is there any value in distance mba is it a complete waste
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Is There Any Value In A Distance MBA, Or Is It A Complete Waste?

Dec 9, 2023 17.2K Reads

Distance MBA becomes the latest trend in pursuing higher education. Many students are preferring distance MBA courses rather than regular courses. In many ways, technology has changed people’s livelihoods.

The use of new technology has also influenced education processes by creating more devices and techniques. Students will use the vast networking source called the internet to grasp information and skills using electronic devices. Technological advancement has made great progress.

Value Of Distance MBA

Fifteen years ago, as distance learning came to India for the first time, distance schools had to deliver books and resources to the students. The educational approach has now changed significantly. Students can take e-learning materials for virtual lessons.

Now, during the distance MBA course, they may contact other students or teachers from anywhere or anytime. Here in this blog, you will get to know the value of a distance MBA.

While a conventional MBA holds students confined to local universities, a distance MBA offers students the chance of learning from the best institutes worldwide. By interacting with a huge number of students from countries, states, and towns, the students can develop their trust.

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They can connect with world-class faculties and business experts and learn a lot of things from their journeys. Students may interact with their fellow students. This will help in getting many opinions together on a single platform and also they can think beyond the level. They can do something niche by serving something new to the country.

Distance MBA comes up with plenty of job opportunities. This is the biggest myth about the distance MBA that the distance MBA degree holders will not get jobs in top-notch companies.

This statement is completely wrong as the company needs a skilled person. You need to have skills and knowledge along with a degree to get a higher-paid job.

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Even there are higher chances of getting jobs for distance MBA holders than the regular MBA degree holders. This is so because the students from distance learning can get experience along with getting the degree and companies hire more experienced candidates than freshers.

Distance MBA courses hold value in the job market. An MBA course is all about theoretical knowledge. The students will learn to apply this theoretical knowledge to the practical world to solve the problems faced by the various sectors of the business industry and making new strategies to enhance the products and services.

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MBA is more about experience rather than education. The focus of all the good MBA programs is on leadership development, teamwork, peer learning, case analysis, gaining the right business insights, problem-solving, building effective communication skills, presentation, etc.

It is easier to get theoretical knowledge through distance learning. Thus, the distance MBA course is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education which makes the distance MBA degree valuable to get job offers.

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Is There Any Value In A Distance MBA, Or Is It A Complete Waste?

​Advantages of Distance MBA

There are certain advantages of pursuing a distance MBA course that will declare that degree is not just a piece of paper perhaps holds a great value in the market:

  • Flexibility – Distance MBA is more flexible than the regular MBA course. The student can learn anywhere and anytime. If anyone is engaging in some work or other classes, he/she can just submit the assignments and give exams at the end of semesters. There is no need to follow a strict schedule to complete the course.
  • Networking – During the distance MBA course, the student will connect with a large no. of students from different states and countries. This will help them make new contacts with them. Instead of being bound in a classroom, the student can get the opportunity to make a large network throughout the world.
  • Best for working professionals – The distance MBA course is the best opportunity for working professionals who are engaged in some work and want to pursue higher studies to enhance their careers. Now they can pursue the MBA course through distance learning without affecting their current jobs.
  • Employment Opportunities – There are lots of employment opportunities for distance MBA degree holders as they can learn the extra skills by joining another course or job. These skills will help them to apply to the top recruiting companies where they can get a higher paid salary.

Misconceptions About Distance MBA

1. Distance MBA is easier than the Regular MBA

Students usually think that the distance MBA is much easier than the regular MBA course but the truth is that the Distance MBA is equally challenging as the regular MBA course. In a traditional classroom, the students will read, learn and give tests and papers that every student is doing from school time.

On the other hand, distance MBA includes collaborative projects, assignments, classroom interactions, discussion board postings, and many more challenging activities.

2. No individual interaction with the professors

This statement is so wrong about the distance MBA course. The professors or teachers will also participate in the classroom activities, hold virtual hours, give feedback about the homework of every student. Even the students can connect with the teachers personally at any time when they need help. The professors will listen to the students and help them to solve their problems.

3. Distance MBA degrees don’t carry as much respect as traditional college degrees.

The curriculum of the distance MBA degree is the same as the regular MBA degree. The student will learn the same as he/she learns on campus and get the same designation. The only difference is the delivery of concepts. During regular MBA students will learn through traditional classroom and during distance MBA there is an option to learn online from anywhere or at any time. Thus distance MBA degree carries respect as the regular MBA degree in the job market.

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The Key Benefits Of An Online MBA Are:

  •  Enjoy the freedom of learning without changing your life and career.
  • Access the new range of study resources including video lectures, e-books, virtual learning, recorded lectures, and regular tutor feedback.
  • Study alongside ambitious students and industry experts to learn about their real-life experiences.
  • There are many specializations of MBA courses like financial management, international business management, human resources management, hospital administration, banking and finance, etc. You can choose any of them according to your career goals.
  •  During an online MBA you can get enough time to plan your career goals and implement them more effectively.
  •  Gain advanced knowledge from professors of the best universities of different companies.
  •   The benefit to access the course fully online right from your home without going anywhere.
  •  Learn additional skills like communication skills, influencing power, problem-solving skills, self-study during the distance MBA course.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the degree of distance MBA is a valuable degree and also approved by UGC-DEB.

Yes, a distance MBA is a valid degree that provides many job opportunities in the marketing industry.

The duration of a distance MBA course is 2 years that is further divided into 4 semesters. The students can complete the distance MBA course within 5 years.

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