overview of IT and its applications, its role in different sectors, and various perspectives on IT evaluation, basic computer applications, its organisation and architecture, operating systems, data representation, various computer networks, and many more.

Financial Accounting & Management

It includes all aspects related to finance and capital management. 

Programming Principle & Algorithm

Understanding the programming, its paradigm, analytics, algorithm design, data structures, and many more.

C Language advanced concepts

It is a more advanced study of programming languages. 

Digital Electronics

It deals with topics like fundamentals of digital circuits, logic gates, digital technology, boolean algebra and many more. 

BCA Course Subjects 2nd year

BCA - 3rd Semester Subjects

BCA - 4th Semester Subjects

Database Management Systems

Object-oriented programming

Open-Source Technology

Web Designing

Software Engineering

Introduction to Linux

Web-based Applications


DBMS and Web Technology Lab

Data Structures



Database Management Systems

You will get to learn about the various aspects of database management like an introduction to database systems, data models, relational database management systems, normalisation, database designs, data administration, data security and integration, transaction management and many more.

Web-Based Applications

BCA also offers in-depth knowledge about topics like Introduction to Web technologies, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Server-side, Web Services, Security in web applications, Mobile web application, web application testing and many more topics that are related to web-based applications. 

Introduction to Linux

This is an integral part of the BCA syllabus that is offered in the second year of the BCA program. This subject deals with the Linux operating systems, command line interface, architecture, and essential concepts. 

Web Designing

In BCA, students get in-depth knowledge about topics like Introduction to Web Design, Responsive Web Design, typography, wireframing, web design tools and many more. 

Object-Oriented Programming

Students get the chance to learn about topics like object-oriented programming which is an integral part of the IT and computer application world.

BCA Course Subjects 3rd year

BCA - 5th Semester Subjects

BCA - 6th Semester Subjects

Software Engineering - II

Information Security

eCommerce and Marketing


Advanced Java and Python Lab

Artificial Intelligence

Java Programming

Project/ Dissertation





Artificial Intelligence

It is the most essential part that can help you learn about many more new technologies and offer amazing job opportunities. In BCA you get the chance to learn about various aspects of the subject like Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision.

Advanced Java and Python Lab

These are essential parts of the BCA. The Java basics, servlets, JSP, JavaServer faces, enterprise javabeans, Python lab, its basics and data structures,  networking with Python and many more.

Database Management

It offers in-depth knowledge and skills to manage the database. This is important as it helps in controlling redundancy, data sharing, access control, offering multiple interfaces, and many more.

Web Development

It includes learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and many more.

Recommended books for BCA 

Here is the list that mentions all the essential books after enrolling in the online BCA-



The C Programming Language

Brian W Kernighan

Operating System Concepts

Avi Silberschatz and Peter Galvin

Software Engineering

Ian Sommerville

Fundamentals of Numerical Computation

G Alefeld and R Grigorieff

Data Structure Using C

A K Sharma

Design of the Unix Operating Systems

Maurice Bach

Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology

Grigore Rosu and Jose Meseguer

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications


BCA Mathematics Volume - III

Krishna Publications

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

A.B. Mathur and V.P. Jaggi

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In BCA, the students have to study maths for two to three semesters only. Topics like complex numbers, differentiation, limits and continuity, probability, algebra and many more are studied in BCA.


Yes, you can pursue BCA, no matter what stream you had in your class 12th. The students must have fulfilled the basic eligibility criteria and entrance examination to enrol in the BCA program.


No, BCA is not hard to complete. With the right guidance and practice of the topics, students can accomplish the degree of the BCA.


Yes, you can pursue BCA online, considering you have to fulfil basic eligibility criteria. Also, you can take admission to the top university that offers BCA online mode like-

  • Amity University
  • Online Manipal
  • Chandigarh University
  • Lovely Professional University 
  • UPES
  • Amrita Ahead Online
  • Vignan University

If students have not studied maths at the 12th level, they can enrol in the BCA program, but they have to study maths in their graduation. They are not required to study maths in all the semester. Only a few semesters have maths subject. The main focus lies on computer application studies.

If someone is weak in maths, they have to understand the basics and practice the concepts continuously. With the right and regular practice, they can get better with the maths. Also, the maths portion in BCA is small compared to the other topics of computer application.

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