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Top 5 Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Courses

Apr 23, 2024 1.6K Reads

Are you a working professional looking to enrol in a Doctorate program in the Business administration field, then you must get into the DBA program that is equivalent to PhD and is globally recognised. As this DBA program is offered only by foreign universities, hence it is accepted across the world for job roles. The students can enrol in the online mode of DBA as well, which gives them flexibility to study with their jobs. The top 5 DBA courses that are opted by Indian students are discussed here. 

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DBA in Supply Chain Management

DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) in Supply Chain Management is the course opted by working executives with prior work experience in the field looking to gain more knowledge about it. This is a 3-5 year course that offers in-depth knowledge to industrial leaders. DBA is a course that is a perfect blend of research, coursework and advanced hands-on experience, that helps them to make better and more informed decisions. The course emphasises both research and practical applications of theoretical knowledge. The course also introduces the strategic concepts to the candidates related to supply chain management.

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The subject teaches the topics like cost efficiencies, risk management, innovation and sustainability. After the completion of this program, the students get a solid foundation to work in industries like manufacturing, retail, consulting companies, logistics, and worldwide businesses. 

Syllabus of DBA in Supply Chain Management

The curriculum is designed in a way to offers a balanced knowledge of practical and theoretical aspects. Here we have given the syllabus for DBA in Supply Chain Management

Operations Management

IT and Supply Chain Management

Data Science for SCM

Project Management

Supply Chain Risk Management

Foundations of SC Management

Supply Chain Finance

Theory and Research Methods in Inventory

Operations Analytics

Optimization Theory and Applications

Engineering Themes in SC and Revenue Management

Stochastic Processes 

Eligibility to enroll in DBA in Supply Chain Management

  • The candidate should have a master’s degree from a recognised institute
  • Qualifying degree has to be in business administration, logistics, and other relevant subject fields.
  • Also, the students must have some work experience. This factor varies for different institutes. 

Career Opportunities after DBA in Supply Chain Management

You can explore various job opportunities after completion of a Doctorate in Supply Chain Management. Here we have given some of the top job and career opportunities after completion of this program. 

Chief Supply Chain Officer 

Business Development Manager

Supply Chain Analytics Manager

Director of Operations


Supply Chain Sustainability Manager

Global Supply Chain Manager

Chief Logistics Officer

Research & Development Manager

Management Consultant

DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence

DBA In Generative AI and machine learning are among the new emerging technologies. It is a course that involves the creation of different types of text, audio, imagery and other content. This revolutionary technology can offer immense opportunities to the students in the global market. DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence can help you get into industries like academic institutions, the corporate sector, the IT sector, the finance sector, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment & creative industries, and also in startups. The students can get jobs in MNCs like Apple, Cisco, Meta, Google, Salesforce, AWS and many more. The duration of the DBA in Generative AI is 3 to 5 years and that depends on the completion of the final thesis submission. This is a high-demand course that is opted to get better exposure. 

Syllabus of DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence

The curriculum perfectly blends both practical and theoretical understanding of the concepts. Here we have given the syllabus for DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence

Core Business Administration

Technology Management

Advanced Business Administration

Introduction to AI and Generative Models

Business Applications of AI

Generative AI Applications in Business

Research Methodology and Proposal Development

Dissertation Research and Defense

Eligibility to enroll in DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence

  • The candidate must have an experience of 7 to 10 years in the relevant field. 
  • Also, one must have a master’s degree in any discipline. Also, many institutes offer admission in the DBA program after a bachelor’s degree, but only with a work experience of around 10 years. 

Career Opportunities after DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence

The top job and career opportunities after completion of a DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence-

Academic Roles 

Corporate Leadership

Technology Consultant 

AI Strategist in Finance

Healthcare Sector Roles

Chief Technology Officer

Manufacturing Sector

AI Policy Advisor

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Data Officer 

DBA in Human Resource 

DBA In Human Resource Management studies are important to help organisations with certain job roles like development, recruitment, training, conflict resolution, maintaining safety and many more. Hence, organizations hire the experts in human resource management field who can help them with various tasks. Nowadays, HR managers help organizations with various tasks apart from hiring candidates for the job role. 

A Doctorate in Business administration specialised in HR is the in-depth study of the theoretical aspects that are industry-relevant. This helps them to work strategically to create a talented workforce for the organisation. The duration of the course is 3 to 5 years which trains them to take the social responsibility, management of internal and external activities, partnerships and many more. Here we have briefed about the course and its relevance in the market. 

Syllabus of DBA in Human Resource 

The curriculum focuses on the hands-on skills and experience enhancement of the students. Here we have given the syllabus for DBA in Human Resources. 

Applied Doctoral Studies in Business

Business Strategy and Innovation

Doctoral Comprehensive Strategic Knowledge Studies

Ethics in Business

Statistics I

Quantitative Research Design and Methodology

Scholarly Literature Review

The Dissertation Proposal

Pre-Candidacy Prospectus

Components of the Dissertation

Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Data Collection

The Dissertation Manuscript and Defense

Human Resources Management in the 21st Century

Supervising in the 21st Century

Legal Issues in Human Resources Management

Labor Relations

Compensation and Benefits

Cultural Issues

Eligibility to enrol in DBA in Human Resource 

  • Candidates with master’s degrees can opt for this DBA program in Online or on-campus mode. Qualifying degree should be from a recognised institute.
  • The work experience criteria differ based on the specialisation opted.

