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How Does B.Tech Lateral Entry Work? - B.Tech Lateral Entry Explained 2024

Apr 8, 2024 1K Reads

What is B. Tech Lateral Entry?

B.Tech Lateral entry is a 3-year program. Why is it a 3-year program? B Tech Lateral entry is a program for diploma holders. The candidates, who have done their diploma in the same branch and start working can opt for B. Tech lateral entry. It gives relaxation of 1 year in the whole program of 4 years for the diploma holder students. You can directly enroll in the program from the second year in B Tech lateral entry from various technical colleges.

Engineering has always been on the top list of educational courses. Most of the students opt for engineering after 10+2 to follow their dream careers. Engineering is a technical program and the aspirants who wanted to make their careers in a technical field can pursue the B. Tech course.

If you’re an engineering diploma holder then you can pursue B.

Tech lateral entry. The admission procedure, the subject matter is a little different from the normal B. Tech program as it is a 3-year program. It is a course that offers various job opportunities in the technical field. It consists of various courses such as Marine Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

B. Tech Lateral Entry Eligibility Criteria

  • The eligibility criteria of B. Tech Lateral entry is very simple as one just needs to fulfill a few conditions and education qualifications to get enrolled in the program.
  • You just need to complete your 3-year diploma in the same branch to get enrolled in B. Tech Lateral Entry courses.
  • Some colleges require an aggregate of 60% marks in the 3-year diploma whereas some ask for 55% in the same program.
  • One can apply for the diploma right after high school i.e. 10th class.
  • You can even apply for a diploma in engineering after intermediate i.e. 12th class and can pursue the 3-year diploma program for numerous job opportunities.
  • Altogether it is a 6-year program both B. Tech Lateral entry and Diploma in engineering.

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B.Tech Lateral Entry Admission Process

  • The admission process of B.Tech lateral entry is very simple and easy to proceed. One can get admission just after completing its 3-year diploma course in the same domain.
  • All the institutes have their own norms and conditions related to the admission procedure which is followed strictly by the universities.
  • The admission procedure is done on the basis of the entrance examination and merit list.
  • Some of the government-oriented universities take admission on the basis of the state-level entrance examination scores. They set the merit and take admission on its base.
  • Deemed universities also have their own entrance examination process for B.Tech lateral entry admission.

B. Tech Lateral Entry Colleges

Many of the colleges in India as well as abroad are now offering B. Tech Lateral Entry program. It is a 3-year program that can be pursued only after a diploma in the same field. Some of the colleges offering B. Tech Lateral Entry are as follows:-

  • Delhi Technological University
  • Lingaya’s University
  • Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • Jadavpur University
  • Pondicherry Engineering Institute
  • Thapar Institute of Technology & Institute

These are some of the topmost institutes offering B.tech Lateral Entry programs and there are many more institutes.

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Regular B. Tech and B. Tech Lateral Entry Difference

The difference between lateral btech and regular bech are as follows:-

                        Regular B. Tech                        B. Tech Lateral Entry
Regular B. Tech is a 4 year programme B. Tech Lateral Entry is a 3 year programme.
You can enroll in the program only after completing intermediate i.e. 12th. It is a program in which you can only take admission after getting your diploma.
You can directly take admission to regular B. Tech after completing intermediate. For B. Tech lateral entry one has to enroll for a diploma in the same field then B. Tech lateral entry.
The admission process of the program is by   entrance examination and merit cut-off. The admission process of the program is by  entrance examination and merit cut-off.
For regular B. Tech one has to go for regular weekdays classes. For B. Tech Lateral Entry one has an option of taking evening, weekend classes.
It is a regular program which needs minimum attendance. It is a program which is specially designed for working professionals.
It is a 4 year program in which you start learning from basic to advanced. It is a program in which you directly get admission in the 2 year of B. Tech.

