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DPU Online Certificate In Digital Marketing Review - Good or Bad, Worth It?

Feb 26, 2024 1K Reads

D.Y. Patil University offers an online certification course in digital marketing at DPU-COL. This is a six-month course, with 300 academic hours, along with facilities for assessments and evaluation.

This blog describes all the basic details you need to know before going for the course.

Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing at D. Y. Patil Online University 2024

The certificate programme in digital marketing at DPU-COL is a certificate crash course offered by the university at the postgraduate level through the virtual mode to students wanting to enhance their digital marketing skills or wishing to grow their business through digital means. It is a 300-hours course. There is also placement assistance and professional skill development provided to students at the university. 

About the Course In Digital Marketing at DY Patil Online

With the fast-paced take-over of traditional business strategies by digital medium for business growth and development, it is quintessential for any business firm or organization to have a strong and notable digital presence in order to grow its market. Digital marketing refers to marketing strategies that are implemented over digital channels, most commonly the internet, in order to grow a company’s market or business. 

The course on digital marketing offered at DY Patil Online is specifically aimed to provide a crash course through the virtual mode to a person to help them gain hands-on skills and insights about the way that digital marketing can be carried out efficiently by a firm to quickly grow their business and understand the existing and upcoming trends and developments in various digital media that will affect business attributes for the organization. 

The course is specifically designed by experts to ensure that the students gain a complete understanding of how the domain of digital marketing works as well as how to practically apply the knowledge in their own business domains.     

Overview of the Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing (CPDM) at DPU-COL

The certificate course offered in digital marketing at DPU-COL is a postgraduate level online certificate course which provides the learner with a complete understanding and hands-on experience with digital marketing and its related aspects. 

Given below is an overview of the course as offered by DPU-COL: 

Course Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing
Level of Course  Post Graduation
Approvals and Accreditations
  • UGC-DEB approved 
  • AICTE Recognized University 
  • NAAC ranking of  A++ with a Grade point of 3.64
  • NIRF (Ranked In Top 50 Universities)
  • Recognition by AIU (Association of Indian Universities)
  • Recognition by ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities)
  • Recognized and Approved by ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • Recognized by WES (World Education Services)
  • Recognized by ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) 
Duration 300 Hours, 6 Months
Mode Online
Major Focus Areas
  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Basics of Social Media Marketing
  • Trends and Developments in Information Technology 
No. of Courses 5
  • Completed Graduation or a Diploma course in any stream from a recognized university
  • Having scored a minimum of 45% aggregate marks at graduation
Fee Structure
  • Total INR 28,000 for Indian civilian student
  • Total INR 26,750 for differently-abled students or students from Indian Defence backgrounds
  • Total INR 24,250  for DPU staff or alumni
  • Total $625 for International Students
Scholarships and Concessions 
  • A scholarship of 5% on tuition fee for students from Indian defence background or who are differently-abled
  • A scholarship of 15% on tuition fee for DPU staff or alumni
Academic Tools and Pedagogy LMS of the university with facilities for live and recorded lectures, quizzes, simulation tools, online peer interactive sessions, group discussions, webinars with professionals and so on.

As can be seen, this course is provided over a period of six months or 300 academic hours, completely online, with a specific focus on major course areas. It is a carefully designed certificate course that would enable the students to gain a deeper understanding and insight into the mechanisms of digital marketing and thus help them learn how to apply its principles effectively in order to grow and develop one’s business effectively through digital media. 

Why Choose CPDM from DY Patil Online?

Students today not only seek to pursue full-time degree courses but also crash courses and side courses on specific professional domains to enhance their skill set and gain an advantage in a highly competitive professional atmosphere. With the advent of internet services and the widespread usage of various digital media platforms and channels for running organizations and businesses, digital marketing is an upcoming useful strategy to grow and develop one’s business and maximise profit.

Why Choose CPDM from DPU-COL?

A notable digital presence is essential to establish not only one’s business but also credibility as more and more customers are turning to digital means of commerce. Thus the certificate programme on digital marketing is especially relevant and useful in contemporary times for learners of all ages. 

Here are some of the features that can make DY Patil Online a good choice for pursuing a course in digital marketing.

  • A degree from a Prestigious University

While many educational institutions may provide various crash courses and online courses related to digital marketing, a course from DPU-COL is specially valued, being from a well-known and prestigious university. So if you are looking for a short-term course which is from a renowned institution, the certificate programme on digital marketing may be the right choice for you. 

