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BA In Philosophy Distance Learning – Complete Guide 2024

Dec 9, 2023 14K Reads

In your life you must have come across someone saying that just figure out the meaning of your life, you will succeed in your life. What if we told that there is a professional course that will give you the knowledge of life?

Yes, BA in Philosophy is the course that will give every smallest answer of your life. BA in Philosophy is an undergraduate course that is the course of life. Every detail of life and every problem can be given if seen from a philosophical point of view. If we go to the literal meaning of Philosophy is the love for wisdom. Dating back to 380 BC, Philosophy is the oldest taught subject.

What Is BA In Philosophy Distance Education/Correspondence?

BA Philosophy distance learning is generally a 3-year undergrad program that deals with the fundamentals and principles of life and common problems that are associated with life. In BA Philosophy Distance Education, the student studies the problems and questions related to values, existence, reason, knowledge, language, and mind.

The course that instructs the connection between experience and reality is Philosophy. This course of BA Philosophy distance learning opens up the minds of students, to empower the common senses about every detail happening in the surrounding. The undergrad student is taught fundamentally two thoughts of reasoning. Western and Indian Philosophy are the two schools of Philosophy around which the BA Philosophy revolves. Also Read : What Is the Full Form of BA – Detailed Guide!

BA Philosophy distance is the course planned for the students to amplify their thoughts and prepare by getting profound knowledge of each and every question that is related to life. The capacity to address everything and get the answers to life is the sole reason for a BA in Philosophy in Distance Learning. This subject contains a constrained syllabus but the application of Logic is related to each activity of life. A curious subject with deep implications on the chain of thoughts is given by Philosophy.

Is Distance BA In Philosophy UGC-DEB Approved?

BA Philosophy Distance Education is approved by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Board of India. The value and recognition of BA Philosophy distance education same as the regular mode. In distance mode only the technical courses which need lab classes are invalid. Also Read | UGC Approved Universities to Offer Online Degree Course!

So, if the university is UGC affirmed the course holds the approval of UGC and DEB. SO, if you want to make sure that the course you are doing is valid or not just visit the website of UGC to confirm it. Moreover, College Vidya is an unbiased distance education portal that only shows the UGC-DEB-approved colleges.

What Is the Benefit Of a Distance Bachelor’s Degree In Philosophy?

In spite of being the same in the terms of syllabus and recognition BA in Philosophy Distance Education have a few additional benefits over the Regular BA in Philosophy. Let’s see in detail what other advantage you may get after you will get admission within the Bachelors of Expressions in Philosophy:-

  • Learn and Earn At the same time: After you get admission in BA Philosophy distance education, you’ll be able to proceed with your continuing career and get a BA degree at the same time. This will assist you to gain experience at your work while you pick up a degree of BA Philosophy in distance education
  • Learn at your Pace: As the distance mode of education is sought after by the working professionals or the students who cannot manage to create time to enroll in the general course. They are given sufficient time to go through the BA in Philosophy in distance mode.
  • Cost-Effective: The fees of the distance mode of BA Philosophy are way cheaper than the regular mode. Leave alone fees other overhead costs such as traveling, boarding, and lodging are practically cut to zero.
  • Other Benefits include flexible class timings, e-learning, industry complaint syllabus, Learning Management systems, dedicated professors.

Eligibility of Distance BA in Philosophy

The qualification criteria for BA Philosophy in distance education don’t ask for much. A student should be fairly 10+2 passed from a recognized board of education. The stream through which he has passed the intermediate can be any stream. He can be 10+2 passed in Science, Commerce or Humanities.

Duration of Distance BA in Philosophy

Another advantage of BA Philosophy Distance Education in removes mode over the regular mode is that it felicitates learning at the student’s pace. The regular mode of BA Philosophy gives you three years of time to finish the course.

But the BA Philosophy Correspondence course can be completed between 3 years and 5 years. The extra two years of additional time are given to the concept of the learn at your pace.

In spite of the fact that the BA Philosophy syllabus and BA Philosophy subjects are the same in the distance mode as compared to the regular mode but the time allowed time to get the degree is more.

Distance BA Philosophy Course Fees

The advantage of the BA political science correspondence course can moreover be seen after you compare the fees with the normal mode. In distance BA Philosophy, the fees of the complete program range between 4000-25000.

The BA Philosophy correspondence course gets to be more financially reasonable since the taken cost of lodging, travelling, and other overhead costs to zero. So, the expenses and the other costs of the BA Philosophy correspondence course are way less than the regular BA in Philosophy.

Open University for Distance BA Philosophy

The BA Philosophy of distance learning has different and various advantages over the regular BA Philosophy. BA Philosophy Remove Instruction gives an extension of flexibility that’s restricted by the regular BA in Philosophy.

The BA Philosophy distance education has the same value as the regular BA one has the adequate opportunity to seek the employment options while you’re learning. You’ll get a job and at the time and you will get the degree in your hand.

The degree will work as the way to your promotion. Also, on the off chance that if you have the dream to join Indian Administrative Services, you’ve got the time to devote it to your full ability about instead of wasting on commuting. Also Read | Top 10 Distance BA Colleges In India!

The ability of the BA Philosophy distance education is that one can get to lesson anyplace and anytime produces learning more simple and less bounded. There are other different benefits of BA Philosophy distance learning such as lesser expenses, more time to complete the course, learning at your pace, and availability of lectures at your will.