B. Tech Lateral Entry Specializations

B. Tech Lateral Entry specializations in many of the subjects such as Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Automobile Engineering. These specialized courses have numerous topics to study which are divided into semesters. Topics of each specialized topic are mentioned below for your reference:-

For B.Tech Lateral Entry Electronics & Communication Engineering:-

Semester III Semester IV
Engg. Mathematics – III Engg. Mathematics – IV
Analog Electronic Ckts Microcontrollers
Logic Design Control Systems
Network Analysis Signals & Systems
Electronic Instrumentation Fundamentals of HDL
Field Theory Linear ICs & Applications
Analog Electronics Lab Microcontrollers Lab
Logic Design Lab HDL Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Management and Entrepreneurship Digital Communication
Digital Signal Processing Microprocessors
Analog Communication Microelectronics Circuits
Information Theory & Coding Antennas and Propagation
Fundamentals of CMOS Operating Systems
VLSI Advanced Communication Lab
DSP Lab EC Microprocessor Lab
Analog Communication
Lab + LIC Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Computer Communication Networks Wireless Communication
Optical Fiber Communication Digital Switching Systems
Power Electronics Project Work EC
Embedded System Design Seminar EC

For B.Tech Lateral Entry Mechanical Engineering:-

Semester 3 Semester 4
Mechanics of Solids Fluid Dynamics
Applied Thermodynamics Dynamics of Machinery
Theory of Mechanics Mechanical Engineering Design
Machine Drawing Electrical Machines and Control
Computer Graphics Numerical and statistical methods
Mechanics of Solid Particles
Semester 5  Semester 6 
Fluid Machines Internal Combustion Engines
Heat and Mass Transfer Mechanical Vibrations
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design Production Technology
Industrial Engineering and Management Computer-Aided Design
Advanced Solid Mechanics
Semester 7 Semester 8
Measurement and Instructions Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Energy Conservation Equipments Computer-aided manufacturing
Operations Research Automobile Engineering
Industrial Tribology Finite element manufacturing
Mechatronics Ergonomics
Waste Heat Utilization Composite materials
Noise Engineering Power Plant Engineering
Refrigeration and air conditioning Environmental Engineering
Utilization of non-conventional energy
Fracture Mechanics
Advanced Mechanics

For B.Tech Lateral Entry Civil Engineering:- 

Semester 3 Semester 4
Math. 3 Structural Analysis
Mechanics of Materials Geotechnical Engg. 1
Transportation Engg. I Transportation Engg. 2
Hydraulic Engg. Environmental Engg.
Surveying Science Electives (Maths/Physics/Chemistry)
Humanities Elec. 1
Semester 5 Semester 6
Life Sciences Basic Steel Design
Geotechnical Engg. 2 Construction Project Management
Water Resources Engg. Humanities Elective 2
Basic RC Design
Hydraulic & Environ. Engg. Lab.
Construction Material Lab
Semester 7 Semester 8
Humanities Elective 3 Professional Ethics

For B.Tech Lateral Entry Computer Science Engineering:-

Semester III Semester IV
Discrete Structures Digital Logic Design
Data Structures and Algorithms Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Data Analysis and Interpretation The logic for Computer Science
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits Computer Networks
Semester V Semester VI
Computer Architecture Automata Theory
Database and Information Systems Implementation of Programming Languages
Operating Systems Artificial Intelligence
__ Numerical Analysis
Semester VII and VIII
Machine Learning
Natural Language Programming
Cryptography and Network Security
Digital Signal Processing
Computer-Aided Geometric Design

B.Tech Lateral Entry Entrance Examination

For the entrance examination of B. Tech Lateral entry, each university has a different procedure.

In Delhi Technological University the admission procedure is through the entrance test DTU LEET Lateral Entry Engineering Test conducted for direct admission in the third semester of B. Tech programs.

Lingaya’s University offers direct admission to the diploma holders.

Jamia Millia Islamia University also takes its entrance test for B. Tech Lateral Entry admission.

B. Tech Lateral Entry Syllabus/Subject

B Tech Lateral Entry Engineering has various subjects by which you can pursue your B Tech Lateral Entry. For that, you need to choose the same subject in which you have complete your 3-year diploma. You can only pursue B Tech Lateral Entry engineering after completing the diploma.  Subjects such as Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Automobile Engineering. Each subject has a different syllabus related to its course.