  • Reliable and Credible Certification Programme 

Being a well-accredited and approved university with recognitions and approvals of bodies like UGC-DEB, NAAC (A++), NIRF (top 50), AICTE, AIU, WES etc. one can be completely sure about the validity and credibility of their certification on completion of course. The certificate from DPU-COL is valid, credible and recognized nationally and internationally.

  • Utility and Relevance of a course in Digital Marketing

 Being an especially useful and much-required field in recent times of all-pervasive digitization, the short course on digital marketing is especially useful if a learner is seeking to grow a career in the field of digital marketing or develop and enhance the marketing and business of one’s own firm/organization.   

  • Online Course Completion

The programme offered at DPU-COL is completely online, which makes it accessible to students with a variety of constraints and allows them to pursue the course while simultaneously attending to other personal/ educational/ professional concerns. 

  • Scope for Placement and Professional Growth

DPU-COL has its own placement cell that partners with various corporate organizations and financial houses to provide professional assistance to the students. It functions under the higher administration at COL to form a bridge between education of students and providing them with career growth and job opportunities at the same time. 

So, if you are looking for a well-designed course that grows your skills set while enabling you to continue other engagements, the certificate programme at DPU-COL may prove to be the best option available to you. 

Distinct Features of Certificate In Digital Marketing offered at DY Patil Online

Some key distinguishing features of the course offered at DPU-COL are:

  • It is a 300 hours crash course which is completed over a period of six months
  • It is an online, postgraduate level certification programme
  • The structure of the course is divided into five courses which add up to a total of 500 marks. 
  • There are five main areas of focus based on which the courses are decided-introduction to digital marketing, basics of search engine optimization (SEO), integrated marketing communication, social media marketing and emerging trends in information technology. 
  • This is a suitable certification course for freshers, professionals or any learner interested to boost their skills in the area of digital marketing.  
  • The efficient LMS provisions of DPU-COL enable access to a variety of e-learning tools and provisions for students including a digital library, live lectures, recorded lecture sessions, peer interaction facilities, virtual sessions with professionals etc. 

Syllabus/ Curriculum of Certificate Course In Digital Marketing at DY Patil Online

DY Patil Online offers the certificate in a digital marketing course to students through 5 main theoretical courses covering important areas of digital marketing, across a period of six months. 

Courses in the Programme

The curriculum for the same is given below:

Course Name Course Outline (Units) 
Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Unit 1: Marketing
  • Unit 2: Digital Marketing
  • Unit 3: Digital Marketing Process
  • Unit 4: Targeted Traffic Management
  • Unit 5: Effective Digital marketing
  • Unit-6: Mobile Marketing
  • Unit-7: Analytics
  • Unit-8: Strategy & Planning
Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Unit-1 Marketing and Communication Overview
  • Unit-2 The Communications Model
  • Unit-3 IMC Tools– Advertising
  • Unit 4: Public relations & Corporate communications
  • Unit 5: Web Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Unit 6: Sponsorships, Events, Exhibitions/ Tradeshows/Expositions
  • Unit 7: Packaging, Merchandising
Emerging Trends in Information Technology
  • Unit 1: E-Commerce
  • Unit 2: M-Commerce
  • Unit 3: E-Banking
  • Unit 4: E-Logistics
  • Unit 5: E-Learning
  • Unit 6: E-Governance and E-Agriculture
  • Unit 7: Social Networking
Search Engine Optimization
  • Unit 1: SEO Basics
  • Unit 2: Tactics and Methods
  • Unit 3: Optimized Keywords
  • Unit 4: Optimized Metatags
  • Unit 5: Title Optimization
  • Unit 6: Measuring Success
  • Unit 7: Identifying Keywords
  • Unit 8: Now What?
Social Media Marketing
  • Unit 1: Basics
  • Unit 2: Video Marketing
  • Unit 3: Monitoring Social Media Accounts
  • Unit 4: Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Unit 5: Mobile Apps – Marketing Strategies
  • Unit-6 Image Optimization
  • Unit-7 Blog
  • Unit-8 Social Media Analysis

For detailed information on the curriculum and syllabus of CPDM, visit: https://www.dypatilonline.com/documents/Curriculum/DM-Curriculum.pdf

Eligibility Criteria for the Certificate Programme for Digital Marketing At DY Patil Online

The major criteria that a candidate must fulfil to be able to enrol for the CPDM (certificate program in digital marketing) course at DPU-COL include:

  1. The candidate must have completed their graduation (Bachelor’s) in any discipline or have an equivalent degree (Diploma course or other qualification) from a recognized university.
  2. The candidate must have scored at least 45% aggregate (or equivalent grade) at the level of graduation  