Career opportunities after completion of DBA in HR 

The top job and career opportunities after completion of a DBA in Human Resource

Researcher/ professor

Chief Human Resources Officer 

Policy Advisor

Management Consultant

HR Director

HR Consultant

Labor Relations Specialist


DBA in Business & Data Analytics

DBA In Business & Data Analytics is a fast-booming course that is opted by many candidates. This course focuses on offering advanced studies related to business knowledge with data analytics experience. This is specially designed for working professionals looking to advance their skills in management, business strategy, decision making and many more. The course offers in-depth studies to understand the quantitative methods essential for business analytics, optimization, forecasting and many more. The curriculum covers various topics, including data analytics, statistical analysis, machine learning, and many more. The course is highly focused on enhancing the hands-on skills of the students by teaching them industry-relevant skills. The skills of business & data analytics can be used in various industries like marketing and sales, finance, human resources, operations, information technology, e-commerce and retail, telecommunications and many more. 

Syllabus of Doctorate in Business Administration in Business and Data Analytics

The Syllabus of DBA in Business and Data Analytics is specially designed for working professionals. Here we have given the Syllabus of a Doctorate in Business Administration in Business and Data Analytics

Foundation Courses in Business Administration

Research Methodology and Design

Data Analytics and Visualization

Advanced Quantitative Methods

Strategic Management

Big Data Management

Business Case Studies

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Predictive Modeling and Forecasting

Dissertation Research

Eligibility to enroll in DBA in  Business and Data Analytics

  • The candidate must have a master’s degree in any field from a recognised institute.
  • A candidate with a bachelor’s degree can also apply but only with relevant work experience. 

Careers after completion of DBA in  Business and Data Analytics

The top job and career opportunities after completion of a DBA in Business and Data Analytics


Data Engineer

Data scientist

Risk Analyst

Financial Analyst

Marketing Analytics Manager

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Analyst

Marketing Analytics Manager

DBA In Marketing 

DBA In Marketing is the most crucial part of any organisation and hence the best are opted to get the top positions. DBA in Marketing primarily focuses on the parameter of working in the market with the appropriate skills and expertise. The students must have the right knowledge to understand all the elements of marketing. Additionally, the students in the DBA program specialising in marketing must have skills like strategic thinking, analytical skills, brand marketing, social media marketing, customer relationship management, SEO skills, project management and many more. 

The role of the marketing team is to spread awareness about the product to the target audience. PhD in marketing and a DBA in marketing both are higher degrees of education and carry the same relevance and job opportunities ahead. The course duration is 3 to 5 years and it can be pursued online as well in online mode. 

Syllabus for the DBA In Marketing 

The curriculum is designed to offer the opportunity for students to work in various industries. Here is the overview of the curriculum of DBA in Marketing. 

Managerial Skills

Marketing Strategy

Accounting for financial reporting

Strategic management: integrating the enterprise 

Management for economics

Marketing strategy


Role of a salesperson

Consumer behaviour

Marketing research

Cutting edge leadership

Global branding strategies

Business Statistics 

Designing a quantitative research methodology

Introduction to academic research 

Research Design

Written Proposal Defence 

Doctoral residency 

Reflection & Minutes of the Meeting with the Supervisor

Written dissertation and oral defence

Eligibility Criteria to enrol in DBA in Marketing

  • Must have a master’s degree in a related field from a recognised institute. 
  • An experience of a minimum of 3 years is also required if you want to pursue a DBA after graduation. 

Career after Doctorate in Business Administration in Marketing

There are various career paths that you can choose after the completion of the DBA in Marketing in India as well as abroad. The degree is relevant for all types of job opportunities and employment. 

Business Consultant


Customer Insights Manager



Organisational Development Manager

Market Research Analyst

Marketing Specialist

DBA are the courses that are specially made for the working executive looking to get the in-depth skills and knowledge to get better job opportunities or explore other higher job posts. The students can opt for these DBA programs online as well in offline mode. The students should check the eligibility criteria before applying for the DBA specialisations. Choose any mode of learning be online, or on-campus that can offer the perfect blend of both theoretical as well practical skills.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes DBA is a doctorate-level program equivalent to a PhD and after the completion of a DBA, you can add Dr. as a prefix with your name.

Some Top Universities offering DBA in various specialisations are-

  • Rushford Business School
  • Golden Gate University
  • Columbia Southern University
  • Wilmington University
  • William Howard Taft University
  • Liberty University
  • George Fox University
  • Swiss School of Business and Management
  • Florida International University
  • University of Missouri
  • Johnson & Wales University

DBA is offered by foreign universities and hence they are valid throughout the world. The students need to check their accreditations offered to the universities. These accreditations are given by the reputed organisations like-

  • AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
  • EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)and
  • AMBA (Association of MBAs), is specifically given to business schools. 


There are various specialisations available but you should choose as per your passion and interest. Some DBA top specialisations opted by the students in India are-

  • DBA in Supply Chain Management
  • DBA in Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • DBA in Human Resource Management
  • DBA in Business and Data Analytics
  • DBA in Marketing

Both are equivalent in terms of knowledge aspect and carry equal value and opportunity while applying for the job posts. DBA is mostly opted by working professionals who want to get industry-relevant advanced skills and knowledge, while a PhD is more about learning the theoretical concepts that can help in creating unique research work.

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