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B. Tech Lateral Entry Fees

The fee structure for Lateral Entry engineering varies from university to university and its  course. The fee totally depends on the university chosen by you and the course by which you wanted to pursue the course.

Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Automobile Engineering are the subjects which have different fee structures.

The fee structure for each course varies from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,00,000/- per semester.

B. Tech Lateral Entry Career Overview

The idea to offer b tech lateral entry engineering is to give chances to the diploma holder candidates a degree. Many of the working professionals are diploma holders in engineering and not getting appraisal or promotion due to the lack of a degree. Btech Lateral entry brings out the freedom for aspirants seeking the degree to upgrade and uplift their career.

B. Tech Lateral Entry Scholarship

It is based on the merit list of the overall performance by the candidate. It also offers scholarships to various other categories like for the Police Personal, doctors, Para-Medical staff, Media person, Paramilitary personnel, etc.

  • Children of any Police Personnel of any State or UT
  • Children of any doctor are it private/government.
  • Children of Paramedical staff
  • Children of Media person
  • Children of Paramilitary personnel
  • Children of sanitation workers/municipal committee or housekeeping staff.
  • Other scholarship program schemes are as follows

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Which one is better Regular B. Tech or B Tech Lateral Entry?

B. Tech is an engineering program and it has its importance in the field of education. Around 11 lakh students take admission in B Tech every year in the country. Most of the students opt for B. Tech after 12th and they give exams like IIT, JEE, AIEEE, or state level exams.

Regular B Tech and B Tech Lateral Entry are both better with their different specifications:

Regular B. Tech is pursued just after 12th standard by giving entrance examination or competitive examination like IIT, JEE, AIEEE, or state level examination. Also, it is a 4-year program that starts from the advanced level.

Whereas in B Tech Lateral Entry you can get admission directly to the 2 years of B. Tech. it is a 3-year program that can be enrolled only after completing the diploma from the same domain.

B. Tech Lateral Entry in Government Colleges

Some of the government colleges offering lateral entry engineering are as follows:-

  • Delhi technological Institute
  • Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • PES University, Bengaluru
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Top B. Tech Lateral Entry College in India

Some of the top b tech lateral entry engineering colleges in India are here for your reference.

  • Delhi Technological University
  • Lingaya’s University
  • Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • Jadavpur University
  • Pondicherry Engineering Institute
  • Thapar Institute of Technology & Institute

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B. Tech lateral Colleges in Delhi

The list of B. Tech Lateral Entry colleges in Delhi are

  • Amity University
  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
  • Delhi Technological University
  • G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management.

B. Tech Lateral Entry Colleges in Haryana

  • Maharishi Markandeshwar University
  • World College of Technology and Management
  • Geeta Engineering College
  • Geeta Institute of Management And Technology
  • Ganpati Institute of Technology and Management

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

B.Tech Lateral Entry is a 3-year program for diploma holders in which you directly get admission in 2 years of B. Tech.

In b tech lateral entry the process of admission is to hold the diploma in the same domain or graduate with mathematics and can enroll in lateral entry engineering.

If you are a diploma holder and working professional and want to have a degree to enhance your career and skills then lateral entry engineering is good.

Yes, you can go for B. Tech lateral entry program as it is for diploma holders either after 10th or 12th.

Yes, B. Tech Lateral Entry is equivalent to B. Tech of 4 years as lateral entry engineering aspirants have already done diploma in the same subject.

The last date to apply for lateral entry B. Tech varies from university to university. Admissions are done every year within the universities.

For Lateral entry B Tech firstly you should have a diploma in the same subject and then you can easily opt for any of the universities of your choice. Follow the admission procedure whether it is entrance examination or direct admission.

For admission in B. Tech Lateral entry in top engineering colleges, you must complete a diploma and then give their entrance examination and be on the merit list.

There is no such procedure for direct admission in B. Tech Lateral entry except some of the private universities offering direct entry.

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