Fee Structure for the Certificate In Digital Marketing At DY Patil Online

The fee for this course is to be paid as a one-time single payment. The fee structure for the certificate course in digital marketing is given below: 

Student Category Total Fee
Indian Civilian Student INR 28,000
Differently-Abled Student/ Having Indian Defence Background  INR 26,750
DPU Alumni/Staff INR 24,250
International Students $ 625

Provisions for Scholarships/Concessions

For this certification course, DPU-COL offers the following two scholarships to students: 

  1. A scholarship of 5% on the tuition fee for differently-abled candidates or those from an Indian defence background. 
  2. A scholarship of 15% on the total tuition fee for candidates who are DPU staff or alumni. 

Admission Process for CPDM at DPU-COL

The procedure for admission to the certificate programme on digital marketing at DPU-COL is completed virtually, and there are three main steps for the completion of admission to the programme:

Admission Process for CPDM at DPU-COL

  • – Initial Verification of Details

 The first step involves the verification and authentication of student details. This is done when the candidate registers with the official website of the university (https://idladmissions.dpu.edu.in/login.aspx) by filling in basic details such as name, name of the course they want to pursue, login details (email ID, contact number), government ID proof etc. 

Name of Candidate  Name of Programme/Course
e-Mail ID  Phone Number with Country Code
Nationality and Category (if applicable)  Type of Government ID (Aadhar Card/ PAN Card/ Voter Card
Password  Copy of government ID
  • – Admission Form and Details Verification

After the first step is completed, the second step is to fill-up the main admission form which includes details such as basic personal details, educational details of the candidate etc. At this stage, the candidate will also have to submit copies of relevant original documents for verification by the university administration. After confirming that all relevant documents have been uploaded and correct details filled, the student is to upload their signature and photograph. The step is completed by paying the application fee and submitting the form, documents and fee receipt. 

The document copies that the candidate is required to provide at this stage are: 

Marks Statement for Bachelor’s/Diploma/Equivalent degree from Recognized University Marks Statement for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) (Grade 10 Level) 
Marks Statement for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) (Grade 10+2) or Equivalent Examination from Recognized Board  Marriage Certificate (for name change following marriage, if applicable)  
Gazette of India (for name change, if applicable)  Government ID Proof (Aadhar Card/Passport) 
Caste Certificate (when applicable) Passport photo of student
Signature of Student  
  • – Confirmation of Student’s Admission at DPU-COL

Once the eligibility of the candidate is reviewed by the university administration, their admission to the course is confirmed (provided all eligibility criteria have been satisfactorily met) through textual message and email. The links for lectures and login credentials for access to the official LMS of the university are also provided. 

How to Make Payments at DPU-COL for the Programme?

Since the admission procedure is completed virtually, the submission of the application fee is also done virtually or through a demand draft.

The details for the same are given below: 

Payment Mode Details
Official Gateway of DPU-COL
  • Net Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • UPI Payment
NEFT Payment
  • Name of Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd
  • Name of Account Holder:  DPU Centre for Online Learning
  • Account Number: 50100436702331
  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000052
  • Name of Branch: Aundh
  • Details of Transaction (with Name of student and Name of course) to be mailed at   accountant.col@dpu.edu.in
Demand Draft
  • DD in favour of DPU-Centre for Online Learning 
  • DD Mail Address: Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Centre for Online Learning, Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune – 411018, Maharashtra, India
  • Candidate Details (name of the student, name of course) to be mentioned at the back of the DD

What is the Learning Support for the Course?

Being a completely online course, the learning support and pedagogy offered is through an online Learning Management System (LMS) which has multiple facilities such as 

  • Pre-Recorded Lectures by Faculty and Professional Experts
  • Live Lecture Facilities
  • Interactive Professional Exposure to students through webinars with Industrial Experts
  • Peer Group Discussions for insights 
  • E-books, Virtual Learning Materials
  • Digital Library for students
  • Self-Evaluation Measures to Ensure Self-Study and Self-Paced Learning etc.

Evaluation and Examination Procedure for CPDM

The learning outcomes are mainly evaluated through the following two examinations:

  • Formative Assessments: This will consist of
    1. Questions aimed at self-assessment
    2. Assignment 1
    3. Assignment 2
  • Summative Assessment (End-Semester Exam): This will consist of
    1. Objective Questions (MCQs)
    2. Subjective Questions (Descriptive Questions)   

In order to qualify for the course, the student must obtain at least 40% marks in their formative and summative assessments. For further details, students can visit the official website of DPU-COL.

