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B. Tech 2.0 : The Future of B.Tech is Here [2024]

Dec 9, 2023 10.9K Reads

Distance B.Tech Is Advertised Everywhere

​Even some Universities offer it too. But the reality of distance B.Tech nothing but a scam. The universities offering the degree of distance B.Tech is invalid. So what option left for you when you want to pursue B.Tech and a job at the same time. This blog will guide you to it. Have a read:

The Rebirth Of B.Tech: B.Tech Of Working Professional

As it is out in the open that Distance B.Tech is an invalid degree. Honourable’s supreme court decision made the Distance B.Tech invalid thus making all the degrees of Distance B.Tech void. But AICTE came up with new provisions of B.Tech Evening shifts, B.Tech part-time, and B.Tech weekend for the students who wanted to pursue B.Tech in Distance mode.

AICTE came up with the nomenclatures of B.Tech thus differentiating the Regular B.Tech from it. This differentiation made created a buzz in the market and stooped the value low of other B.Tech’s in front of Regular B.Tech. The working diploma professionals who pursued B.Tech in evening or weekend batches were not getting dully recognized.

The diploma holders faced themselves in the horn of dilemma to opt for it. On one hand, they needed a B.Tech degree to move forward in their career but on another hand, they were not ready to admit themselves in B.Tech Evening or Weekend programs as it was not getting its value. The only option left to them was going for regular B.Tech instead of B.Tech Evening or Weekend on the cost of sacrificing the on-going career.

But on 14 August 2020, the day before Independence Day, AICTE freed B.Tech from every name. A circular released by AICTE dictated that names like weekend, part-time, second shift will be discontinued. Now every B.Tech will be treated as a B.Tech.

AICTE circular quoted

“In other words as long as classes are held and students physically attend classes this is a Regular Program. All nomenclature used earlier, i.e. first shift, second shift, evening shift, week end, part time, etc have been dispensed. As long as student registers for the courses as per university curriculum (either for all the courses of that semester or part of them and hence takes time to complete the program) it is regular course. The class schedule has to be arranged for all the students with proper prior transparent announcement with the faculty and students agreeable to that time table.”

AICTE also made provisions about the open distance learning mode/online B.Tech. This clarification on different modes of B.Tech has revamped the B.Tech for working professionals. Let’s dive into detail to get a detailed view of B.Tech for working professionals.

Transform Your Diploma Into B.Tech

As per a study, 94% of Engineering graduates are not fit for hiring due to a lack of skills as students only possess theoretical knowledge. (Source Economic Times)

As in the earlier section, we discussed that B.Tech of every kind is treated the same no matter what is the mode in which you pursue. You will get equal recognition in the job market. So, if you are thinking of getting a B. Tech degree which will add value to your academics and technical career now is the right time. The B.Tech is specially designed to suit the working professionals.

Programs such as weekend B.Tech and Lateral Entry B.Tech are designed keeping in mind working diploma professionals. These courses will help you gain knowledge of B.Tech alongside your on-going job. These programs are designed with the latest industry-based curriculum to impart knowledge of industry as well as theory to make a student invincible after he has graduated with B.Tech.

B.Tech after a diploma in your hand increases your value proposition in the job market. B.Tech degree serves as a USP in your resume. B.Tech for working professionals helps you to get a pay rise, promotions, and high hikes when you shift the jobs. Not only in private organizations but also in many government organisations such as PWD, Electrical Boards, Indian Army, Navy and Airforce, NHAI have departmental promotions based on the B.Tech degree. PSU’s such as NTPC, BHEL, ONGC, BPCL, PowerGrid also have departmental exams for diploma trainees who have B.Tech degree with them. So are you an Engineering Diploma holder and want to grow in this fast-paced environment B.Tech for working professionals is the right program for you.

B.Tech for Working Professional/ Lateral Entry Details

B.Tech designed for working or lateral entry program is an AICTE approved 3-year program. A student with a diploma degree is enabled to take admission directly in the second year of the program.

B.Tech Lateral Entry is an industry updated curriculum divided over 6 semesters into the following branches:

Mechanical Engineering Lateral Entry Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Lateral Entry
Electronics and Communications Lateral Entry Biotechnology Engineering Lateral Entry
Computer Science Engineering Lateral Entry Biomedical Engineering Lateral Entry
Electrical Engineering Lateral Entry Agriculture Informatics Engineering Lateral Entry
Civil Engineering Lateral Entry Bioinformatics Engineering Lateral Entry

AICTE approved programs of B.Tech for working professionals or lateral entry are typically crafted for providing a boost to the diploma holder to guide their career to a brighter future.

Job Prospects After B.Tech For Working Professionals/Lateral Entry

  • Higher Studies: After Completing B.Tech you can pursue M.tech by through IITs and NITs by giving GATE. GATE is the test which acts a selection process for M.Tech and PSU selection at Executive Engineers
  • Enter Ever Growing Private Sector: With a B.Tech degree in your hand, your industry experience will shoot your salary and job profile in your relevant industry.
  • Enter PSU: Various PSUs such as NTPC, BHEL, ONGC release vacancy for B.Tech with relevant experience. Also, the professionals who join the PSU as diploma trainees get a fast way to rise in their profile and experience all the perk of an Engineer.
  • Government Jobs: Government bodies such as the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce, PWD, Electrical Departments of states have a direct entry on the qualifications and experience. You are also eligible for the exams conducted by central and state governments in which a B.Tech is a must.
  • Management Studies: If you are a diploma professional and want to shift your profile for purely technical to a techno-commercial profile, you can go for the MBA after you have graduated B.Tech. An MBA with a B.Tech is a hot-selling combination of degrees.
  • Campus Placements: The campus placement drives get you placed in highly reputed top companies. The companies offer subsequently high packages because of the work experience you have on your back.

Know More – M.Tech Evening – Colleges & Course Overview

These Are Best B-School With Distance B.Tech For Working Professionals / Lateral Entry

  • Delhi Technical University (Fee 71,500/ year)
  • Lingayas University( Fee 78,000/year)
  • Jamia Millia Islamia ( Fee 37,600/year)
  • BITS Pilani (Fee 1,100,00/year)

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