Distance BA In Philosophy Courses Details

The school of thought of BA in Philosophy has two major aspects when it comes to the syllabus of BA in Philosophy. These two thought processes are:-

  • Western Philosophy
  • Indian Philosophy

In the western school of Philosophy, a student is taught about the thinking of some of the prominent thinkers of the western part of the world, mainly Europe. Thinkers of Greece, Germany, and France such as Aristotle Plato, Leibniz, Hume etc. are the main part of the course.

When it comes to the Indian school of thinking in BA in Philosophy concepts such as Vedic systems, Karma, Ahimsa etc. are taught. The deep principle and knowledge of Philosophy given by these principles broaden the thought process of a student. The BA philosophy syllabus covers all the main aspects that are needed to impart logical and analytical thinking.  Also Read | BA Distance Education In India!

Here is the list of some major portions that you will cover in BA Philosophy distance learning:-

Indian Philosophy History of Western Philosophy
Psychology & Social political philosophy Logic
YEAR III Optional papers or Electives
Indian Logic and Epistemology Vedantasastra
Philosophy of Language An enquiring Concerning Human Understanding
Epistemology and Metaphysics The problems of philosophy
Ethics and Philosophy of Religion Western logic
Contemporary Indian Philosophy

Distance BA In Philosophy Syllabus

As you know that BA Philosophy is a three-course and there are various subjects that you will study in a span of three years. The BA in Philosophy Syllabus may differ from college to college but the subjects remain the same. The various BA in Philosophy all subjects are given below:-

Semester 1  Semester 2
Logic Ethics
Basic Logical Concepts The Fundamental Questions of Ethics
Traditional Logic Virtue Ethics: Aristotle
Symbolic Logic Nishkama Karma (Bhagavadgita)
Informal Fallacies Non-Violence (M.K. Gandhi)
Semester 3 Semester 4
Indian Philosophy Western Philosophy
Inductive Logic Plato: Knowledge and Opinion
Logic Spinoza: Substance
Theories of Causation Leibnitz: Theory of Monads
Theories of Reality Hume: Theory of Causation
Semester 5 Semester 6
Indian Logic and Epistemology Vedic System of Values
Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, and Metaphysics (Western) Concept of Man and Humanity
Ethics and Philosophy of Religion Purusharthas
Optional Paper Nature of Svadharma
Karma and Rebirth Varnashrama Dharma

Distance BA In Philosophy Scholarship

The fees of the distance BA in Philosophy is very reasonable so that it can be pursued by the common crowd of India. Still, there are numerous colleges that offer the scholarship to the undergraduates who seek after a BA in Philosophy. There are some qualification criteria to be eligible for scholarships from the college. These are given below:

  1. Children of any Police Personnel of any State or UT
  2. Children of any doctor are it private/government.
  3. Children of Paramedical staff
  4. Economics Weaker Section
  5. Children of Media person
  6. Children of Paramilitary personnel
  7. Children of sanitation workers/municipal committee or housekeeping staff.
  8. Economically weaker sections

Scope For Distance Learning BA In Philosophy

The career and future scopes for the students of the Distance Learning BA in Philosophy is as wide as the knowledge that the courses induce in the students. AS philosophy is the study related to life there are various opportunities in the field that is related to life and its applications.

The course develops skills in the undergraduate such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, logical writing, and argumentative skills:-

  • After the completion of the BA in Philosophy, one is eligible for the post of lecturer in any university and college. Apart from a teaching career, the students of BA in Philosophy have careers in various fields such as Content Writing, Analyst, Journalism, Media, Advertising, Law any literally every field of profession.
  • Jobs in various positions in the sector like Public Administration, Local governance and Consultation
  • Also, this course can create multiple posts in fields of Diplomacy, Ethical Advisors, Social Worker, NGO’s, etc.
  • After BA in Philosophy, one can go for the India Administrative Services as it can be chosen as the main subject in exams. Also, researchers in this field can be pursued as one chose to continue with the higher studies.

Top Universities Providing Distance Learning  in BA in Philosophy

BA in Philosophy is a course that is provided in distance learning by many universities in India. It becomes difficult to get which university is best. Here is the list of some top universities which are providing distance learning in BA in Philosophy:-

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, BA distance education is a valid course. It is approved by UGC-DEB and AIU.

In the BA Philosophy, you will study Historical and Modern Philosophy, Western and Indian Philosophy, Indian Logic and Epistemology.

BA in Philosophy is an undergraduate course that covers questions related to life. Every aspect of life is answered in this course through teachings and school of thought of famous Philosophers.

As per the norm of UGC, a Distance BA in Philosophy is equal to a regular BA if the university is UGC-DEB approved.

You have to be a 10+2 pass out from a recognized board to pursue a distance BA in Philosophy.

In distance mode for BA in Philosophy can be done between 3 and 5 years.

No, BA Philosophy is not a hard degree. This is an interesting degree as you see the implementation in the real world.

The school of thought of BA in Philosophy has two major aspects when it comes to the syllabus of BA in Philosophy. These two thought processes are: 

  • Western Philosophy
  • Indian Philosophy

Some of the top subjects of BA Philosophy are Philosophy of Language, Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Indian Logic, Vedic System, etc.

Yes, through distance education mode one can Bachelors in Philosophy in Online mode. Some universities provide BA in Philosophy.

The job profile that a BA Philosophy graduate can acquire are mentioned here: 

  • Writer
  • Consultant
  • IAS
  • PR Executives
  • Journalists
  • Teacher& Lecturer

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