Placement Assistance and Professional Scope after Course Completion

DPU-COL’s placement cell, functioning under the COL administration, is a body that is driven toward providing meaningful career opportunities and professional assistance to students pursuing various courses at the university. For instance, it has in the past, collaborated with various renowned organizations and companies such as:

Relation RealTech WorkBox
Desi Farms SaleZip
Midline Metro Homes
Marketyers Consulting CC Wilson India
Path Finder Fab India

Career Prospects, Jobs, & Salary after Digital Marketing Course

With the fast-paced take-over of traditional business strategies by digital medium for business growth and development, it is quintessential for any business firm or organization to have a strong and notable digital presence in order to grow its market. 

Career Prospects after Completion of

One can have various career prospects after completion of the course in digital marketing, some of the common ones are mentioned here: 

Job/ Profession Average Salary in INR
Social Media Marketing 2,40,000 PA
Digital Marketing Manager 5,48,755 PA
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert  2,86,277 (as a fresher) PA
Search Engine Marketing 12,80,000 PA
Web Analyst 5,95,663 PA
Copywriter 3,60,860 PA
Advertizing  3,14,375 PA
Digital Account Manager 6,00,000 PA
Content and Lead Management  8,90,000 PA
Performance Marketing  14,00,000 PA

DPU-COL Online Digital Marketing Course-Reviews

Course-Review: the course is well-structured, and covered over a period of 6 months with 300 academic hours. The courses are selected keeping in mind the important areas of digital marketing that a student needs to be aware about. There are 5 courses, designed based on the RACE framework (Reach, Enact, Convert, Engage) focusing on the full customer cycle, helping students to grow their business growth skills through digital marketing. 

Faculty Review: A well-qualified faculty teaches the course to students and is responsive to student needs, queries and clarifications. The faculty is experienced and up-to-date with recent trends and developments in digital marketing, helping students get a better idea about the nuances of the field. 

LMS Review: The LMS offered here is student-friendly, easy to access, and aimed at providing students with a 360-degree learning experience through effective self-learning, e-tutorial, and self-assessment tools. 

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Similar Online and Distance Universities Offering Digital Marketing Certification Courses:

University/ Institute  Approvals Mode
NMIMS Online UGC-DEB, NAAC A+ Online
Coursera Variable (depending upon university)  Online
Google Digital Marketing Courses NA Online
UpGrad Digital Marketing Courses NA Online

About D. Y. Patil University-Centre for Online Learning (DPU-COL)

D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Online, Pune (accredited university in 2003) is one of the most renowned institutions of the nation that has provided quality education to students across the years. Starting as D.Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital, and Research Centre, DPU has grown and formed various branches dedicated to providing educational services across a variety of domains including management, business management, physiotherapy, nursing, biotechnology, and so on.

It is a well-accredited and recognized university with various approvals and recognitions from prestigious statutory bodies like UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC (A++), NIRF (ranked in the top 50 universities), AIU, ACU, WES, ASSOCHAM in addition to various awards and accolades by various bodies. 

Aiming to provide higher education more accessible to students and persons from a large variety of backgrounds, the D.Y. Patil University-Centre for Open Learning (DPU-COL) was started, focusing solely on online educational courses for Indian and foreign students. DPU-COL helps students and learners from diverse backgrounds to augment their skills and knowledge by providing not only full-time degree courses but also certificate crash courses that help them gain insights into specific technical and professional domains. 

Apart from the certification course in CPDM, students can also seek a certification programme in HAHM as well as full-time online BBA and MBA online courses from DPU-COL.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, the online course on digital marketing offered at DPU-COL is a certification programme and not a full-time degree course.

The total fee for the online digital marketing certificate course at DPU-COL is INR 28,000 with scholarships for some special cases.

The Certificate Programme on Digital Marketing (CPDM) offered at DPU-COL is an online course and not a distance course.

No, the Digital Marketing course can only be pursued by a graduate/diploma holder from a recognized university as it is a postgraduate level course.

Yes, the DPU-COL offers a scholarship of 5% on tuition fees to differently-abled students and students with Indian defence backgrounds and 15% on tuition fees for DPU staff and alumni.

The Certificate Programme of Digital Marketing (CPDM) is 300 hours of certificate course, covered over a period of six months.

DPU-COL covers 5 courses in the digital marketing programme, namely, Introduction to Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Integrated Marketing Communication, Social Media Marketing, and Emerging Trends in Information Technology.

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